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  1. Worried for Mum
  2. Good friends turned strangers (long)
  3. I realy might break...
  4. I've Been Replaced?!
  5. She just won't back off
  6. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Dear daddy
  7. If I could have one wish in the world...
  8. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. Best friend is smoking
  10. help me help my dad!
  11. Just read me !!
  12. from best friends to acquantances
  13. Triggering: Not again, not her.
  14. Woah bragging much?
  15. Triggering: That hurt mom...
  16. Out of place in school...
  17. I'm so sick of my deadbeat dad!
  18. Too old for mom?
  19. Needed, but not needed
  20. Triggering (SH): What the hell?
  21. Is this okay?
  22. Family serious issues
  23. I just need this favor.
  24. I can't stop crying
  25. Triggering (Substances): The only person I ever loved or will love moved
  26. Please help
  27. So annoyed, I don't know what to do! PLEASE help.
  28. She doesn't need me anymore.
  29. my half family
  30. SO Scared.
  31. I miss my best friend
  32. what in the world im so confuse please answer or im hurt myself seriously
  33. Confusion with friendships and my studies :S
  34. Should I tell her?
  35. Being scary?
  36. nobody gets it!
  37. Don't know what to do
  38. he's taken everything away from me !!!
  39. Just alone too :/
  40. what would you do?
  41. Am I being too harsh?
  42. my party
  43. She... deleted me?
  44. I hate my overprotective parents
  45. Everything.
  46. Being replaced
  47. I'm becoming less social with friends and family...
  48. We have to move...
  49. She jacked up My 1st Black Friday!
  50. Alone...
  51. My group is splitting apart
  52. Non-PG13: I honestly hate my brother ...
  53. Triggering: Worried about Mum.
  54. This sucks.
  55. i feel so lonely
  56. Odd One Out
  57. My girlfriends mother is tormenting her. Advice?
  58. Shes really frusterating
  59. Triggering (SH): How to cope with family? (About SH, triggering!)
  60. They Don't Understand
  61. I think I'm losing them.....
  62. Hes only like the when a ceartin friend is around!
  63. Triggering: How could he do this to us
  64. my friend is dating an instructor? (VERY LONG)
  65. My overbearing mother
  66. How to Help a Friend
  67. Triggering (Suicide): Too many problems in my life and it's compounded by a GAD
  68. Triggering: Far out!
  69. What song or film best describes your family life?
  70. i think my mom is reading my emails
  71. friend issues
  72. I'm so scared.
  73. Standing up to family.
  74. How Do I??
  75. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm sorry I'm not perfect, Dad.
  76. Here we go again..
  77. Triggering (Grieving): Mom died with cancer& now my dad has cancer...
  78. Friend or not friend???
  79. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Why are they all turning on me?
  80. Triggering (Suicide): I'm getting sent to 'Child Services' :(
  81. Friend problems.
  82. Triggering (Abuse): I want to be friends with her.
  83. college friends
  84. ramble. yeahhh.
  85. How to tell a guy friend you're not comfortable being in his dorm room?
  86. My. Dad. Is. Driving. Me. Crazy.
  87. Problem with my friend group
  88. Awkward situation
  89. Socially Awkward...
  90. moving away from home
  91. Triggering (Abuse): i got a letter from my parents
  92. fu**** up..
  93. Male Advice Preferred: Cant stand my father
  94. Triggering: jealous of my friends.
  95. Pissed at my half brother
  96. Triggering: I CANT TAKE THIS NE MORE!
  97. Emancipation, Australians or people familiar with Australian Law Please :D
  98. Triggering: Worried about my Mum.
  99. Dad possibly cheating
  100. Dealing with Mean Family
  101. My Best Friend? More like FRENEMY!
  102. Moving Out Underage, Australian Legal Advice
  103. becoming Independant
  104. what is a freind
  105. Moving on
  106. I'm scared my mums going to find out
  107. bad friend
  108. Triggering: Frenemy.. what to do?
  109. Soccer Team
  110. Help please.
  112. Kind of a rant...
  113. I've never felt so betrayed
  114. Am i in the wrong?
  115. Non-PG13: Truth can kill.
  116. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Mom is b****ing over everything.
  117. What should I Do?
  118. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): dear mum
  119. Last chance to make amends
  120. A friend in Need
  121. opening up to quickly?
  122. forgiveness.
  123. when your friend always says ew
  124. My friend just got amnesia...
  125. So Easily Replacable.
  126. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stuck in the Middle
  127. trapped
  128. I don't get it.
  129. Annoyed
  130. Should you ask friends to be invited to outings?
  131. dont you hate it when..
  132. !
  133. Annual Family Fights.
  134. Triggering: May belong under another topic
  135. Daddy, Don't You Understand The Damage You Have Done?
  136. Female Advice Preferred: What Happened? I thought we were BIFFLES!
  137. So I know Too Much...
  138. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Best friend decided to dump me.
  139. So, i told my friend last night...
  140. Independence
  141. Dislike My Voice
  142. My Brother Enjoys Ruining My Friendships I guess
  143. mum and brother stressed~ taking it out on me
  144. My life
  145. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm SICK of it >______<
  146. my good for nothing brother
  147. how can i get mimi to understand
  148. How can I convince my mom to help me?
  149. I'm confused about my family..?
  150. My Friend Did Something REALLY Bad
  151. Divorce/Married/Together?
  152. oy.. confusing friendship
  153. I'm finally meeting my dad's side of the family...
  154. ADVICE PRONTO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. I can't stand my friends bad mood anymore...
  156. Worried For Friend And Her Family
  157. My Friend is Making All the Wrong Choices
  158. Don't want to be her friend? Help!!!
  159. Tirck-or-treating
  160. I was right about this year
  161. a bit desperate?
  162. Never good enough.
  163. how do i make them understand this
  164. Parents divorce for the last 3 years
  165. I want it to just be us...
  166. major bust up / fall out with my friend.
  167. Wanting to go..
  168. Just say it to my face.
  169. Half sister..
  170. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What The!?!
  171. new class mate contact
  172. Trying to get out
  173. Triggering: I wanna move out...
  174. help.
  175. My mom is so immature
  176. In a pickle...advice?
  177. I can't stand most of my friends.
  178. No trust
  179. Triggering: One Big Happy Family...NOT
  180. Triggering: Fed up with "friend" taking advantage
  181. Friend and Boyfriend Troubles
  182. little cousin
  183. Sooooo Confused :/
  184. Got kicked out...then kicked back in
  185. Male Advice Preferred: My friend does not want to be friends anymore.
  186. Friends forever? I guess not...
  187. Help Please.
  188. The reason
  189. dad getting remarried
  190. Non-PG13: Am I doing the right thing?
  192. Blue home
  193. Did you ever really care Aubrey?
  194. So called friends.
  195. a big deal over nothing ??? help please
  196. Is Anyone's Family Like This Too?
  197. I need to get out now.
  198. my stepdad ruins my self-esteem.
  199. So Annoyed >:(
  200. Uh.... What does he expect?
  201. I am SO done with you.
  202. The Ex
  203. Does this sound odd to you?
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Mother.. Need I say more.
  205. I want to resolve it.
  206. I hate people
  207. best friend....?
  208. Ruined relationship.
  209. Help
  210. His new work schedule
  211. help :|
  212. Anti social.. ?
  213. Twitching
  214. 10 days till i see my daddy
  215. At the edge
  216. Male Advice Preferred: How can a girl convice a boy that he is amazing in everyway imaginable?
  217. My former best friend just ignores me. I don't know why.
  218. She is jealous of me!
  219. I'm sorry
  220. Non-PG13: I Have Nothing Anymore :'(
  221. she's making me feel bad.
  222. Male Advice Preferred: What does he mean "Because you're a girl" !?!?!?!?
  223. Triggering: its not fair that they treat me this way
  224. Won't let me leave
  225. Hate this :(
  226. Please help me :(
  227. Friend ruins my self-esteem
  228. I'm really annoyed at my friend.
  229. i cant be social , please read, it is a bit long , but i have had a hard time with this for years )
  230. It's not right
  231. Considering calling a truce
  232. I'm Moving and my friends are splitting!:'(
  233. My Adoption Story - welcome to ask questions or comment
  234. So confused
  235. So I didn't go.
  236. best friend treating me like im second best
  237. I don't have anyone to turn to
  238. I Can't Decide
  239. How do you handle your parents?
  240. mum acting strange
  241. friend trouble i guess.. not sure what to do
  242. Is it wrong?
  243. Your parent(s) job
  244. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Career, Dreams, and Goals + Demanding Parents
  245. For some reason, i'm happy she's leaving.
  247. I freak out on the inside when having met new people.
  248. Just the stupid little sister!
  249. How can I get my parents to stop bragging about me?
  250. dont know which to do or what do do