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  1. :/
  2. Cool in High School?
  3. what should i do
  4. Mine and my stepfamily splitting =(
  5. How Do I Reach Out?
  6. Birthday help!
  7. Family and Money.
  8. My friends are putting me down. ):
  9. Desperate.. (please help)
  10. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): tell us about your dad
  11. This is getting me down so much.
  12. my stepdad might be cheating.
  13. Just wondering which do people prefer?
  14. I Don't Know How To Deal...
  15. My parents have SUCH high expectations of me! Please help! :(
  16. Triggering (Abuse): My daddy
  17. Triggering: Family fights...HELP
  18. Old school Dad??
  19. what is the best thing I can do to help my sister?
  20. Triggering: i resent my parents :(
  21. Unusual resentment?
  22. totally confused
  23. Triggering (SH): i dont know what i feel about my family...
  24. Decisions ...
  25. Legal age to move out in NC.
  26. No more
  27. How do I become Fake to them?
  28. Me and my Best friend had a fight..and we aren't friends anymore..? :(
  29. Do any of you take a friend to the doctor's for support?
  30. I don't know what to do. I need to get out of here...
  31. Coping with new "housemates"
  32. He doesen't care anymore
  33. telling my mum
  34. Why do I have to *always* make the first move??
  35. HELP my friend wants to run off with the carnival
  36. She's gone
  37. nervous about him calling
  38. bit of a rant
  39. out cast amoung friends
  40. nan was in hospital.
  41. This is going to sound disgusting...
  42. Triggering (Suicide): I just dont know where to go from here.
  43. HELP! please
  44. Me again....
  45. My dad....
  46. Pressure
  47. I've decided on how to deal with my dad
  48. Miserable. (long story)
  49. Friend being hateful to us?
  50. dads in aussie
  51. To Send or Not to Send (Need advice ASAP)
  52. Need some advice.
  53. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Not sure what to do about a friend.
  54. in need
  55. Overprotective Parents
  56. What to do....
  57. guilty and suffering on the inside
  58. Don't know what to do
  59. moving....
  60. Should i stay or go...?
  61. My friend needs to get out of her house.
  62. Female Advice Preferred: It's either all their fault or all mine...
  63. please help
  64. Moving out soon, help? [long]
  65. emotionaly abusive mother ...
  66. So many lies
  67. being annoying.
  68. Do you get alone with your siblings?
  69. I Think My Friends Are Better Off.....
  70. What do you do with your friends?
  71. ......*sigh*
  72. :? was friend
  73. Triggering (Abuse): Mom is Sabotaging my Relationships.. She is abusive but seems to think she is "protecting me"
  74. Isn't it ironic?
  75. I want to meet my father.
  76. Girlfriend's mother is a monster.
  77. How do I hate my best friend?
  78. what should i do?
  79. too close...?
  80. Should I feel bad?
  81. Triggering: My mom wont stop messing with my life :(
  82. How to help
  83. When it all fell apart...
  84. Moving on from a failed friendship
  85. Tell us about your mom
  86. Why don't I have good friends?
  87. losing a best friend?
  88. Triggering: Parental clashing
  89. Sick of being lonely.
  90. I hate being quiet.
  91. Is it not obvious?
  92. friend in need
  93. I hate my mom, but I miss my dad.
  94. Feeling guilty
  95. Is it even worth it?
  96. i met my mom!!!!
  97. Visiting a friend
  98. She lives in a fairytale world
  99. I'm being left behind...
  100. Possibly moving.
  101. I think i'm gonna be the bigger person.
  102. Triggering (Suicide): My mom is an evil witch
  103. Everyone leaves me
  104. 9 year old brother is horrible!! NEED HELP!
  105. help...
  106. working for my brother
  107. The dream brought everything back
  108. Triggering (Suicide): Big mistake?
  109. uuurgghh stepfather issues...
  110. Old friend, new probs
  111. Still No Resolution.
  112. It's a friendship, not a relationship
  113. Starting new.
  114. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Can't live like this.
  115. Co-worker issues
  116. Relationships with parents
  117. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): my dad thinks its a joke!
  118. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): im so fed up
  119. Triggering: It's nice to know that they have confidence in me.
  120. Is it a bad Idea to go for Coffee with My Teacher?
  121. if you really knew me
  122. Can't Deal with It
  123. friend not respecting me
  124. Triggering: I care too much and I'm exhausted
  125. Good idea to switch schools?
  126. Real life family and friends + Facebook = bad
  127. everyone hates me
  128. Best friend moves in...
  129. Need Advice with my Bff
  130. Triggering: my wonderful family...NOT!
  131. what to do about friends thats not friends?
  132. Stuck in the middle. Please help.
  133. He's Gone?
  134. Is it wierd to call your friends/ close friends pet names?
  135. I got my belly button pierced, but dad has yet to find out...
  136. So my mom left, wanting to reach out
  137. Blamed
  138. family problems....
  139. Present????
  140. my parents and their friends
  141. I feel ingored...:(
  142. Gone?????
  143. my best friends dad is hitting her
  144. She won't stop blaming us for the accident
  145. She thinks we're still best friends but...
  146. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My mom doesnt care about me
  147. mum and dad are annoying me badly!!!
  148. Broken Friendship
  149. I can't stand my brother
  150. I am afraid and sad and scared, and i can't talk to any one...
  151. Do I try to fix things or tell her off?
  152. Not-So-Close Family
  153. no clue what to do
  154. Divorce help...
  155. Triggering (Abuse): Tired of being lectured on how I need to try harder with my brother(SORRY ITS KINDA LONG)
  156. Why do I only attract rude people?
  157. Abusive Friend Blames Me
  158. Undoing Damage
  159. Irrational anger
  160. dad's ex girlfriend...
  161. My dad's ex girlfriend...
  162. Everything thats happening is making me depressed
  163. Should I go?
  164. Are you independent?
  165. Is my father abusive? What can I do?
  166. Mom putting me down
  167. My dad didn't even text me on my birthday
  168. fight with my "friend"
  169. first sign
  170. what to do if my mom doesnt love me
  171. This guy is taking it too far.
  172. Jealous of my best friend.
  173. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Moving away.
  174. friend with drinking problem? advice PLEASE
  175. I cant believe it. I hate her now.
  176. He irritates me and I feel bad
  177. No one to talk to anymore...
  178. Annoyed, do i have the right?
  179. Not really sure what to do here...
  180. To bother or not.
  181. Mom is controlling my life ..
  182. LONG STORY . I Need Help .
  183. Ex-friends and my potential girlfriend (Warning: Long)
  184. The 4th...
  185. Is this disrespecting her?
  186. dad's bad mood
  187. Triggering (SH): Losing My Best Friend
  188. do you ever not like your family?
  189. Hurr. Birthday Dilemma.
  190. Help with pregnant friend.
  191. are my parents rushing me?
  192. Need help
  193. SO So lost please help
  194. Triggering (Substances): i dont know how to handle it.
  195. Ahh, son of a *****!
  196. Emancipation; how to go about it?
  197. both my parents are dependent on me
  198. Was it wrong of me?
  199. Non-PG13: Bestfriend
  200. I Diss Like Them !!!!!
  201. Help out my best friend
  202. Screwed up family.
  203. Triggering: Record of Events for evidence
  204. Summer.
  205. Really embarassed over a tiny thing
  206. Every angle becomes annoying.
  207. hmm.. just a little insecurity..
  208. I don't kow how to talk to people >.<
  209. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): MY graduation.
  210. Triggering (SH): moving on.
  211. Triggering (Suicide): My Real Friends
  212. Looking for a friend
  213. No Clue What To Do
  214. Maybe More?
  215. 2 against 1
  216. Dads an alcoholic
  217. Triggering (Suicide): Big changes.... and I'm scared.
  218. Twin Sister: I'm Just a Copy
  219. Is my friend going to judge me?
  220. it's just a hoshposh of problems.
  221. missing him so much!
  222. I need help with family...
  223. Let it be or Keep trying? *long thread sorry*
  224. This girl's headed to a wreckage and I can't be the one to stop her.
  225. Traits... Arnt they great!
  226. Tangled in a web of obligations!
  227. Is it me?
  228. Should I be friends with an awesome guy who doesn't care about people?
  229. Pissed off because all my friends are changing
  230. Best Friend, Biggest Stress
  231. I'm the one hurting them
  233. IDK
  234. My Best Friend (Divorce Issue)
  236. Going nuts
  237. I don't want to fight her anymore
  238. Moving out of home, what are my rights?
  239. I need a friend
  240. Non-PG13: This is so creepy
  241. Triggering (SH): My house is a battlefield...
  242. Is there anyway I can help my friend?
  243. Lost cause?
  244. My parents
  245. Urgent: A girl or your best friend?
  246. should i think about meeting him?
  247. Defect from friends?
  248. MY LIFE :)
  249. Am I letting them down?