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  1. my friend is repulseiing me
  2. Happy Birthday to me
  3. Can't Take A Compliment
  4. do i break up my family??
  5. "Responsibility"
  6. Gahhh I don't know how long I can take this...
  7. Annoying Parents >:/
  9. Sibling favoritism
  10. ShE Is DriVing Me InSaNe!
  11. My Friend is SO bossy and controlling
  12. It's like living with a circus.
  13. How do I get it through her head?
  14. Need Advice!
  15. Hurmm...
  16. Not pointing fingers or anything, but...
  17. Family financial problems
  18. Telling parents you're not a virgin
  19. What to do about Tiring Friend
  20. It's really starting to upset me
  21. I think im a boring person
  22. NEED some HELP please!!
  23. my f*cking brother...
  24. GAH! *$&*#@(*
  25. friend 'raped', police involved
  26. I Really Messed This Up
  27. Female Advice Preferred: Feeling guilty...
  28. I didn't want her to come home.
  29. my dad...
  30. Is it messed up????
  31. The family hates my sleeping schedule.
  32. Am I being too generous?
  33. How Can I Make My Mum Understand My Feelings?
  34. How do I keep out of it?
  35. How to tell a friend no, a dilemma
  36. How to meet new people outside school?
  37. Cousin
  38. Is three years to far apart?
  39. Triggering: Refuses to trust me or him
  40. How do I get through these last 2 years without going insane?
  41. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How annoying is she
  42. Soo confused and lost... no idea what to do :(
  43. How do you cope with missing your best friend
  44. My guy friend
  45. Strange behaviour...
  46. Father-Son Relationship (pretty long)
  47. Confused...?
  48. pulling my hair out
  49. What do i do?
  50. Triggering (SH): Mother
  51. Parents need to know that I'm an adult
  52. Making my mom understand?
  53. When and how to call a potential friend
  54. self absorbed
  55. Triggering (Abuse): Abuse
  56. cncerned about brother beating me up
  57. Having Someone There
  58. Triggering: (lanuage)they hate me
  59. I don't think before I speak
  60. Is this normal?
  61. Dad
  62. I like you, but do you like me?
  63. flatmates
  64. Possibly Homeless?
  65. Hot Topic and a whole bunch of screaming
  66. Triggering (Suicide): You tried killing yourself, cause of her?!
  67. Mother vs. Father?
  68. grandmas got dementia
  69. Triggering (Grieving): Hes lost in the woods
  70. Triggering (Substances): My friend might be on drugs...
  71. Triggering: feeling left out
  73. My friend is sort of stealing my friends.
  74. We're falling apart to half-time..
  75. My friend really let me down =(
  76. Not too sure about friends anymore
  77. My friends.
  78. I prefer to be alone!
  79. A Family Member.
  80. Life of a loner-what did I do to deserve it?
  81. Me and my parents
  82. A family member has made a terrible mistake, that we all have to live with now...advice?
  83. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I think I'm going crazy.
  84. i dont know what else to say but theres something that needs to be said im confuzzed???!!!!!!!help!!
  85. General ranting...
  86. Another birthday without a family
  87. Really Torn [Quick Help Would Be Much Appreciated]
  88. Let me go in on my own :/
  89. I thought a mother was suppose to make you feel better...
  90. Coping and Getting Away...help? (Wall of Text, sorry)
  91. Triggering (SH): So alone...
  92. Unsure What To Do (long, sorry)
  93. Non-PG13: My friend.
  94. The last straw
  95. Is arguing abuse?
  96. about to break
  97. my friend might die
  98. I am not your toy
  99. My friend's falling for an a**.
  100. Aren't parents supposed to support their children going to college?
  101. Overly dependent mother... It's driving me nuts!
  102. Am I in the wrong?
  103. I lied to my friend...again???
  104. Drug addict sister in rehab
  105. Losing my best friends (Triggering Suicide and Self Harm)
  106. He's taking advantage ..
  107. I'm not 10
  108. 'The break up'.
  109. i don't really like my family
  110. Worried about my younger brother
  111. Found the truth
  112. i hate my father but i still love him
  113. What should I do if..
  114. She's clingy
  115. Anybody else feel this way?
  116. Old scar, still hurting
  117. my parents suck
  118. Most awful feeling :(
  119. After Visiting I Feel Bad
  120. Just So Happy!
  121. Brothers
  122. I'm tired of being jealous and I'm tired of what its doing to me.
  123. Triggering: Kind of annoyed
  124. Mum being unreasonable?
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My so called "friendship"
  126. How would you describe your relationship with your parents?
  127. My mom..
  128. dissing me on the internet? oh please.
  129. Criminal Parents
  130. Taking care of parents, but have a husand..?
  131. Couples Living Together: Cooked Meal Or Cleaned House?
  132. i know its not that big of a deal.. but feelin like i cant trust anyone =(
  133. lost my friends ..
  134. Triggering (Suicide): its long, but i really need advice (trig SH too possibly)
  135. is this really a friend? and what should i do?
  136. Would you be upset if friend gifts your bf nicer gift then you?
  137. How to make my mom like me.
  138. my so called friend
  139. do i like him?
  140. Not sure what to do...
  141. hes too old for her
  142. Doesnt feel right
  143. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My mom, and I.
  144. alone?
  145. How do I get her to let me go?
  146. Now what ??
  147. please helpp
  148. dad is talking about going austrailia at xmas
  149. what do i do... help!
  150. ohh dear!!
  151. Triggering: I'm not sure what to do anymore.
  152. Who's to blame here?
  153. Does this seem like the friend thing to do?
  154. Triggering: Continuation...
  155. I'm really angry and I need to rant.. Apologies in advance
  156. TH friend problem..
  157. argh
  158. friendship means nothing
  159. D: Friends moving away.
  160. Absolutely alone and depressed
  161. They're driving me crazy!
  162. How is this fair?
  163. I feel restless and alone, but am I really?
  164. Over It?
  165. Friends?
  166. JoshBrokenAndUsed
  167. Triggering (SH): Why does she get to do it, but yet I can't?
  168. What can I do about my friend!?!?!?!
  169. Wow mom... wow.
  170. need help confronting issue with my father
  171. Is this normal???
  172. Triggering (Suicide): How do i tell my friend that.(WARNING REAL LONG TRIGGERING FOR SH AS WELL!)
  173. Step-mom
  174. Beginning To Wonder If Best Friends Even Exist?
  175. Oh, Mother
  176. Triggering (Suicide): Parents being extremely harsh
  177. Mum walked out after having argument with sister..
  178. My friend Spork
  179. I just can't do it anymore.
  180. I don't get her!!
  181. Crappy friends?
  182. What songs remind you of your parents?
  183. Triggering: What should I do?
  184. selfish jealousy
  185. so ashamed..
  186. Fighting Friends
  187. really confused
  188. Punishment
  189. is it just me, or are my friends bitches?
  190. My "best friend". <<
  191. Dad in totalitarian mode 101
  192. really possessive...
  193. Do you buy a birthday card for someone who hates their birthday?
  194. Ughhh...I hate this feeling!
  195. Perverted Friends
  196. sometimes i wish they would divorce...
  197. Do your parents demand to see your phone/look at what you do on the internet?
  198. creepy? or helpful?
  199. A person you love.
  200. Is moving out the best option?
  201. Lonely
  202. Advice/opinions please?
  203. the age old question.
  204. Used to be best friends...
  205. Backstabbing Freinds?
  206. Make up your mind!
  207. Grandma issues
  208. Does this mean that I'm boring?
  209. Help With Friend
  210. shes messed with my head.
  211. She has really done my head in! (rant)
  212. Fights.
  213. Triggering: People in my way...
  214. Should i just give up with a friend
  215. Triggering: Family Problems and other things going on
  216. How can I make more friends..?
  217. Nearly four years and I still miss her :|
  218. Convincing Parents To Let Me Drop Out
  219. something stupid occuring
  221. SIck of being treated like a pre-adolescent...
  222. Triggering: I think I'm really learning now.
  223. Saving a broken girl
  224. Sarcoidosis
  225. I feel like a big screw up
  226. My mom guilt trips me all the time!...
  227. i dont know where to turn...
  228. Friend could have been killed!
  229. my world is falling apart
  230. mom acusing me of stealing her jewlery! ):
  231. Sister movng back in...
  232. is this the end of an amazing friendship
  233. My Sister is driving me crazy!
  234. i really didnt mean to.
  235. My friends always make fun of touchy subjects..
  236. friends, that dont feel like friends.
  237. I'm sick of living at home
  238. I honestly don't like my mom.
  239. When your parents don't like what you like.
  240. I can't talk to her the same way
  241. Triggering (SH): My cousin!
  242. Get over yourself, Mom.
  243. My mom is about to stop trusting me
  244. Triggering (Grieving): Cousin Grieving and I'm unsure how to help..
  245. Triggering: Parents can be beyond ignorant
  246. Forgiveness
  247. Choosing my boyfriend over my friends? (long)
  248. Should i stop hanging out with them?
  249. friend not respecting how i feel
  250. I feel like they all hate me...