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  1. My friend Spork
  2. I just can't do it anymore.
  3. I don't get her!!
  4. Crappy friends?
  5. What songs remind you of your parents?
  6. Triggering: What should I do?
  7. selfish jealousy
  8. so ashamed..
  9. Fighting Friends
  10. really confused
  11. Punishment
  12. is it just me, or are my friends bitches?
  13. My "best friend". <<
  14. Dad in totalitarian mode 101
  15. really possessive...
  16. Do you buy a birthday card for someone who hates their birthday?
  17. Ughhh...I hate this feeling!
  18. Perverted Friends
  19. sometimes i wish they would divorce...
  20. Do your parents demand to see your phone/look at what you do on the internet?
  21. creepy? or helpful?
  22. A person you love.
  23. Is moving out the best option?
  24. Lonely
  25. Advice/opinions please?
  26. the age old question.
  27. Used to be best friends...
  28. Backstabbing Freinds?
  29. Make up your mind!
  30. Grandma issues
  31. Does this mean that I'm boring?
  32. Help With Friend
  33. shes messed with my head.
  34. She has really done my head in! (rant)
  35. Fights.
  36. Triggering: People in my way...
  37. Should i just give up with a friend
  38. Triggering: Family Problems and other things going on
  39. How can I make more friends..?
  40. Nearly four years and I still miss her :|
  41. Convincing Parents To Let Me Drop Out
  42. something stupid occuring
  44. SIck of being treated like a pre-adolescent...
  45. Triggering: I think I'm really learning now.
  46. Saving a broken girl
  47. Sarcoidosis
  48. I feel like a big screw up
  49. My mom guilt trips me all the time!...
  50. i dont know where to turn...
  51. Friend could have been killed!
  52. my world is falling apart
  53. mom acusing me of stealing her jewlery! ):
  54. Sister movng back in...
  55. is this the end of an amazing friendship
  56. My Sister is driving me crazy!
  57. i really didnt mean to.
  58. My friends always make fun of touchy subjects..
  59. friends, that dont feel like friends.
  60. I'm sick of living at home
  61. I honestly don't like my mom.
  62. When your parents don't like what you like.
  63. I can't talk to her the same way
  64. Triggering (SH): My cousin!
  65. Get over yourself, Mom.
  66. My mom is about to stop trusting me
  67. Triggering (Grieving): Cousin Grieving and I'm unsure how to help..
  68. Triggering: Parents can be beyond ignorant
  69. Forgiveness
  70. Choosing my boyfriend over my friends? (long)
  71. Should i stop hanging out with them?
  72. friend not respecting how i feel
  73. I feel like they all hate me...
  74. Do I have the right?
  75. Ive pushed everyone away.
  76. Dad shows more love for my sister than he does for me.
  77. ton of bullpoop
  78. Penigrams...
  79. They give me no privacy.
  80. Friends and moving on =\
  81. Out of Control
  82. Friendship is hard...
  83. I really don't know what more I can do..
  84. I wish my dad gets Killed
  85. My friend and my ex
  86. I Wish My Mum Would Make Up Her Mind
  87. Annoying Siblings?
  88. I'm kinda worried about my friend
  89. Friends...
  90. Why Can't I Be Happy For My Mum
  91. My best friend is not aloud to hang out with me anymore?
  92. I can't respect him, and it messes everything else up.
  93. My mom is pissing me off!
  94. Dad
  95. Still a Friend?
  96. do my family hate me?
  97. feeling unwanted
  98. I miss the old days with her so much.
  99. One of my closest friends betrayed me.
  100. Grandma is driving me on the crazy train
  101. Going out with guys like my dad
  102. Left Out and Forgotten?! : (
  103. Help! My 'Best' Friend
  104. Friend?
  105. My "Best Friend" (please respond)
  106. mum
  107. help.
  108. I wish I could move out.
  109. Moving out?
  110. So freaking lonely...
  111. My Girlfriend is real sick and i cant do anything about it!
  112. BEST friends?
  113. My So Say Best Friend
  114. Oh the joys of my parents.
  115. my bf's step dad
  116. my mum
  117. popular??
  118. Am I being a bad aunt?
  119. immature, stereotype teenage guy
  120. Consoling?
  121. whats your opinion
  122. My parents drive me crazy!!
  123. Best Friend Trouble...she doesnt like my bf or me!!
  124. Triggering: Rant...rant...rant...
  125. Creeper
  126. how do i convince them to let me go?
  127. its as if im not even alive
  128. openness
  129. Triggering (SH): A long way from happiness...
  130. My F***ed up life!
  131. Torn between school and family.
  132. We Don't Want to Be Her Friend Anymore
  133. my brother's best friend and me
  134. Triggering: will this ever end
  135. my bestfriend ):
  136. Should I See Him?
  137. No friends
  138. Someone I don't like
  139. My mom
  140. I don't know where else to put this.
  141. Moving out..
  142. I don't really want to become friends with her.
  143. friendship advice?!! long vent
  144. How to leave home..
  145. First Christmas
  146. I can't handle my mother anymore..
  147. What to think...?
  148. Triggering: my brother
  149. choices that will affect both friends and family
  150. Triggering: I don't know what to do
  151. Some weirdness...
  152. Ruined Christmas
  153. My Dad Love My Little Sister More
  154. I am a terrible friend.
  155. emancipation
  156. Married Life is NO LIFE!
  157. Female Advice Preferred: Help me with my daughter...
  158. My Brother has a girlfriend
  159. After twelve years..
  160. Triggering (Abuse): Grandpa...
  161. My mother...
  162. Am I just over thinking this?
  163. I hate how everything is about money, I could use some advice...
  164. Why lie about something like this?
  165. Chauvinistic values...
  166. Mum ruining my social life
  167. He really thinks that of me?
  168. Triggering (SH): Weekend May Now Be Ruined
  169. Female Advice Preferred: really akward topic..
  170. Don't know what to do...
  171. Is he allowed to search my room?
  172. Wtf is wrong with him?
  173. Losing my besties..?
  174. My screwed up family, I can't stand it.
  175. Crappy son, reporting in...
  176. Birthmom???
  177. ticked off
  178. I don't want to
  179. My Best Friend
  180. running away
  181. Is it bad?
  182. Outsider in the Family
  183. How would you react if...
  184. Triggering (Abuse): My "loving" mother...
  185. Beat the shit outta me.
  186. What is his problem hes bleeding us dry n doesnt care
  187. I'm just clueless about what to do now
  188. senstivity
  189. Support from parents
  190. Female Advice Preferred: Friend Problems
  191. Army Boys
  192. My baby sister hates me :(
  193. Triggering (SH): Whinny little bitch!
  194. ugh, prom.
  195. what to do...?
  196. Haven't had a best friend since I was 13...
  197. Help...
  198. Why can't people believe me?
  199. Legal Emancipation?
  200. Forgotten Friend?
  201. Hard to explain
  202. stuck between two options.
  203. Friend issues..
  204. My my can't accept the fact that I don't want kids.
  205. Labels?
  206. Er... Is this normal?
  207. Is this really self-centered on my part?
  208. I'm lonely /:
  209. What can I say to him?
  210. Mom Problems.
  211. Triggering: I cnat even describe how hurt i am right now
  212. Don't know where this goes, but please just reassure me
  213. fml
  214. How Do I Tell My Parent's That I Used To Self-Harm Myself?
  215. Triggering: Opinion
  216. Jealous of friend?
  217. I Don't Want Him in My Life
  218. Screaming, stress, and mothers.. help
  219. my non role-model.
  220. Should I stay or should I go?
  221. Non-PG13: help! advice needed - brother best friend hookup
  222. Parents. Nothing special
  223. fuck you dad. fuck you.
  224. He's worried
  225. Mom pushing me too much/stress
  226. I HATE THIS!!!
  227. Help Please (Re-post since no one said anything last time.)
  228. Triggering: Fuck my dad! He's still a fucking bitch!
  229. Am I a bad friend?
  230. My mother.
  231. URGENT
  232. I hate my brother
  233. my dad wants to argue with my mom (and the rest of us) about the stupidest stuff
  234. Silly question...
  235. Friends keep making fun of me
  236. Dramatic Family.
  237. my friend
  238. Triggering (Suicide): Afraid of going home
  239. Mum is making life hard
  240. Her mood swings are giving me whiplash.
  241. Triggering (Suicide): My old best friend. Help?
  242. She Is Driving Me Mad!
  243. Issues (long).
  244. Family stuff.
  245. Annyoing
  246. Don't know how to feel about this
  247. Is this wrong???
  248. Should I tell my friend what I think of him??
  249. How can I help her?!
  250. I don't understand....