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  1. I don't know what to do...
  2. Triggering: Rant against my homphobic, misogynist brother.
  3. I dont like my sister
  4. Really confused..
  5. Best Friend and Boss
  6. He hit me!! This is all my fault!! Idk what to do!!!!
  7. Mum not happy
  8. My dog, my sister, and her children
  9. HELP!!
  10. I want her back in my life, but should I?
  11. Over protective parents?
  12. Can he REALLY?!
  13. My Brother
  14. Pride
  15. I can't stand her! Can't take it anymore!
  16. Friends
  17. I don't know what to do, help please...
  18. my mom, SOS
  19. Need help with a very complicated friend situation...
  20. Parental Judgement
  21. Dunno where to start, but I needa start somewhere.
  22. Friends problem now
  23. This may sounds stupid but....
  24. urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  25. Complicated Problem
  26. I need help, please
  27. Losing them again..
  28. Triggering: Looking for excuses to die... I REALLY need them...
  29. dad keeping a secret.
  30. I'm so sick of this.
  31. ... how do i show tht i CARE??
  32. how do u do it
  33. My best friends girlfriend..
  34. Ughh My mom never believes me!
  35. Friend from out of town
  36. Am I wrong for getting mad?
  37. Triggering: not sure wat to do!!
  38. HELP!
  39. Letting Go Of a Best Friend.
  40. Need Advice Please.
  41. As usual, my health doesn't matter
  42. My best friend is acting sleazy. And I'm jealous????
  43. friend seriously hurt my feelings
  44. what happened to everyone? Help or advice?
  45. Triggering: Family's dirty little secret... (long)
  46. Why won't they just divorce?!
  47. Triggering: She won't talk to me, but I need her like crazy.
  48. Triggering: My mom was diagnosed with cancer.
  49. i can't take this any more.
  50. I want us to have our own place, but...
  51. what am i supposed to do?! (long)
  52. my new friend at school...
  53. Don't think my friend likes me anymore...
  54. to call or not to call?
  55. I don't want to fight...
  56. What the hell?
  57. So now she doesn't want me to visit...
  58. Close friend over best friend. (Longer)
  59. I f**king hate my family...
  60. This girl is always using me.
  61. I really need help.. (Super super long..)
  62. I hate the damn weekends.
  63. When will I be treated like a human?
  64. Family problems with mom
  65. How do I get new friends?
  66. Triggering (Grieving): my friend is hurting
  67. Guys
  68. I eat more than my friends
  69. Ugh I'm so confused!!!
  70. my friend...shes got me confused about her yet again yo
  71. my mom says I don't care enough about her.
  72. well this sucks
  73. Boring weekends and friend issues...
  74. Is feeling alone normal?
  75. Hardcore family issues.
  76. aftermath of being rejected by a good friend
  77. How to talk to parent (mom)?
  78. Triggering (Suicide): Alone
  79. Non-PG13: Hey.
  80. I'm so jealous of my friend
  81. What did i ever do to her?!
  82. Should I?
  83. Friends just aren't coming through...
  84. My mother's finally leaving him
  85. bestfriends Boyfriend...
  86. Friend doesnt respect my beliefs
  87. How are friends soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo complicated
  88. Would you be weirded out?
  89. regaining friends
  90. Parental Problems
  91. Friends and the Boyfriend versus the Family
  92. what do i do?
  93. overly friendly?
  94. He won't stop asking me out...
  95. Living with the younger sibling(s) from hell
  96. Angry at everyone
  97. Family tension
  98. I need help with getting know the girl I like.
  99. Complete Oposites
  100. if this is not hell, then I do not know what is
  101. Do I try and find half brothers?
  102. Half-brother
  103. ...too old for a birthday!? :(
  104. I need to know.
  105. what would you have done?
  106. Triggering: i cnt take this anymore=/
  107. So jealous...
  108. my friend is so needy!
  109. i need help...
  110. best friend. /:
  111. Please give me advice... difficult decision.
  112. My brother and porn.
  113. Tales of another broken home
  114. The Biggest Mistake of Her Life?
  115. I feel like I'm worthless
  116. Best friends moving school
  117. I hate who she is becoming
  118. I just want her to be okay
  119. she wont let it go :(
  120. High school. Lunch.
  121. so basically, everyone hates me now - help please
  122. Non-PG13: Homeless Friend Needs Help.
  123. My dad makes me feel useless
  124. Family Reunion, Same as Before
  125. Am I wrong to want others to show that they care?
  126. Need some advice
  127. Birthday! 15th
  128. I dont know what to do.
  129. How am I going to explain this to her? (prom)
  130. My two best friends are in a fight.
  131. I Hate My Dad!
  132. Drifting..
  133. Sexting?Plz help!
  134. It's hard to find good friends
  135. Was I being selfish?
  136. What are some good ways to make friends??
  137. oh mother dearest. you piss me off.
  138. Triggering (Abuse): Need advice asap,my dad called his lawyer!!
  139. My Parent's Divorce
  140. Triggering (Suicide): help pllease urgent
  141. The End Of The Road?
  142. She shrugged it off. . .
  143. Do you find it easier?
  144. How did you meet your best friend?
  145. my parents SOOO dont get me
  146. Life without parents
  147. economical depression
  148. When it comes to me who listens.
  149. Triggering: Worst. Party. Ever.
  150. Triggering (SH): WHAT IS GOING ON?
  151. Dad, Insurance, and Drama (longish)
  152. Triggering (Suicide): I hate my Parents
  153. Band Camp Drama
  154. Help Please!
  155. We think one of our friends stole from us.
  156. This girl might need help
  157. No Best Friends?
  158. Divorce
  159. How Do I help My friend be more open to those around him?
  160. What do i doo? im lost and confused
  161. My friends' lives are being ruined because of my decision.
  162. I hate my mother
  163. Have you told your parents or friends about TH?
  164. Meeting up for the first time in five years
  165. what should I do?
  166. I can't stand my dad anymore
  167. why doesn't he just tell me the truth?
  168. Social Skills
  169. My wedding and my mother
  170. Am I wrong for this?
  171. i'm never going to have more than 2 friends.
  172. Am I just not cool enough for her?
  173. "Rescue" fantasies for those abandoned.
  174. Who Are You Closest To?
  175. Hopelessly Depressed..
  176. Irrational hate of parents
  177. Talking to parents?! Help. Please.
  178. Conflict between morals and a promise
  179. No visitors?
  180. Dad's "lady friend"
  181. I'm too shy!
  182. Am I a bad friend?
  183. Why is it that parents just suck?
  184. Disagreements with schools
  185. OMG I think I have screwed everything up..
  186. I really do NOT know what to do at this point..
  187. I hate that i feel this way about her.
  189. Triggering: URGENT I NEED HELP! brother has no respect for me
  190. Mom and sister....
  191. How to Congrat. a friend that is going to be married on Video?
  192. Is it wrong to hate your mom?
  193. what 2 do
  194. Freinds or Masters?
  195. why do these things have to happen?
  196. I finally have the courage to say this.
  197. Did somthing wrong. i read my moms email to someone
  198. He's hot then he's cold.
  199. there are 2 sides to every situation
  200. My cousin's ex boyfriend?!
  201. For those of you have been "rejected" by your parents, how has it impacted you?
  202. Isolation...
  203. Triggering: The right thing?
  204. Is it tacky to get a friend a present from an amusment park gift shop for her birthday?
  205. How do I deal with them?
  206. kinda long =[
  207. my parents are so unfair.
  208. It has been over a year...
  209. What is happening?
  210. Thinking about my old friends...
  211. Worried About my Sister... :(
  212. My mom and menopause.
  213. Parents argue all the time...
  214. Contacting Ex's Guy Friend
  215. This sucks
  216. Telling the Family my Religious beliefs
  217. He was asking around for speed.
  218. Advice for College Bound Girl
  219. Godsister
  220. I Got Caught..
  221. Dont have many friends.....
  222. dad cheating on my mom
  223. Split Families Suck
  224. I just can't be botherd any more...
  225. I think my mom doesnt love me anymore
  226. I love my cousin to death but...
  227. friends and money
  228. Triggering (SH): is my best friend selfish?
  229. Imposing on my friends
  230. Wow. So my bestfriend got this new cat,
  231. I really miss her
  232. I've gone off going out.
  233. my dad + my best friends mom = ....
  234. I can't adapt to my mother's "level".
  235. Dad says I can't have a boyfriend until after college...
  236. two of my best friends.
  237. I feel like an outsider in my family.
  238. My friend keeps picking on me about my developement
  239. On the brink of breaking.
  240. We're not much of a family, anyway.
  241. Triggering (Suicide): desperate times call for desperate measures
  242. My friend has changed
  243. I'm not interesting
  244. Dad + Mom's sister...?! /: HELP ME!!!
  245. Mom cheated with dad's brother
  246. Triggering (Grieving): We may have no choice...
  247. Akito and Yuki
  248. I can't cope with my sister..
  249. Brother problems :(
  250. My overtly favouritist cousin *rant*