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  1. Mom Treating Sister Better
  2. Friend
  3. Non-PG13: Please, no. Don't let it be this. But everything is pointing towards this...
  4. Stalking...?
  5. Got Blocked
  6. How do I tell her
  7. Why are they acting like this?!
  8. Fitting In...
  9. Feeling so lonely.
  10. Everyday Life With Someone You Hate
  11. Triggering: unwanted
  12. Sick of crying...
  13. 95% sure dad is cheating.
  14. Triggering (Suicide): Parent Problems
  15. Very abusive "friendship"
  16. Can't get along with my brother.
  17. it's over
  18. Annoyed
  19. Friend and New Boyfriend
  20. Clutter & Boyfriend
  21. Advice Please?
  22. Triggering: Bad Grades and Parents
  23. Having Propblem with freinds
  24. Let Others Use Phone
  25. Thanksgiving :(
  26. Triggering (Substances): I can't take this anymore
  27. Mum makes me feel bad
  28. what do i do?
  29. ~*~ Advice Please <3 ~*~
  30. Family Problems; Don't Know What To Do Anymore?
  31. my parents are splitting up
  32. Judged because of my friends?
  33. this is so ridiculous
  34. I think I hate my dad
  35. sentencing
  36. Do you still stay in touch with your university/college?
  37. old friend..
  38. I am alone
  39. Parents won't let me go to my dream college because of my boyfriend
  40. I don't feel comfortable at home anymore, and also because of a threat of abuse
  41. My dad
  42. My friend's avoiding me?
  43. Female Advice Preferred: I feel like I should take a break.
  44. friggin leave me alone..
  45. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Freaking the fuck out
  46. No Friends...
  47. Very angry with my brother.
  48. Making a new friend- worth the effort?
  49. Triggering (Bullying): They use...
  50. How to Provide Emotional Support?
  51. Triggering: Limited.
  52. Triggering (SH): Is this normal?
  53. no friends at school
  54. Nobody to sit with at lunch. I feel pathetic
  55. Very Lonely
  56. Why the Fear?
  57. Mum is starting to irritate me
  58. Is this all it'll ever be?
  59. Dealing with negative people
  60. Making friends in college
  61. [LONG POST] A traumatizing person in my life, and how I've been affected.
  62. My parents are divorcing
  63. I hate my father
  64. My dad
  65. How to make *friends* with guys?
  66. Relationship with my dad is deteriorating
  67. Fried is ruining friendship and blaming it all on me
  68. urgent help/advice needed!
  69. How Do I Get More Comfortable With Making Girl Friends as a Guy?
  70. How should I interact with my mom when she gets out of jail? Are these feelings ok?
  71. My friends hate me but i dont want to leave them
  72. Mother/daughter issues
  73. Don't know who to hang out with; populars or first friends?
  74. i think i hate my little brother
  75. Best Friend With Abusive Mom
  76. many problems ahead!
  77. Need in soon
  78. I Miss You. I Miss You Not.
  79. is it normal to have a relationship like this with a teacher?
  80. Expectations...
  81. How to feel towards me brother...
  82. Wedding demotion... Pretty sure I know why too
  83. Parents..
  84. Loneliness
  85. Moving out of home
  86. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My Dad and Smokeless Tobacco
  87. Mother and I fight so much
  88. How can I escape?
  89. My Parents aren't NORMAL parents, and They're driving me INSANE!
  90. I am about to bitch slap my friend
  91. why do i need her to approve of me?
  92. Unsettled, and Almost Unsure...
  93. my brother never keeps my secrets
  94. I think that's OVER.
  95. DISOWNMENT. How do I gain closure & inne peace??
  96. my dad
  97. A bit of a rant.
  98. Keeping him away from me
  99. Triggering: LONG! Sort of rant....Advice please??
  100. Maybe it is all in my head
  101. i hate being home
  102. I'm Afraid for my Grandparents to die
  103. Why commit a crime and then turn yourself in?
  104. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Need help please! ASAP! Don't know how to feel about this!
  105. Does this make me a bad person?
  106. please halp me
  107. Megacrisis!! I need HELP!
  108. Trouble with a Coach
  109. Are my trust issues and insecurities ruining my life?
  110. My mom is secretly dating after my dad died
  111. Not going to be able to talk to my best friend
  112. Mother trouble, feeling alone!
  113. friends... or lack thereof
  114. Should I continue living with a relative?
  115. 17 year olds and bedtime (not that this has much to do with self harm, but I am not sure where else to post the thread)
  116. Why I hate being male
  117. My stepdad hates me
  118. My dad and a school dance please help!
  119. what can i do about him?
  120. fall out
  121. Triggering (Abuse): My Best Friend's Parents.
  122. My mother is stressing me out
  123. My sister
  124. How do I get my parents to notice me?
  125. No Friends. My Depression is coming back. Please, ANY Advice?
  126. My Dad Hit Me With The Door
  127. Little Brother
  128. how should I interact with my mom when she gets out of jail? What questions should I
  129. HELP!! i have 2 hour to get my friend a gift!!!
  130. Drugs?! Seriously?!
  131. Am I a terrible person for bailing on my friend..?? :/
  132. How close you are to your mom?
  133. Afraid of my Family
  134. Tips for making new friends?
  135. When to cross the line?
  136. Friend trouble
  137. what should i do?
  138. Having emotional struggles with my father
  139. Well apparently i'm the bad guy. again.
  140. Need help in getting a friend back
  141. Why has he stopped talking?
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Not my damm child
  143. My mom that works in other country
  144. I just don't feel at home anymore
  145. Has anyone said weird things in school that ruined their reputation?
  146. Triggering (Abuse): Worst Night Of My Life
  147. I haven't spoken to him properly in like, 3 weeks :/
  148. I always mess things up
  149. one mistake!
  150. What does this mean?
  151. I think my mom is mentally ill...
  152. My Mom Is Such a Jerk
  153. My "friend" lost my dog
  154. I need help
  155. Pleeease help mee :'(
  156. Grandmother gives in too much
  157. Should I Just Move On?
  158. Triggering (Abuse): Step father won't let me try antidepressants
  159. Running away
  160. He's coming over tomorrow, what the hell do I say?
  161. Where would you live?
  162. How to deal with a snoopy friend?
  163. i need help
  164. What do u get a guy on his bday
  165. I stopped my best friend from cuddling me and I think I upset her
  166. I lost everyone
  167. My mom takes too many photos of me :(
  168. They don't want me
  169. I am a support worker and my client keeps trying to add me on Facebook!!
  170. Triggering (Grieving): My parents are seperating
  171. Triggering (Abuse): Mom's boyfriend
  172. Stubborn parent???
  173. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My friends are really mad at me
  174. I feel very lonely :(
  175. Horrid Housemate
  176. Are most teenagers immature or is it just a Western phenomena?
  177. Exclusion from my group of friends
  178. Breaking Apart?
  179. What to Say
  180. Triggering (Grieving): My Aunty
  181. Whose being difficult: My parents or me?
  182. Broken - hearted
  183. Is this illegal at all?
  184. The least favored in the family.
  185. Triggering (SH): Why?
  186. Feel like my friends don't like me/don't care about me..
  187. Forgiveness?
  188. I have lost all respect for my mom
  189. My brother
  190. How can I persuade my parents to stop forcing me to take a certain type of pill everyday?
  191. My best friend leaves me alone..
  192. Frustrated and lonely..
  193. My mum guilts me into babysitting?
  194. I've lost my friends
  195. why is it so hard to let go?
  196. How do we tell our group of friends we've separated??
  197. I don't feel home in my home anymore..
  198. Am I wrong?
  199. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Why the f*** does this happen to me
  200. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): It's either what I want or what they want.
  201. Shall I stop talking to this friend?
  202. To Choose?
  203. Sleepovers????
  204. Not Surprised, but Still Disapionted
  205. Triggering: Family issues? O_o
  206. Should I tell her, or can I do this on my own?
  207. My stepfather (how he lost my respect)
  208. It is hard to stay humble. :(
  209. What to do?
  210. Why does my mom keep taking my stuff?
  211. Why does she do this?
  212. How to let them know gently?
  213. She's hot, I'm not
  214. Over Protective Mother
  215. So angry!!
  216. Triggering (SH): im upset and im fed up :'(
  217. Remain friends?
  218. Unreasonable?
  219. My sister at college
  220. Issues with Mom :(
  221. Triggering (SH): Troubles w/ dad?
  222. Caught in the middle
  223. Joining a new group of friends
  224. Violence HELP ME!
  225. My father has prostate cancer and I am PISSED!
  226. Am I being shallow?
  227. How to become friends with a "closed off" person?
  228. Parents unsupportive of my education
  229. the right decision?
  230. Help!!
  231. I need help about all my friends
  232. Triggering (Suicide): I've had enough of my father
  233. Helpless
  234. I dont know what to do...
  235. Speak to me?
  236. My Parents
  237. Ask fm.
  238. Sadness
  239. How come I don't care about my mom being in jail but if it were my dad I would care?
  240. Friend completely flipped for no good reason and proceeded to block me
  241. My sister hates me?
  242. My sister boy obsessed
  243. Should i tell her? i'm going crazy
  244. I have never been this ashamed of my dad
  245. My guy friend...
  246. Friendship Strengthening
  247. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): F***ed up life
  248. Been asked to hang out for the first time in ever?
  249. Triggering (Suicide): Family causes my depression
  250. My Cousin