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  1. How to be more 'friendly'
  2. Should I Talk To Her?
  3. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): SO pissed off with my 2 friends. What to do what to do?
  4. father problems
  5. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): >sigh
  6. My best friend suddenly hates me?
  7. Help :(
  8. Scared to talk to my friends
  9. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Just broken...
  10. Triggering (Abuse): My father is Schizophrenic [NON-PG13 Language]
  11. Screaming Match // Stressed Out
  12. i wish it was over already.
  13. I feel like...
  14. Not Sure What To Think :(
  15. Mom and d
  16. What happens in a divorce?
  17. help
  18. How...?
  19. How do I tell her??
  20. Last day of school/Nervous about high school
  21. Help pleasee:(
  22. Tired Of Being Put Down.
  23. My nan broke her leg :(
  24. Link - A poem about making new friends and about being one
  25. Can't take this anymore
  26. Deleting people on Facebook
  27. Best Friend :(
  28. Consoling him
  29. Parents split
  30. A second chance?
  31. I need some kind of guidance, or even just a pat on the back from someone here.
  32. Don't know what to do...
  33. A lonely summer
  34. Best Friend..
  35. My mom kicked me out
  36. My friend's mom
  37. i really have no idea what to do!!
  38. I want my parents to love me
  39. Used.. again
  40. How to Help my friend who shuts me out
  41. Friends problem??
  42. Triggering: They make me hate myself
  43. How would I go about..
  44. Not sure where this goes
  45. Father's Day (and other stories)
  46. Writting a letter to someone
  47. None of my business, BUT...
  48. Living with my family... Sorry it's so long.
  49. Problems with sister
  50. Mom of sister
  51. mom troubles..i feel alone
  52. Problems At Home
  53. My best friend....
  54. Parents Broskii
  55. True friend or no...?
  56. What do you think of my friend?
  57. I found him now what?
  58. My best friend got engaged?
  59. New Friends
  60. Worried about my parents
  61. the nerves are starting to set in..
  62. I don't know what to say.
  63. Don't be that girl. Or the guy who puts up with it.
  64. my mom doesnt care about me
  65. Messed up family
  66. So, so conflicted.
  67. Narcolepsy?
  68. Worried about my friend
  69. Triggering: 18 And Never Free
  70. :| i need help now
  71. My daughter needs help with not feeling guilty
  72. what should i do??
  73. What's Wrong With Me!!
  74. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Birthday went wrong
  75. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): So my mom's new boyfriend started coming over..
  76. I'm Scared.
  77. I want to help my friend
  78. Is it Wrong for me to be Upset??
  79. My sister wears my beloved hoodie
  80. best friend leaving
  81. How to tell a friend I need more space?
  82. My dad has cancer - I'm really worried
  83. Friend Could Die in a Few Weeks
  84. Im friendless after the breakup
  85. Sick of my parents
  86. I don't know who to believe anymore...
  87. Friends, grudges and drama...
  88. I think my mom has mental issues...
  89. So-called best friend
  90. Worried About A Frined
  91. i had no idea
  92. My mom.
  93. idk if this goes here..
  94. My Best Friend Lied To Me
  95. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Friend turned into jerk
  96. I resent my mom
  97. me and mum don't get along :(
  98. how do you accept your mom after she chose abortion?
  99. Dont want to move schools
  100. Losing my friends?
  101. You make it look so easy
  102. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Should I continue to be her friend???
  103. Triggering: A long story that shouldn't be long
  104. Triggering (Bullying): my brother is a scary control freak
  105. Socializing outside of school
  106. Boyfriends sister hates my guts.
  107. best friend bailing
  108. Going to uni and keeping in touch with old friends.
  109. Triggering: My mom :/
  110. Is my mom jealous from me?
  111. Okay, I'm a POS. Now what?
  112. REALLY??? C'MON.
  113. may i have an insight on this situation
  114. Is it normal to get irrationally worried about loved ones not texting back??
  115. Friend Issues
  116. Losing her
  117. Triggering (SH): Is it worth it?
  118. Roomates...
  119. How do you become friends with someone
  120. I don't know what to do...
  121. Why Cant It Just End
  122. Terrified to turn 18
  123. My mom is tearing me down.
  124. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I f***ing hate him
  125. lonely
  126. Really unhelpful friend
  127. Obsession with best friend
  128. What are you doing this Mothers Day? :)
  129. Help with friends
  130. I dont know what to do...
  131. Problems with best friend?
  132. Family does not approve of bf. :(
  133. over 10yrs of lies
  134. My Uncle
  135. Male Advice Preferred: Conversation starters?
  136. My family doesn't approve.
  137. Mothers Day
  138. Triggering: My Parents Never Change
  139. Random roommates...using my things...
  140. Wanna forget about my friend!
  141. Tips for dealing with arguments.
  142. my sisters prom
  143. I dont think my mom trusts me.
  144. Mom problems
  145. I don't have that "really close friend"
  146. housemate flipped at me :/
  147. Female Advice Preferred: Losing My Best Friend
  148. overdramatic best friend who has an amazing life says shes depressed ?
  149. She could never talk to me since.
  150. I want a friend :(
  151. My friends little sibling keeps taking my phone?
  152. So Angry I Can Barely Type
  153. My life
  154. Should I Let Him Go?
  155. My father is dating a girl my age...
  156. Very, very annoyed
  157. mistake?
  158. help don't know what to do
  159. HELP I need your advice here!!!
  160. I want to run away but...
  161. real mad
  162. too scared to join societies... but really lonely
  163. my brother.
  164. Am I really that bad?
  165. Triggering: I hate it here, but don't want to leave....
  166. XBOX 360 confiscated... for another FOUR years
  167. Losing my grip
  168. Mom, what's WRONG with you?! D:
  169. irritating flatmate
  170. My ex sent a pic of me
  171. Is this friendship worth keeping?
  172. So my parents are starting to bother me.
  173. After all this time, we still fight
  174. So lonely i cant take it!
  175. Dad troubles
  176. So im in this band.
  177. Im worried about my friend...
  178. i felt like an outcast today
  179. Triggering (Bullying): My ex-friends are torturing me...
  180. Lsoing a friend
  181. friend moved away and forgot about me
  182. I feel like anything I do is never enough.
  183. A friend dragging me down in classes?
  184. My friend hates my other friend
  185. They really don't get me
  186. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My mom.
  187. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): More dad issues
  188. My parents
  189. family and friend
  190. URGENT :(
  191. Parents Hindering Study
  192. Triggering (Suicide): so hurt :(
  193. My Mom... and her Boyfriend... s
  194. what do you think?
  195. Friendship unexpected failure
  196. What do I say?
  197. scared to need my best friends and burden them
  198. help me,please
  199. Should I let him in or not?
  200. Am I suffocating him???
  201. How do most deal with posthumous birth?
  202. Mother-severe arguments
  203. dad
  204. My mom and my living situation
  205. Uni life
  206. She told them!
  207. So does being a failure mean I'm a criminal?
  208. I feel like giving up on him
  209. Respect
  210. My best friend is psychotic...and maybe abusive?
  211. He's back. But can he be my bff again?
  212. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): He hates me...
  213. I really wish I hadn't looked...
  214. I have no friends : (
  215. Seemingly-Unfixable Family Problems
  216. I'm lonely :(
  217. Why does everyone make me out to be the bad guy?
  218. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Being Nice to A**Holes
  219. Friends...
  220. Listen Not Talk, Hid, or Lie
  221. Confused and depressed
  222. Triggering (Suicide): Neglect.
  223. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Really Hate Here
  224. I know
  225. Am I overreacting?
  226. PARENTS!!!!!
  227. I Feel Awakerd :(
  228. Help
  229. high expectations/disappointed in me?
  230. My Brother's Girlfriend . . .
  231. Triggering: I lost trust j
  232. This is pathetic really...
  233. Do I give up on this friendship?
  234. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Am I the only one who feels like they mess everything up?
  235. Why does she have to do this?
  236. My Father's Drinking
  237. Female Advice Preferred: WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! BUT I NEVER DID ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I found him, now I'm totally confused.
  239. Is it selfish and pointless to be mad at my parents for not signing me up for any sports/hobbies when i was younger?
  240. Triggering: I'm a horrible daughter.
  241. Friends leaning on me too much. How do i tell her?
  242. Baby Brother
  243. Triggering (SH): I want my brother back.
  244. Is my best friend using me?
  245. Chewed Up and Spit Out.
  246. A problem with friends...I need help!
  247. recipe for divorce?
  248. *shrugs*
  249. a matter of money...
  250. Immigrant parents??