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  1. Anxiety Attack? :/
  2. Whats wrong with me?
  3. what should i do
  4. Terrible social anxiety and having panic attacks over school
  5. Dealing with panic attacks?
  6. Don't know where else to turn :(
  7. Triggering: Social Anxiety?
  8. Something weird happened
  9. How to reduce anxiety while driving?
  10. Not sure, but I think I might have some form of anxiety....
  11. I don't know if I have anxiety
  12. Is it a panic attack?
  13. Depersonalisation
  14. Hate being on my own :(
  15. finally taking care of them
  16. Help- tips?
  17. Handling a job/career with anxiety
  18. Confused What is anxiety?
  19. Am I one of few with this phobia?
  20. what is happening
  21. Triggering (Abuse): am i a pedo
  22. Driving anxiety
  23. Anxiety Becoming Worrisome
  24. School
  25. Shortness of Breath....
  26. Wait until I'm on my own?
  27. Triggering (SH): Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What's happening?!?
  28. What's wrong with being afraid??
  29. Really Really Bad Day
  30. constant panic attacks? feeling anxious 24/7?
  31. GAD ! Longterm General Anxiety Disorder
  32. Frequent Panic Attacks
  33. Triggering: I Panic At The Very Sound Of His Name....
  34. Triggering (SH): Going out
  35. Fear of spiders causing panic attacks .
  36. Can being catfished traumatize you?
  37. Physical/Somatic Symptoms.
  38. Why am I so cold hearted?
  39. Skin peeling off my feet when I'm stressed
  40. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  41. My anti-anxiety medication.
  42. panic attacks
  43. yawning?
  44. Not Sure If It Goes Here
  45. Sudden Attack?
  46. Propanolol
  47. just scared
  48. PTSD? Or Just Me Freaking Out?
  49. :( Really need someone who understands anxiety to read this
  50. Why is anxiety under mental health?
  51. parents just dont get it
  52. Bad social anxiety is going to ruin a fun event and maybe even a friendship
  53. What are your OCD rituals?
  54. is it anxiety?
  55. Slight social anxiety?
  56. Scared of people
  57. Anyone else hate answering calls from Private Number/numbers they don't know?
  58. What does an anxiety attack feel like?
  59. I worry to much about what people think of me.
  61. Anxious about being too short
  62. Anxiety and PTSD Causing Insomnia
  63. Getting fired destroyed my confidence.
  64. It won't stop :(
  65. I get so scared that I become paralyzed
  66. I keep (mentally) beating myself up.
  67. Should i see my school counselor about my problems?
  68. Can't help blaming my parents for my anxiety issues..
  69. School's starting again..
  70. Panic attacks happening a lot
  71. I am losing control of my life.
  72. My Anxiety comes out most on stage...
  73. Selective mutism
  74. Perpetually alone?
  75. depression constant images and anxiety
  76. General Anxiety Disorder?
  77. Have to see a psychologyst soon....
  78. have to do a dance solo.... and I'm the most awkward person in the world. :(
  79. public places
  80. Jolting Awake
  81. Triggering (SH): Advice needed?
  82. This has got to stop
  83. stressed omg ssoo stressed D:
  84. Just for you..
  85. My boyfriend may have an anxiety disorder.....and I need help...
  86. Worrying about not liking or enjoying the things I love as much as usual?
  87. I'm worried the FBI are watching me and they're coming to get me
  88. Did something really embarrassing by accident?? Anxiety making it so much worse???
  89. Possible PTSD?
  90. Anxiety makes me violently shake
  91. Loneliness is my trigger ..
  92. Coping with social anxiety in school
  93. my life l o l
  94. Nervous about getting a new teacher...
  95. PTSD
  96. Anxiety and Exams
  97. what should i do?
  98. I'm worrying all the time.
  99. OCD-what do you do?
  100. Stage fright Anxiety
  101. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Understanding Wats Happened!!!
  102. anxiety or no?
  103. Any Advice?
  104. What's wrong with me?
  105. Anxiety, CBT, confusion, etc
  106. Social Situations
  107. I'm getting anxious because my boyfriend isn't answering
  108. Twitching
  109. Anxiety is making me lonely
  110. Have I become more outgoing without realising?
  111. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is there any way I can just screw my concious so i won't get anxiety anymore?
  112. Nervous shake
  113. My anxiety is so easily triggered now
  114. I think I have an anxiety problem
  115. I think I have anxiety problems
  116. Do you think I have anxiety?
  117. Is it Anxiety if...
  118. OCD is taking over my life!!
  119. Anxiety or not?
  120. Is this a sign of anxiety?
  121. Anxiety starting to affect my health...
  122. Traveling and Anxiety
  123. Have I got OCD?!
  124. This scares me
  125. Getting over shyness?
  126. Fear of throw up
  127. Anxiety attacks at work
  128. What's wrong with my mind? Is this anxiety? D:
  129. Could I have PTSD?
  130. Always
  131. Was this an anxiety attack?
  132. Anxiety with Heights
  133. Stuiped anxiety attacks
  134. Anxiety or something more?
  135. Social Anxiety help?
  136. Shaking
  137. Citalopram (Celexa in the US I think)
  138. Smear Test Anxiety.
  139. I can't stop picking.
  140. Need advice.
  141. Trip overseas and terrible anxiety
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Under more stress than ever before in my life.
  143. I want to talk to people, but...
  144. This anxiety won't go away.
  145. What to do about my over worrying and paranoia??
  146. One does not simply enter the chat room
  147. Fears
  148. Social Anxiety and Job Hunting
  149. Alone
  150. Irrational fear that's gotten worse
  151. Stress & Anxiety Disorder - Help?
  152. Going away
  153. So scared!!
  154. I hate this
  155. Anxiety and failure
  156. I'm afraid of girls
  157. Social Anxiety?
  158. Panic Attacks?
  159. My family... :/
  160. Scared of having a nightmare
  161. Paying Mom
  162. How do i let out my anxiety
  163. Help with overcoming a fear?
  164. anxiety getting harder I lately feel like a looser
  165. how can i stop my anxiety
  166. I can't eat in front of people I like.
  167. social anxiety?
  168. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Job, anxiety, confusion
  169. I've just about had it...
  170. Panic attack
  171. Thinking too much causing panic attacks
  172. Horrid bouncers & pannick attack- can i do anything
  173. Scared of way too many things please help?
  174. Phobias
  175. I can't go back there
  176. I'm scared
  177. Social anxiety?
  178. axiety getting worse and worse. not holding together well.
  179. Triggering: PTSD: I have trouble/am scared of falling asleep.
  180. HELPNESS. (contains swearing).
  181. PTSD
  182. Panic Attack When I Saw The Person Who Molested Me.
  183. Aphenphosmphobia
  184. Communicating with people?
  185. Panic attake?????
  186. Fear of Driving?
  187. Constantly scared
  188. Dealing with panic attacks?
  189. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Thoughts lead to panic attacks
  190. Stupid Anxiety Attacks!!!
  191. Panic Attack
  192. Panic Attack? Psychosomatic? Or REALLY Ill?
  193. Driving Anxiety is ruining me =[
  194. Thought I was past this beast called anxiety...
  195. This is probably weird, but...
  196. Test anxiety and ADD
  197. Anxiety Disorder, mixed psychosomatic bleh. Advice?
  198. i need something to help me calm down when stressed
  199. Triggering (Substances): I need a temporary fix
  200. Severe anxiety?
  201. Stressed all the time
  202. Incredible Stress, where do i start taking things one day at a time?
  203. Social Anxiety??
  204. Urgent need of help
  205. Advice for public speaking? :S
  206. Loud?!
  207. I don't know what to do anymore
  208. :S
  209. Bad Anxiety When Excited
  210. Immediate help
  211. Arachnophobia is ruling my life?
  212. Help with Nyctophobia (fear of darkness)? Kinda long
  213. I don't even realize I'm doing it, so how can I stop?
  214. Images inside your head.
  215. I'm new, and need some help.
  216. I can't take it anymore.
  217. Taking off anti anxiety meds... w/o doctors consent
  218. medication
  219. Worrying for no reason
  220. 2 months medication
  221. Getting worse and worse...
  222. Going On To Medication?
  223. Too scared to get a job
  224. Possible social anxiety?
  225. I am scared to talk to people and so much more, please read and respond.
  226. Anxiety could be triggering
  227. No peace of mind.
  228. Stop the noise! D:
  229. i dont like ppl
  230. Think I need meds
  231. Drained
  232. Embarassing memories
  233. Mum is calling my OCD an excuse...
  234. Social Problems
  235. about my meds
  236. Opening up in therapy?
  237. My anxiety is getting so bad it's scary. Help?
  238. What should I do about my phobias?
  239. Meds
  240. i got to say this
  241. Senseless phobia.
  242. Ruining my life
  243. Time to get some help?
  244. Over Sensitivity - Anxiety - Crazy?
  245. panic attack
  246. Fears
  247. First Visit to GP
  248. what's wrong with me
  249. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  250. I cant talk to randoms or girls plz help