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  1. Thoughts about the President of Afgahnistan?
  2. The countdown begins!! 2010 Winter Olympics!!
  3. Paper boy offered £6.93 redundancy package!
  4. Triggering: Miley Save Fuzzy
  5. Obama signs hate crimes bill into law
  6. Triggering (Abuse): 15 year old girl 'gang raped' in California
  7. Man buys hotels and tells staff: Americanize your names
  8. sexuality; x-factor
  9. Does the government need to put a cap on immigrants coming into the UK?
  10. Should Aboriginals Get Special Treatment in Today's Society?
  11. Universal phone charger approved!
  12. Should Obama get a pay cut?
  13. 32 planets discovered outside solar system
  14. Nick Griffin On Question Time
  15. Swine Flu (Possible Pandemic)
  16. Facebook: Home to Wanna Be Porn Stars
  17. Firefighter suspended for refusing to remove american flag sticker off locker
  18. 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act
  19. 'Balloon boy' incident was hoax, sheriff says
  20. "Nude" scanner in Manchester airport
  21. Immigrant activists call out 'Illegal Alien' costumes.
  22. All-male College cracks down on Cross-Dressing
  23. Gardasil Vaccine in Boys
  24. Original KISS Drummer Celebrates Surviving Breast Cancer.
  25. Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.
  26. Trucker Fined for Smoking - alone - in his OWN truck
  27. Lady GaGa Speaks in Washington, DC Gay Rally
  28. Danone's Actimel ad misleading, says UK watchdog
  29. Apartment Residents Told To Take Down U.S. Flags.
  30. Not Homophobia
  31. Schwarzenegger signs ammunition sales bill.
  32. Man Dies From Cancer-Lung Transplant.
  33. World Won't End in 2012, Mayans Insist
  34. Boyzone star Stephen Gately found dead.
  35. wii fit board's new use
  36. Help Break down the wall.
  37. Blind 7-Year-Old Boy Sees With His Ears
  38. Brown's health deteriorating?
  39. Obama as President
  40. More women than men dismissed from military for being gay
  41. Barack Obama: Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  42. Hated Majority
  43. Why are people gay?
  44. DHS strips Arizona sheriff of authority to patrol for illegal immigrants.
  45. Scientists Discover Massive Ring around Saturn!!
  46. Triggering (Suicide): Matt Lucas' Ex Husband Found Dead
  47. Lady GaGa has both "parts"?
  48. Pro-Life Protesters.
  49. Female Advice Preferred: Jab 'as deadly as the cancer'
  50. Iranian president has Jewish roots.
  51. Swedish mourners seek damages over 'drunk' pastor
  52. David Letterman, CHEATs on his wife. And Admitted in public
  53. Freak accident cost soccer star her leg.
  54. 12/21/12
  55. Candy-gobbling kids may turn violent as adults.
  56. THE LISBON TREATYYY. I know this will probably be ignored...
  57. Convicted child killer Couey dies in prison, Florida officials say
  58. Facebook poll on Obama
  59. Triggering (Suicide): France Telecom Ravaged By Suicides
  60. Church Sign
  61. Kids singing song about Obama (Disturbing)
  62. Triggering: Abortion of a sick baby
  63. stem cells
  64. Woman in embryo mix-up gives birth to baby boy
  65. Teen Birth Rates Higher in Highly Religious States.
  66. Triggering: What topics should be off limits to joke about?
  67. Boy stripped to underwear, locked in seclusion room in school
  68. Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins dies.
  69. Gambler SUES Casino to return his losses
  70. Protester Tear Gassed At G20 Summit Pittsburgh
  71. New United Nations president calls homosexuality "not really acceptable"
  72. Femi
  73. Types of government
  74. Canadians willing to suspend liberties in a pandemic
  75. Announcement for Child Custody
  76. New al-Qaeda video predicts Obama fall
  77. Tucson schools create race-based system of discipline
  78. Swine flu could kill millions.
  79. Canada will probably not have an election
  80. Triggering: Information Given After Committing Suicide
  81. How young is too young?
  82. Speculated that Amelle is to leave the sugarbabes your opinions on if you think Keisha is to blame..
  83. 75 Percent of Oklahoma Students Can't Name the First President of the United states.
  84. Soldier Claims Authorities Training To Intern Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot
  85. Video Game Censorship
  86. Linda McMahon resigns as WWE chief executive to run for Connecticut Senate.
  87. Patrick Swayze died
  88. Triggering (ED): Should we all lighten up about weight?
  89. Kanye West at the VMAs
  90. New Scientist: Legalise Drugs
  91. Indian teen tossed from train loses leg
  92. Modern Art Is Rubbish.
  93. Fifty questions on 9/11
  94. Town hall anger echoed in Congress
  95. 9 Girls rescued from FAKE big brother house
  96. Derren Brown predicts the correct lottery numbers on live TV.
  97. “I Pledge to Serve the President” TV Commercials
  98. For or Against: Smoking
  99. Lithuania proposes ban on 'homosexual propaganda' (aka discussion on LGBT issues in public)
  100. Bolivian man acted alone in Mexico hijacking
  101. New Super Velcro Can Hold 35 Tons
  102. Does Religion cause war?
  103. Do TEACHERS have a right to keep kids from hearing their President Speak?!
  104. Transgendered Teen Fights For Genderless Bathrooms In Schools
  105. Democrats consider setting 'trigger' for government healthcare
  106. Obama Czar Advocated Removing People's organs
  107. Elderly Man dies after crash.
  108. Triggering: Abortion/Murder?
  109. Male circumcision
  110. Marvel is Disney's new family brand.
  111. U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds
  112. Lesbians Given Equal Birth Rights
  113. girl found after 18 years.
  114. Athlete made to take sex test
  115. Noel quits Oasis.
  116. Channel 4 doc on teenage FtM trans guy.
  117. Socialism
  118. Tick saliva could hold cancer cure.
  119. Israel gets Auschwitz plans..
  120. right to bear arms
  121. A girl from the Netherlands wants to sail around the world
  122. Society crime writer Dominick Dunne dies at 83
  123. Australia: More tax on smokers.
  124. What do you think..
  125. Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dead at 77
  126. New U.K File Sharing Policy Proposes Cutting Off Internet
  127. Social Networks Censoring Obama Joker Images
  128. CEO Says Victoria Secret Has Become Too Sexy
  129. Obama=one term president. Who is president for 2012?
  130. Who Do YOU Think Will Win? ...
  131. Triggering (SH): Bill Baily ''Emo Song''
  132. Obama: The New Hitler - Discuss
  133. felony vandalism charges mulled obama joker poster case
  134. Woman shouts "Heil Hitler" at Jewish Man Praising Israel's National Health System
  135. Twilight Has Officially Got Stupidly Out Of Hand
  136. Pan-Am Bomber Being released
  137. Can someone explain to me...
  138. Barney Frank is my hero
  139. Curfews For Adults? New Jersey Officials Say It's Possible
  140. Book reveals Nazi camp brothels
  141. School brass facing prison time for luncheon prayer
  142. Costco gets rid of black "Lil Monkey" dolls after complaints
  143. What is your opioion on the president and his actions?
  144. Thoughts on being cocky
  145. Should religious institutions be taxed?
  146. "I'm just not into politics"
  147. Would You Go Private If You Had The Money?
  148. "Death to Obama" Sign Holder Detained by Secret Service
  149. Two Pro Sport moral dilemmas... Your opinion?
  150. Does everybody deserve a second chance?
  151. Drug Testing for Welfare/ Food Stamps
  152. Triggering: Woman Sets Self on Fire, Walks Around Miami Mall
  153. Triggering (Substances): I Am Against Drugs.
  154. Guitar Legend Dies
  155. Man Gave ID Before Robbing Bank
  156. Do Americans understand why they are hated / called infidels by the rest of the world?
  157. Killer Whales Visit 'Social Clubs'
  158. The H1N1 swine flu experimental vaccination, martial law and eugenics story
  159. Microsoft banned from selling Word; fined $290m
  160. Dane Cook Vs Vanessa Hudgens
  161. Obama sounds like the Rock LOL.
  162. 90 yr old Nazi War Criminal finally tried
  163. Florida Horse Killer
  164. Staring at Boobs Extends Male Life by 5 Years
  165. Which is a worse punishment? Death vs. Life in Prison?
  166. Woman to marry fairground ride.
  167. What would you like to see change in society?
  168. new technology for paralyzed people
  169. FL man blames cat for child porn downloads.
  170. Are adults that are attracted to teenagers perverts?
  171. Triggering: The Media's influence over teenagers
  172. what age should it be legal to have sex?
  173. Triggering: Town Hall Meetings Ignite Tempers Over Health Care... and more
  174. Double Standard
  175. YouTube - The Obama Deception.
  176. if you were of legal age to vote but did NOT
  177. Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy
  178. Mom in U.K. Fined for Grieving Too Long at Baby Son's Funeral
  179. Should 16 year olds get the vote?
  180. A quote to think about
  181. Pee in the Shower (For the Environment).
  182. U.S. journalists head home from North Korea
  183. Best Idea: Breastfeeding Baby Doll
  184. Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes
  185. Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids
  186. Semisomnia?
  187. Not everyone likes porn
  188. Eugenics
  189. Apple Censorship. US launches investigation Iphone maker.
  190. Australia: Cigarettes $20 a packet.
  191. Gunman Kills 3, Injures 11 at Gay Club in Tel Aviv. [Israel]
  192. Male rights/discrimination
  193. Views to Disability and political correctness
  194. 7 yr old car chase
  195. To Catch A Predator
  196. Sunbeds as harmful as cigarettes
  197. Weed's effect on brain function minimal
  198. Gay Video
  199. Revelation on Prop 8
  200. The Boy Too Big for His Mom's SUV
  201. paralized rats move after food dye injection
  202. Triggering: Police stunned by child dismemberment.
  203. International Space Station
  204. Thoughts on Public Healthcare
  205. 911 caller in Gates arrest never referred to 'black suspects'
  206. EU seal product ban to be challenged
  207. Do you give money to homeless people on the street?
  208. Palin steps down
  209. Raising your kids
  210. This makes me so angry
  211. Bush-Era Debate: Using G.I.'s
  212. Porcshe Planned to Buy VW. BUT VW Buys Porsche Instead(German Enemies)
  213. Mayors, rabbis arrested in corruption probe
  214. Charity refuses 'Calendar Girls' donation because it would 'support the sex trade'
  215. Adios, Chihuahua! Taco Bell dog dead at 15
  216. Romanian mayor's Nazi uniform provokes outrage.
  217. Ban on topless sunbathing urged for Australian beaches
  218. Young Hunter Who Killed Hiker Gets 30 Days
  219. Do YOU think the US went to the moon?
  220. Apple Threatens to Sue Microsoft over ONE DOLLAR!
  221. U.S. House passes "hate crime" bill that Bush opposed
  222. "The American Accent"
  223. Fema camps
  224. Patriotism
  225. Moon landing: 40th anniversary
  226. Should Schools Faculty Be Able to Physically Discipline Students?
  227. Murderer Scott Peterson's family asking for donations
  228. Should Teachers be Allowed to Strike?
  229. Big Governments vs small Governments
  230. Teachers preaching Christianity in a non-religious school
  231. Hating Obama is the new Fad
  232. Judge Sotomayor asked about stance on gun control
  233. WHORES: Male vs Female
  234. Triggering: Obamas Science Czar coauthored book promoting forced abortion and sterilization
  235. When will China Beat the US?
  236. Review Of Terrorism Alert System Planned (Usa)
  237. Man Charged for 24 Quadrillion dollars = $23,148,855,308,184,500
  238. Should a mother have limited rights during pregnancy?
  239. Should polygamy be legal?
  240. HoMoSeXuAlItY - The scourge of the earth?
  241. Mandatory Swine flu vaccine to be given to entire population.
  242. Kim Jong-Ill; Pancreatic Cancer.
  243. Just a thought..
  244. Swim club president denies racism in pool controversy.
  245. Should parents be told? (Abortion)
  246. UK - First healthy person dies of swine flu
  247. Mother Sues Hotel After Daughter's Pool Impregnation
  248. Triggering: Which is worse(abortion)?
  249. Arguments for and against lowering the legal drinking age to 18.
  250. Do You Think It's True? Or Just Plain Rumors?