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  1. Why did Obama gave 8.4 billion dollars to a SCAMing organization???(CBS NEWS)
  2. Triggering (Abuse): Woman Skinned Puppy To Make Belt.
  3. How Should the U.S. Respond IF North Korea ATTACKS Hawaii?!
  4. Homosexuality is biological
  5. America apologises for slavery
  6. Triggering: PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?
  7. 139 Billion US Dollars found and siezed in Italian Airport(in 2 suit cases)
  8. Your Political Compass
  9. Death Penalty
  10. Prisons
  11. YOUR point of view on barack obama
  12. Mexico Finds Cocaine in Frozen Sharks
  13. Obama to Grant Gay Partners Benefits
  14. Tattoo'd girl sues tattooist.
  15. Diploma Denied To Student Who Bowed, Blew Kiss to Family
  16. Obama to OK benefits for same-sex partners of federal workers
  17. What do you think is going to happen in Iran?
  18. Triggering (Abuse): Man gets 1 year in prison for rape of 4 year old girl
  19. Obama: Gay pride month.
  20. Russia accuses Poland of sparking world war 2
  21. WTF....
  22. Bullied Girls Told To Stay Away From Prom
  23. Puppy flushed down toilet.
  24. Triggering: Teen arrested in string of Miami-area cat mutilations
  25. Triggering: Congress votes to allow FDA regulation of tobacco
  26. Triggering: Pediatricians Tackle Bullying.
  27. Triggering: 17 year-old boy charged with statutory rape. 17 year-old girl charged with less
  28. 50 Car Pile Up in California
  29. The Porn Revolution?
  30. RIAA demands $1,050,000 for 7 downloaded songs
  31. Burning the Flag... Right or Wrong?
  32. Shots fired at Holocaust Museum
  33. SoCal Father Accused of Slashing Infant's Genitals.
  34. North Korea jails reporters.
  35. Shuttle Atlantis
  36. BNP gain first seat in Euro Elections
  37. Triggering: Oregon Woman Jailed in Pregnancy Hoax Murder of Expectant Mom, Unborn Baby
  38. Why care?
  39. Is there life on other planets?
  40. Private vs. State Schools
  41. Injected with HIV by dad as baby, teen inspires
  42. chasers go to far-Chaser child actors knew cancer-stricken girl, mum says
  43. what is so wrong about gay marriage???
  44. boycotting a product unrelated to the cause
  45. Adoption Pros and Cons
  46. Illegal downloading of copyrighted material...
  47. European elections.
  48. Lawyers Strike Back: Gore v. Bush Lawyers To Challenge California Ruling
  49. Same sex couples fight for immigration rights
  50. 4 teens CHARGED AS ADULTS after sexual assault of 13 year old boy
  51. US husband 'arranged wife's rape online'
  52. Triggering (Abuse): Mob beats suspect in rape of girl, 11
  53. Spurned lover's ring in treasure hunt
  54. My View On Homosexuality
  55. N.H. Approves Gay Marriage
  56. Triggering: Abortion is wrong.
  57. Oh for God's sake...they've cancelled my FUCKING Leaving Cert.
  58. 10-year-old copes with rare breast cancer.
  59. Musical Censorship
  60. Virginia Resident Admits to "fooling around" with Family Pet
  61. Prove me wrong
  62. EXCLUSIVE: N. Korea general tied to forged $100 bills
  63. Atlantic searched for lost plane
  64. Triggering (Suicide): Couple jump off UK cliff with dead child
  65. Obama Date Night Draws GOP Fire
  66. Last Titanic survivor dies at age 97
  67. Gunman Kills Abortion Doctor
  68. Red Bull pulled in Germany after cocaine test
  69. China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money..
  70. Sister shoots dead Brother with Parents gun
  71. Cat earns a pair of wings.
  72. Hospital Staff Sacrifices To Save Jobs.
  73. Governor General sparks controversy over seal hunt
  74. Which of the 7 deadly sins is the worst?
  75. Supreme Court Nomination
  76. Mike Tyson's daughter dies after treadmill accident
  77. What the hell is California thinking??
  78. Obama's vist to Notre Dame
  79. think it's sexist?
  80. Hydrogen Road Tour - May 26th to June 3rd
  81. Man Sucks Snake Venom From Dog's Nose
  82. North Korea confirms nuclear test
  83. Church of Scotland Vote to back Gay Minister
  84. CHINA: Man threatens to kill himself by jumping off a bridge
  85. Is Cancer a result of our own abuses - of self and our environment?!
  86. Pro-Life? Pro-Choice?
  87. Strangers reunite dying teen with family
  88. Dad gets 100 years for poisoning kids' soup
  89. Why You Won't See 21st Century Breakdown at Wal-Mart
  90. Girl's report on Harvey Milk censored
  91. 4 Allegedly Plotted to Bomb NYC Temple
  92. Mom, Boy On The Run After Refusing Chemo.
  93. Student accused of jumping rope with..
  94. Censorship in the media
  95. Iran Says it Test-Fired New Long-Range Missile.
  96. What is a person?
  97. Dad Ate My Eyes, Boy Tells Cops
  98. Religion in Schools
  99. Would you personally have an abortion?
  100. School forces student to change out of kilt.
  101. Teenage pregnancy awareness video
  102. Why do we feel this way?
  103. Triggering (ED): Skinny(Slim) Vs Fat(Obese)
  104. Banned Books
  105. Obama's Gun Control.
  106. My View And Thoughts On Abortion *Triggering*
  107. Rape is effective weapon of war.
  108. "Montauk Monster."
  109. Teen Inspires "Shake It Off" Law.
  110. Actress sells awards on Ebay
  111. Carrie Prejean retains the crown.
  112. North Korea to Put U.S. Reporters on Trial in June
  113. Blind Man Detained in Philly Airport For Asking Why Plane Was Delayed
  114. Irish student hoaxes world's media with fake quote
  115. 'You ... Think I'm a Monster,' Soldier Said
  116. Kansas teen caught offering sister on Craigslist.
  117. Does Africa benefit from its relationship with England?
  118. So what do YOU think of evolution?
  119. Communism on rise in recession-hit Japan.
  120. Arizona
  121. Texas boy, 7, dies after shot in mistaken trespass
  122. Paedophilia
  123. 4 teens ARRESTED and CHARGED after sexual assault of 13 year old boy
  124. Suspended For Prom
  125. couple fights to name their child "Q"
  126. Bank robber leaves wallet behind
  127. Obama Envoy Warns NKorea on Nuke Test, Urges Talks
  128. TV advert for morning after pill.
  129. Erectile Dysfunction Ads. Too hot for TV?!
  130. Pat Robertson says homosexuality is a personal choice
  131. Maddie Mcann
  132. Why do so many people here find some of the news so shocking?
  133. Flight of the Conchords make Aussies a laughing stock
  134. Feds want 3-year term for Mo. mom in MySpace hoax
  135. man shocks his children with a dog collar
  136. a spider 2 make u smile
  137. glow in the dark puppy
  138. Jetstar charges passengers by the pound
  139. sex everyday 4 a yr
  140. Maine legalizes same-sex marriage
  141. Florida man charged with murder after baby thrown from car.
  142. Chocolate Fueled Car, FINALLY!
  143. Should they be able to?
  144. Mum punched son over hickey, court hears
  145. Guys Hitting Girls
  146. Neo-nazis vs kkk
  147. "would you like a condom with that?"
  148. 8th grade teacher tells student to "carve deeper next time"
  149. inmate break out of jail-gets cought trying to break bak in
  150. woman dies in exorcism-style death
  151. operater sarcastic to lost bushwalker who was later found dead
  152. Toy parrot tells girl, 5, to b****r off.
  153. Holy Twitters?
  154. UK Women Wash Bras Just 6 Times Per Year
  155. Sex Query? Experts Help Teens Via Texting
  156. Baby Mammoth Gives Up Secrets
  157. Buffett commends US finance steps
  158. 12 Hurt In Dome Collapse On NFL's Cowboys.
  159. Stop Using Hydroxycut Products - Warns FDA
  160. Octomom 'The Musical.'
  161. swine flu mutated?
  162. Swine Flu (AKA Piggy Flu :D )
  163. FDR pushed to get Jews to safety in 1930s
  164. 8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband
  165. Who would kill a 10-month-old infant? Where has this world come to? =\
  166. Bullying lawyers would not put their own kids through court ordeal
  167. Wrestler 'Playboy' Buddy Rose Found Dead.
  168. Invisible Children: THE RESCUE.
  169. N. Korea threatens nuclear and missile tests
  170. South Koreans Clone Beagles--and They GLOW!
  171. Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech.
  172. White House apologizes for low-flying plane of NYC
  173. Astronomers take virtual plunge into black hole
  174. Man stabbed for Farting
  175. Would you be offended?
  176. Mexico City on alert over swine flu scare
  177. Teen tries to quiet the voices caused by schizophrenia
  178. Gurkhas
  179. "My Bullied Son's Last Day on Earth"
  180. Another Earth?
  181. Holocaust Deniers
  182. Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility
  183. Teacher sends boy, 5, home with bag of poo .
  184. Chew on this: Gum may be good for body, mind
  185. Transgender Hate Crime: Guilty
  186. Build-A-Baby
  187. FDA to allow morning-after pill over the counter for 17-year-olds
  188. Miss California says she stands by her anti-gay-marriage comments.
  189. Father Throws 10 Month-Old in Boiling Water on a Dare
  190. Astronaut Says Aliens Have Visited Earth!
  191. Cast walkout over 'horrific' scenes
  192. 4/20
  193. I breastfeed my dad.
  194. Ahmadinejad Speech Prompts Walkout at Racism Conference.
  195. Britain's gloomy weather boosts the brain, claim Australian scientists
  196. Obama to take aim at credit card abuses
  197. Supreme Court to consider strip-searches at schools
  198. A touching story
  199. Legalisation of drugs could save UK £14bn, says study
  200. March On Mars
  201. Rapper DMX possibly charged with dog abuse and dog fighting
  202. Man stabs brother over pork and beans.
  203. Woman Tapes Puppy To Fridge
  204. Court Jails Pirate Bay Founders
  205. Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment
  206. A Little Late. But It's Good.
  207. Obama publishes 'torture' memos
  208. Kyleigh's Law Passed in NJ -- Thoughts?
  209. 9-year-old Damori Miles dies in jump off Brooklyn apartment
  210. Hulk Hogan 'I totally understand O.J
  211. Ever had a Dominoes?
  212. KIDS having sex?!
  213. N.Y. governor to introduce gay marriage bill
  214. Children with brightest smiles have successful marriages
  215. Bra saves woman's life in robbery shooting
  216. Facebook Users Get Lower Grades
  217. Government Agreed to Lie About 9/11
  218. U.S. Senate to hear of impact border violence has on Arizona.
  219. Duggars Kick Off the Next Generation
  220. North Melbourne AFL players produce rubber chicken sex video
  221. Mother Harvests Dead Son's Sperm
  222. Amazon.com
  223. The First Puppy Makes a Big Splash
  224. Obama still has hundreds of vital jobs to fill
  225. American captain rescued, pirates killed, U.S. official says
  226. Russia test-fires intercontinental missile.
  227. Boys Outnumber Girls in China by 32M
  228. 11 year old commits suicide becuase gay hate
  229. Students Can Hide Low Scores with New Test Policy
  230. Inhaler Gives Chocolate Taste
  231. Grandma dies trying to stop sword fight.
  232. Pirates recapture U.S. hostage after escape bid
  233. BMI Report Cards
  234. seventh-grader's KKK project draws fire.
  235. Struggling US towns print their own currency
  236. UK Performs First 15-Minute Female "Vascetomy"
  237. Chimps Trade Sex for Meat
  238. UK Teachers: Ban Homework For Kids Under 11
  239. Spies penetrate electrical grid.
  240. Somali Pirates Seize 21 American Sailors
  241. Teens Hide Eating Disorders with Vegetarianism
  242. OJ?
  243. Vermont legalizes gay marriage
  244. Jade Goody 'represented wretched Britain'.
  245. Controversial Afghan women's law to be reviewed.
  246. A Nuclear Free World.
  247. Genocide Awareness Project
  248. Cuts expected in weapons.
  249. Net firms start storing user data.
  250. Why teenagers are moody - an answer.