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  1. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  2. Triggering (Grieving): Train crash kills dozens in northern Spain
  3. Triggering (Substances): Legal drinking age.
  4. Transgender people and public bathrooms
  5. Royal Baby Boy Born
  6. Quxxn has died :(
  7. Lets police porn
  8. Virginia's Attorney General Wants to Ban Oral and Anal Sex
  9. Half of Britain's mosques have been attacked since 9/11
  10. Non-PG13: August Rolling Stone
  11. Cory Monteith passed away at age 31
  12. why is treyvon martin more importan than joshua chellew
  13. Triggering: Tampons and Maxi Pads Confiscated at Texas Capitol
  14. Football referee beheaded by fans in Maranhao, Brazil
  15. New York City Bill
  16. 19 firefighters killed in Yarnell, Arizona fire.
  17. Triggering: South Dakota "school sentinels" law takes effect from today
  18. Teenage gamer may go on 8 year prison sentence because of joke in LoL
  19. Triggering: Abortion
  20. NSA spying on EVERYONE that has a Windows OS?
  21. Wendy Davis / Anti-abortion bill
  22. Triggering: Sexual orientation: Choice or No?
  23. Marriage Equality for California, DOMA Overturned!
  24. Translation Please?
  25. Liberal... really???
  26. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name baby 'North West'
  27. Obama to make speech on climate change
  28. GirlGuiding UK Changes Promise
  29. Racism.
  30. Bee colonies are rapidly declining from disastrous pesticide use
  31. Triggering: Primary school chairman resigns after handing out pro-life leaflets to students
  32. Ten 'Good Reasons' to Oppose Equal Marriage!
  33. Sex Education
  34. Straight Pride Parades
  35. Fatal Car Crash
  36. Edward Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?
  37. Russian Duma Passes Law banning 'gay propaganda'
  38. Triggering (Grieving): (Warning: Graphic Picture) An Innocent Snapping Turtle
  39. Flag Burning
  40. Giving children caffeine
  41. "Deaf child's sign language name looks too much like gun"
  42. Triggering (Suicide): Micheal Jackson's Daughter Attempted Suicide
  43. The Weather
  44. justice in texas against a repeat offender
  45. IT worker and his girlfriend claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  46. Police Attacks in Turkey
  47. Standoff at Ecquadorian embassy in London
  48. Amelia Earhart's Plane Might Have Been Found
  49. Triggering (Abuse): Prime Time investigates treatment of children in Irish creches
  50. Florida Teen charged with a felony over same-sex relationship.
  51. UK - multiculturalism vs. racism vs. extremism
  52. Autism is an Asset
  53. Gay Marriage.
  54. Triggering: American Press and Media.
  55. Triggering: Soldier attacked in South East London
  56. Triggering: The Oklahoma City Disaster.
  57. Yahoo to buy Tumblr.
  58. Tesco to fight food wastage
  59. Misandry
  60. "honey boo boo"
  61. A Second Grader Suspended for..
  62. Unfair dismissal?
  63. Please Explain, as I clearly don't get it.
  64. Triggering: Vigilante Justice within the justice system?
  65. Religion and schools...
  66. Triggering (Grieving): Football referee dies from a punch to the head
  67. National Institute of Mental Health no longer will use DSM diagnoses in research
  68. S#1T Politicians Say...
  69. Triggering: Slayer's Jeff Hanneman
  70. What would you change about your country? (if you could)
  71. Psychopathy
  72. Triggering: NBA Player comes out as gay
  73. BREAKING NEWS: The morning-after pill without a prescription
  74. Triggering: Marie Fleming case
  75. Triggering (Abuse): Disgusting 'Justice'
  76. Triggering: Conspiracy Theories.
  77. Triggering: Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial
  78. Woman fired for being gay
  79. NZ passes gay marriage law.
  80. Deadly explosion, fire rips through Texas fertilizer plant
  81. Imbalanced pleasure/effort ratio between the genders
  82. Anne Frank... Belieber
  83. Explosions at Boston Marathon
  84. Triggering: Hooter's waitress fired because of brain surgery
  85. Triggering (Suicide): Heartbreaking story :(
  86. Margaret Thatcher/Annette Funicello die
  87. Rutgers University
  88. Morning After pill now available without a prescription...for all ages!
  89. North Korea threats: US to move missiles to Guam
  90. UK is becoming more totalitarian (police state)
  91. Illuminati
  92. Harry Potter's 'Uncle Vernon' Richard Griffiths dies at 65
  93. Man Charged with Murder after Killing Burglar
  94. "Politically Correct" is going too far
  95. Triggering (SH): School Allows "Supervised" Self Harm
  96. Triggering: Bully kills gay teen, gets 21 months in prison.
  97. My country is a pond.
  98. Rich and on Benefits
  99. be afraid of mountain shaped pastrys
  100. Literally, taking money from people's accounts as they fancy now
  101. "Basic Needs"
  102. Does Catholocism Need To "Get With The Times"?
  103. The new pope
  104. Army / Marines stop Tuition Assistance for their Troops
  105. Banning Porn
  106. High School goes in Lockdown for "Man in uniform"
  107. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies
  108. HIV Cured in Child for 'first' time.
  109. Gov. Cuomo considers gun law 'corrections'
  110. Law as a subject in schools
  111. Home Printed Firearms
  112. Non-PG13: Gynaecologist secretly tapes patients.
  113. Obama Administration Files Amicus Brief "Prop 8 is Unconstitutional"
  114. ** Man Breaks Into Lingerie Store, Gets Very Freaky**
  115. Same Sex Marriage
  116. Population control
  117. Mississppi abolishes slavery in 2013!!!
  118. Dozens of pro-Dorner protesters rally at LAPD HQ
  119. Do you like school uniforms???
  120. Flag burning
  121. Humans as a Food Source
  122. Life after murder?
  123. Christian Aboriginal Youth Centers, anyone else see the irony?
  124. equal marriage vote
  125. "If you are gay, you are born gay."
  126. Socialist tactics
  127. Say 'Good-bye' to the Canadian Penny
  128. Go Daddy ad: 'When sexy meets smart'
  129. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Saving the Planet?
  130. Is trapping for sport animal unethical?
  131. Male babysitters
  132. Disproportionate amount of conservative views
  133. Obamas inauguration speech
  134. Death Penalty?
  135. New York's new Gun Laws
  136. Triggering (Abuse): Video of 12 year old beating up fellow student goes viral
  137. Parents Furious After Young Boys Suspended After Playing With Imaginary Weapon
  138. Triggering (Substances): School Shooters Under the Influence of Psychiatric Drugs
  139. [Security] Disable Your Java Now: Even the US Department of Homeland Security Recommends to Temporarily Disable Java
  140. Improving Responsibility In Government With Pay Suspensions
  141. Triggering (SH): Bieber's Latest Trend - Self Harm Threats!
  142. Triggering: Steubenville rape case.
  143. Benefit cuts for obese people
  144. Newspaper Credited with 'Outing' Gun Owners Hires Armed Security
  145. Gay Marriage?
  146. Triggering: The 5 Worst States for LGBT Rights
  147. Did Mayans miscalculate the date?
  148. Epigenetics and Homosexuality
  149. Triggering: NY Firefighters wounded responding to Structure Fire
  150. How we raise boys is contributing factor to gun violence
  151. Gun Laws
  152. Triggering: 27 dead in shooting at Conn. elementary school
  153. "Slut Shaming"
  154. Are young relationships dead?
  155. Going to male gynecologists
  156. Two and a Half Men 'filth', says show star Angus Jones
  157. UKIP couple get their family broken apart by social services
  158. UKIP couple get their familly
  159. Isreal and Gaza
  160. Is it ethical to bring back extinct species?
  161. USA votes.
  162. Triggering (Suicide): Trey Malone
  163. US debt just got me quite worried
  164. This is the sort of roll model...
  165. Obama Has Been Re-elected US President!
  166. US Election Day-It's here!
  167. Pittsburgh Zoo closed after toddler is mauled to death
  168. Have we progressed?
  169. Privileged Information.
  170. Triggering: North Korean propaganda video.
  171. sex before marriage
  172. Racism?
  173. UK economy returns to growth
  174. Land rights...
  175. Military kicks out woman over pregnancy
  176. Triggering (Grieving): Monster Energy Drink has been cited in five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack
  177. Catholic Clergy Criticised by Cops for Constant Abuse
  178. Nick Griffin's (BNP) "anti-gay" something...
  179. Do kids need to be more educated in sex?
  180. Another porn thread...
  181. Extradition to the US blocked by the UK
  182. Gillard's speech in Aus parliament
  183. Gay Pride & Marijuana
  184. EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize
  185. Triggering (Suicide): Teen Makes Video Shortly Before Committing Suicide
  186. Non-PG13: PETA vs. Nintendo
  187. April Jones: Man Jailed For Offensive Web Posts
  188. Being a Successful Woman
  189. Alex Jones (Infowars.com)
  190. April Jones: hundreds search for five-year-old girl feared abducted
  191. Should it be illegal to produce works or material that have a high likelyhood of inciting violence?
  192. Triggering: 14 year old gives birth, then strangles newborn
  193. Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone
  194. United States vs. China
  195. "Terrorist Attack" in Phoenix Arizona
  196. Romney wants to open windows on airplanes
  197. Cat goes to vet for flea bath, but gets euthanized
  198. California Allows Nurses to Prescribe Birth Control.
  199. Circumcision
  200. Apple Iphone 5 cost 199 to make! Sells for 849!
  201. Roadside Memorials
  202. Grand Juries and Convictions
  203. Australian Senator resigns after categorising same-sex marriage as akin to Beastiality
  204. Arming UK Police
  205. Triggering: Teacher charged with murder..........
  206. National Deficit
  207. The 'English Baccalaureate'
  208. Aeromobile
  209. Social Networking Freedom of Speech.
  210. Free Speech...........
  211. Kate Middleton Photos
  212. Gun sales are up big time thanks to Obama
  213. Egyptians storm US Embassy over a movie...
  214. Triggering (Suicide): LGBT Targeted in National Suicide Prevention Strategy
  215. 9-11
  216. CIA torture techniques in Libya during Bush administration
  217. Mitt Romney's Tax Returns Obtained by hackers
  218. Triggering (Abuse): Rape Is Natural
  219. Do You Believe in Ghosts?
  220. Political Compass
  221. Akin: "I Misspoke—What I Meant To Say Is 'I Am Dumb As Dog Shit And I Am A Terrible Human Being"
  222. 0% of Blacks Support Romney
  223. The secret immigration policy they tried to hide
  224. Triggering (Grieving): Three cops and a wrecker driver shot, two killed.
  225. HITLER for all your fashion needs!!
  226. Deaf preschooler asked to change his name sign
  227. Apple Vs. Samsung
  228. Jerry Allgood Died Saturday
  229. Triggering (Grieving): "Space Legend Neil Armstrong Dies"
  230. Lance Armstrong to be Stripped of Tour de France Titles
  231. Triggering (Grieving): Norway Killer Ruled Sane - Given Prison Sentence
  232. Car registration plates to change because of fears over '13' superstition...
  233. Triggering (Abuse): Legitimate Rape - Akin and Galloway
  234. What the HECK?!
  235. Controversy and custody battle over "Toddlers in Tiaras"
  236. Romney and Obama
  237. Triggering (Abuse): man uses small penis as rape defense.
  238. "Nessie" sighting. Real, or a hoax?
  239. Triggering: The war in Syria - your thoughts?
  240. why can't white people accept they're not on top?
  241. Triggering: If THIS doesn't scare you - IT SHOULD!
  242. Paul Ryan Budget Plan
  243. Are you proud of the country you live in?
  244. white privilege, how come I've never heard of with other ethnicities?
  245. why do people believe that there's a correlation between Mexican Americans and illegal immigration?
  246. Legal Ages
  247. Melbourne Newspaper labels North Korea as "Naughty"
  248. Triggering (Grieving): Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin
  249. Saudi Arabia's female judo olympiad
  250. My Thoughts on Mitt Romney.