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  1. KONY 2012 - Invisible Children
  2. Citizenship (specifically, British citizenship)
  3. Wisconsin Bill Says Single Mother's Responsible for Child Abuse
  4. Marriage: Relevant or Archaic?
  5. Triggering (Substances): School Girl Aged 10 takes cocaine
  6. Teacher Leaves Wife & Kids for High School Student
  7. A new spin of the abortion debate
  8. Goodbye, First Amendment: 'Trespass Bill' will make protest illegal
  9. Shooting inside an Ohio high school
  10. Triggering: A new policy for Tumblr
  11. court orders facebook apology
  12. Texas Judge For Marriage Equality
  13. "That's so gay"
  14. Georgia State Rep. Yasmin Neal has a bill to ban vasectomies.
  15. Now Available: Home Sperm-Count Test for Men (FDA Approved)
  16. Parents against homosexuality. (Anti Homophobic petition)
  17. Little Girl Gets Stuck In Toy Machine!
  18. Do we teach children to be too obedient?
  19. Hitler had a secret French love child
  20. Missing Girl
  21. Facebook and Privacy News: Somehow a Bunch of High School Girls’ Facebook Pictures Ended Up on a Child-Porn Site
  22. Tech News: In an Effort to Kill Off a Trojan, the FBI Might Cut Off the Internet For Millions of People on March 8th
  23. Sons better than daughters??
  24. Triggering (Abuse): Teacher covers students in roaches and feeds semen
  25. The Governments are Really Cracking Down on Piracy This Year
  26. Man shoots his daughter's laptop.
  27. First new U.S. nuclear reactors in decades approved
  28. PETA proves yet again that they are idiots.
  29. Whitney Houston dies, aged 48
  30. DSM-5 Proposed Revision - Non-Sucidal Self Injury
  31. Gay marriage in places of worship
  32. Student suspended for Michael Jackson dance
  33. IVF babies with 3 parents
  34. Triggering: [RAPE] Barstool Blackout Party
  35. Susan G. Koman will no longer provide funding for Planned Parenthood
  36. This Is My Veiw On The World!
  37. Black History Month
  38. Health News: Doctors are Testing Ketamine (Special K) as an Instant Depression Remedy
  39. Couple sues doctor over disabled son's birth
  40. Politics News: Current US President Barack Obama Appeared on Google+ Hangout Last Night (Jan. 30)
  41. "Its Hard to See Racism When You're White "
  42. Family Battles Sex Assault Claim Against 6-Year-Old
  43. Womens Rights - A root of societal disfunction?
  44. Talking about sex!
  45. Dependency on technology is becoming scary.
  46. 12 yr old stripped searched twice
  47. Tech News: Google Plus Now Open for Teens (13 years and older)
  48. Ontario Tuition Grants
  49. World Class - Letters to change the world (BBC feature)
  50. No shit Sherlock...
  51. The Birthers Are Back
  52. TSA Detains Rand Paul And Other Airport Scandals
  53. Vermin Supreme for president
  54. Doctor playing Eugenics
  55. Triggering (Abuse): Ben Rothlesberger's Rape Case
  56. Triggering (ED): Pushy and Proud: Crazy Diet Mums
  57. OMG! Pet Cloning Produces ‘Double Trouble’
  58. This is a little worrying...
  59. R.I.P Megavideo...
  60. Rising Prices
  61. Does Owning A ‘Smartphone’ Actually Cause Stress?
  62. Paula Deen hides her type 2 diabetes
  63. Popular sites go dark to protest SOPA
  64. Do/Would You Have Sex Whilst Your Baby Was in the Room?
  65. According to article, "Gays are better parents."
  66. Defining fascism
  67. Downloading pirated software, music, TV shows, films, games etc.
  68. Jenn Ashworth: Why I Refused to go to School
  69. George Lucas says Hollywood won't support black films
  70. Age of Consent
  71. Innocent man spends 7 years in Guantánamo without access to trial
  72. Scotland Autumn 2014
  73. Triggering (Abuse): Does pop culture encourage abusive relationships?
  74. Triggering (Suicide): suicide by cop
  75. 8th Grader Shot by Police in Middle School.
  76. Triggering: Disgusting- possibly disturbing
  77. Women & Make-up
  78. Sexualisation of Pop stars
  79. Triggering (Bullying): Judge Upholds 'Stand Your Ground' Stabbing Death Defense in Teen's Bus Stop Bullying
  80. Woman Claims Illinois Cop Asked For Date After Giving Her A Ticket
  81. Gay marriage is now legal in Hawaii.
  82. Final Iowa ppp poll, Ron Paul leading!!!
  83. TSA 'Viper' squads now violating your rights at train stations, bus depots and ferry landings
  84. Tennessee tourist arrested for bringing pistol into 9/11 Memorial
  85. Man Arrested in Death of Woodinville Teacher
  86. Mandatory condoms in porn
  87. Banning Pit bulls
  88. SOPA.
  89. What is your take on the how the media affects little girls to the point of eating disorders?
  90. I got an email from Barack Obama himself.
  91. Acceptance is a one way street.
  92. Why is porn legal but prostitution not?
  93. MythBusters Cannonball Goes Awry, Smashes Into Neighborhood
  94. Kim Jong Il died
  95. Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011
  96. Dear Santa: Give me Bieber or I'll kill you
  97. Triggering (Abuse): 10-year-old Speaks up about Abuse and Saves Sisters
  98. Minnesota Incest Prank
  99. Female Splits Up 'Gay' Penguins
  100. Methane Plumes to end the World
  101. Verizon says 'civil emergency' alert in N.J. was only a test; company apologizes for 'inconvenience'
  102. Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol on global warming
  103. Rick Perry's "Strong" Campaign video
  104. Casey Anthony Trial
  105. Japan Apologizes to Canadian POWs 70 Years Later
  106. Virgina Tech gunmen
  107. Millionaires collecting welfare.
  108. Triggering (Abuse): Woman Ordered To Pay Spousal Support To Ex-Husband/Rapist
  109. Satan behind twilight?
  110. 9-Year-Old Boy Suspended From School For Calling Teacher Cute
  111. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Teen gets suspended for burping in class
  112. Please give input on a baby found under babysitters bed. It would mean a lot to me.
  113. 2011: world’s 10th warmest year, warmest year with La Niña on record, second-lowest Arctic sea ice extent
  114. Pull out method just as effective as condoms, study shows.
  115. Sexism, yeah right.
  116. Strike UK.
  117. Triggering: Jeremy Clarkson vs. the public sector
  118. Kidnapper Sues His Victims For Not Hiding Him From Police
  119. World Debt= $707,568,901,000,000
  120. Change.org Petition
  121. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Racist rant on tram
  122. The Economy, College, and the BS You're Fed in HS
  123. Flier, displaced by obese seatmate, forced to stand.
  124. PETA vs. Seaworld
  125. Liverpool church which “helps people out of homosexuality” linked to home exorcisms.
  126. Brandon McInerney, who shot gay classmate Larry King, pleads guilty to 2nd Degree Murder
  127. Girls' schools leader: Girls growing up in "moral abyss"
  128. Sex
  129. Police out of control pepper spray
  130. "Should swearing be against the law?"
  131. my oppinion on discrimination. trying to change the world
  132. School Reports Kiss Between 12-Year-Olds as Sex Crime
  133. Super Mario 3D Land attacked by PETA
  134. UC Davis puts two campus police officers on administrative leave for pepper spraying non-violent protesters
  135. Western Slavery
  136. European Union: Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration
  137. Assault Weapons: Can You Spot the Bullsh*t?
  138. Canada outlaws bandwith limit.
  139. Triggering (Abuse): Court Forces School District To Rehire Teacher Who Abused Mentally Disabled Student
  140. Things about 2012 non-believers don't want to hear
  141. Pizza Is A Vegetable
  142. Plastic money being introduced in Canada
  143. 10 year old girl in Illinois commits suicide over LGBT bullying
  144. Richard Branson buys Northern Rock
  145. Court: School can ban American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo
  146. 11 shocking things you now realize to be true
  147. Remembrance day <3
  148. Triggering (Abuse): Joe Paterno fired over Penn State child abuse scandel
  149. Triggering: Legal protection of unborn babies.
  150. 13 year-old student gets detention for t-shirt
  151. Ohio voters repeal law limiting union rights
  152. Jock, after stroke, says he became Gay.
  153. Glee: The First Time
  154. Sarkozy tells Obama Netanyahu is a "liar"
  155. First Chinese Drywall, Now Chinese Furniture Making People Sick
  156. Jesse Ventura Loses Patriotism, Threatens Mexican Citizenship After Lawsuit Is Thrown Out
  157. Triggering (Bullying): Bullying is Okay As Long As It is Religiously or Morally Motivated, According to Michigan Republican Legislators
  158. 2-year old boy missing in Washington State
  159. Earthquake!
  160. Man shot with rubber bullet for filming Oakland police
  161. Triggering (Abuse): Group of 20+ Convicted Child Rapists In Turkey Get Sentences Reduced/Revoked Because "It Was Consensual"
  162. Mandatory pre-commitment schemes (pokies)
  163. Atlas Shrugged: Part One
  164. Student Suspended For Hugging Friend
  165. The usefulness of lying as a culture
  166. DHS Janet Napolitano is a joke
  167. 20-Year-Old Woman Claims Justin Bieber Fathered Her Child
  168. Triggering (Bullying): Teachers tell bullied kids to act less 'gay'
  169. Forclosure Lawfirm Homeless Holloween party
  170. Migrant workers in the UK
  171. The Deepweb
  172. Things are going to shit...
  173. World Population to Reach 7 Billion on Oct. 31
  174. 40 tonnes of Cocaine busted in the UK
  175. Car Reaches One Million Miles
  176. U.S. House of Representatives passes the Let Women Die Act
  177. I'm stealin' all your monies
  178. Australian man charged for "mooning" the queen
  179. Gangs Had No 'Pivotal Role' In English Riots
  180. This is so sad :'(
  181. Eating meat is dangerous
  182. Ice Cream too Racy for moms.
  183. Gay Doctors/Nurses
  184. 'Nazi-style' TSA roadside checkpoint rights abuses in effect
  186. Anonymous take down child porn sites and leak user names
  187. No one gave a shit, quite literally
  188. Should birth control be provided in schools?
  189. Bill to Kill Canadian Long-Gun Registry Up This Week
  190. Exotic Animals Loose in Ohio
  191. The Death of Colonel Gaddafi
  192. Triggering (ED): Breakfast for murder
  193. Don't do heavy exercise in the morning
  194. Do We Owe Our Spouses Sex?
  195. Occupy London
  196. Murray overtakes Federer to become world number 3
  197. Hotel Employee Fired For Wearing American Flag Pin
  199. Weddings [Debate-ish]
  200. Kissing in school?
  201. Toms Shoes VS. Bobs by Sketchers
  202. Bohemian Grove
  203. The Third Wave
  204. Good ol' American Book Burning :dem:
  205. FBI, DEA disrupt plot by elements of Iran government to kill Saudi envoy to U.S. on American soil
  206. Real life superhero Phoenix Jones arrested - footage and article
  207. Do you illegally download music/films/tv shows?
  208. Abusers Go Free In Topeka, KS
  209. oral can cause cancer
  210. Texting & Driving.
  211. Governor Jerry Brown signs the California DREAM Act
  212. University "Blacklists"
  213. $39,000 Backpack
  214. A step in the right direction
  215. North Korea's power transition near complete
  216. Boy who killed gay classmate deserves leniency, jurors say
  217. Cops who use badge to do whatever they want
  218. Gay men kissing in public
  219. R.I.P Steve Jobs
  220. Triggering: Sex changes in children
  221. Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak: Mirage Effect Created in Lab
  222. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): ATF and Cleveland Police Door to Door Weapon Confiscations
  223. Occupy Wall Street
  224. Hawaii likely to OK surfing as high school sport
  225. Attacks in prison
  226. Foxy Knoxy is coming home...
  227. Hate Crime
  228. Triggering (Abuse): Teen Girl Murdered By Boyfriend At High School
  229. Debate: Rapists and Molesters should have own community?
  230. Urban OS: "Smart cities get their own operating system"
  231. Teenager suffocated during exorcism.
  232. Christian Pastor may be executed under Sharia Law in Iran
  233. WTF happened to my rights
  234. Triggering: this is messed up
  235. RARE WHALE!
  236. Triggering: Abortion
  237. Iran says could deploy navy near U.S. coast
  238. man throws puppy in water repeatedly
  239. Triggering (Suicide): 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer still being taunted after suicide
  240. Should Dick Cheney be barred from Canada?
  241. College Protest against Proposed Califorinia Bill to Allow Colleges to consider ethnicity/gender in Admissions
  242. Women In Saudi Arabia to Vote And Run In Elections
  243. Triggering: Woman decapitated in Mexico, purportedly for posting on social networking site
  244. Gay soldier booed at GOP convention
  245. The Palestinian State
  246. Triggering: 13-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Attempting To Kill Family By Setting Fires
  247. Satellite due to 'crash' on Earth
  248. Bullies are criminals
  249. Walkout at U.N. as Ahmadinejad speaks
  250. Triggering: Death Penatly- WITH A TWIST