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  1. Jock, after stroke, says he became Gay.
  2. Glee: The First Time
  3. Sarkozy tells Obama Netanyahu is a "liar"
  4. First Chinese Drywall, Now Chinese Furniture Making People Sick
  5. Jesse Ventura Loses Patriotism, Threatens Mexican Citizenship After Lawsuit Is Thrown Out
  6. Triggering (Bullying): Bullying is Okay As Long As It is Religiously or Morally Motivated, According to Michigan Republican Legislators
  7. 2-year old boy missing in Washington State
  8. Earthquake!
  9. Man shot with rubber bullet for filming Oakland police
  10. Triggering (Abuse): Group of 20+ Convicted Child Rapists In Turkey Get Sentences Reduced/Revoked Because "It Was Consensual"
  11. Mandatory pre-commitment schemes (pokies)
  12. Atlas Shrugged: Part One
  13. Student Suspended For Hugging Friend
  14. The usefulness of lying as a culture
  15. DHS Janet Napolitano is a joke
  16. 20-Year-Old Woman Claims Justin Bieber Fathered Her Child
  17. Triggering (Bullying): Teachers tell bullied kids to act less 'gay'
  18. Forclosure Lawfirm Homeless Holloween party
  19. Migrant workers in the UK
  20. The Deepweb
  21. Things are going to shit...
  22. World Population to Reach 7 Billion on Oct. 31
  23. 40 tonnes of Cocaine busted in the UK
  24. Car Reaches One Million Miles
  25. U.S. House of Representatives passes the Let Women Die Act
  26. I'm stealin' all your monies
  27. Australian man charged for "mooning" the queen
  28. Gangs Had No 'Pivotal Role' In English Riots
  29. This is so sad :'(
  30. Eating meat is dangerous
  31. Ice Cream too Racy for moms.
  32. Gay Doctors/Nurses
  33. 'Nazi-style' TSA roadside checkpoint rights abuses in effect
  35. Anonymous take down child porn sites and leak user names
  36. No one gave a shit, quite literally
  37. Should birth control be provided in schools?
  38. Bill to Kill Canadian Long-Gun Registry Up This Week
  39. Exotic Animals Loose in Ohio
  40. The Death of Colonel Gaddafi
  41. Triggering (ED): Breakfast for murder
  42. Don't do heavy exercise in the morning
  43. Do We Owe Our Spouses Sex?
  44. Occupy London
  45. Murray overtakes Federer to become world number 3
  46. Hotel Employee Fired For Wearing American Flag Pin
  48. Weddings [Debate-ish]
  49. Kissing in school?
  50. Toms Shoes VS. Bobs by Sketchers
  51. Bohemian Grove
  52. The Third Wave
  53. Good ol' American Book Burning :dem:
  54. FBI, DEA disrupt plot by elements of Iran government to kill Saudi envoy to U.S. on American soil
  55. Real life superhero Phoenix Jones arrested - footage and article
  56. Do you illegally download music/films/tv shows?
  57. Abusers Go Free In Topeka, KS
  58. oral can cause cancer
  59. Texting & Driving.
  60. Governor Jerry Brown signs the California DREAM Act
  61. University "Blacklists"
  62. $39,000 Backpack
  63. A step in the right direction
  64. North Korea's power transition near complete
  65. Boy who killed gay classmate deserves leniency, jurors say
  66. Cops who use badge to do whatever they want
  67. Gay men kissing in public
  68. R.I.P Steve Jobs
  69. Triggering: Sex changes in children
  70. Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak: Mirage Effect Created in Lab
  71. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): ATF and Cleveland Police Door to Door Weapon Confiscations
  72. Occupy Wall Street
  73. Hawaii likely to OK surfing as high school sport
  74. Attacks in prison
  75. Foxy Knoxy is coming home...
  76. Hate Crime
  77. Triggering (Abuse): Teen Girl Murdered By Boyfriend At High School
  78. Debate: Rapists and Molesters should have own community?
  79. Urban OS: "Smart cities get their own operating system"
  80. Teenager suffocated during exorcism.
  81. Christian Pastor may be executed under Sharia Law in Iran
  82. WTF happened to my rights
  83. Triggering: this is messed up
  85. Triggering: Abortion
  86. Iran says could deploy navy near U.S. coast
  87. man throws puppy in water repeatedly
  88. Triggering (Suicide): 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer still being taunted after suicide
  89. Should Dick Cheney be barred from Canada?
  90. College Protest against Proposed Califorinia Bill to Allow Colleges to consider ethnicity/gender in Admissions
  91. Women In Saudi Arabia to Vote And Run In Elections
  92. Triggering: Woman decapitated in Mexico, purportedly for posting on social networking site
  93. Gay soldier booed at GOP convention
  94. The Palestinian State
  95. Triggering: 13-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Attempting To Kill Family By Setting Fires
  96. Satellite due to 'crash' on Earth
  97. Bullies are criminals
  98. Walkout at U.N. as Ahmadinejad speaks
  99. Triggering: Death Penatly- WITH A TWIST
  100. Poisoned School Lunches Kill 3 Children
  101. Forest boy
  102. Triggering: Troy Davis...
  103. Triggering: Locker Rooms
  104. Secret recordings of unraveling ATF weapons scandal
  105. Would you do it?
  106. "Two children should be the limit" accourding to Green Guru
  107. Smoking ban - 18 rating on movies
  108. Scientists Charged With Murder For Not Predicting Deadly Earthquake
  109. Bullying on Facebook
  110. Triggering: Andy Whitfield, Star of Spartacus, Loses Battle With Cancer
  111. EMERGENCY CALL: A Nationwide Recall of Birth-Control Pills Was Issued Due to Error in Packaging
  112. Triggering (Abuse): Mother Cooks Her Month Old Baby In A Microwave
  113. Illinois Teen Charged with Beating Parents to Death
  114. Worker Rescued A Motorcyclist From Under Burning Car
  115. Thrive
  116. Amish Men Jailed For Not Using Orange Safety Triangle on Buggies
  117. The age 21 drinking age is a blatant disregard of my freedoms
  118. Mother encouraged young girls to fight each other, then gets in on the fight herself
  119. Victoria, Australia, scraps Double Jeopardy laws
  120. Mother never told her teenage daughter she had months to live.
  121. Toddlers and Tiaras. Your opinion?
  122. Triggering (Suicide): Man jailed for 18 weeks for "trolling" insults concerning dead teenagers
  123. Four Muslim Terrorists Arrested in Sweden
  124. What Are Friends?
  125. Catholic Church in anti-gay marriage stance.
  126. Terror Threat
  127. Triggering: Where were you?
  128. Carson City, Nevada IHOP shooting
  129. Remebering 9/11... but with a twist.
  130. Triggering: How will you remember 9/11?
  131. Immigrant Murders Two Soldiers and a Woman
  132. Triggering (Abuse): Teen Girl Held Down, Pierced Against Her Will By Other Students At High School
  133. Daycare
  134. Individual responsibility
  135. Interesting Abraham Lincoln+John F. Kennedy
  136. Parents to have their kids taken away by force...
  137. Defeat the Label
  138. Beauty Cream Causes Mercury Poisoning Cases
  139. Is Mental Health Going Too Far?
  140. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): A historic vs. An Historic
  141. Boxing bad for youth? What do you think?
  142. Triggering (Abuse): Pediatrician Ordered To Spend Life In Prison For Molesting Patients
  143. Australian Cabinet Minister - Health expenditure files missing; escorts paid for on Government credit card
  144. The Last of the Mohicans.
  145. Double negatives in dialogue
  146. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook Named New CEO
  147. Triggering (Abuse): Man Arressted for Raping 12-year old boy at Louisiana Burger King
  148. Triggering (Abuse): School makes girl write Apology letter to Rapist, then she gets raped again.
  149. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): NYPD/NYFD NOT allowed at 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony
  150. Triggering (Suicide): Girl Saves Suicidal Boy with a Kiss
  151. The Digital Mellenium Copyright Act
  152. Triggering (Abuse): Pressured by the Obama administration, universities abandon any pretense of due process in sexual assault cases.
  153. Triggering (Abuse): Woman Who Survived Sex Abuse/Incest By Parents Gets Married
  154. Homophobia is not wrong.
  155. Honest Japanese Return $78 Million in Cash Found in Quake Rubble
  156. Tattoos, Piercings and Work?
  157. Middle School Girl Expelled, Forced to Apologize to Boy Who Raped Her
  158. Flash Mob - are you IN - or OUT?
  159. Sugarland/Indiana State Fairground Stage Collapse
  160. Your views: When a couple disagrees on abortion
  161. Face Transplants
  162. Dayton police "mistook" a mentally handicapped teenager's speech impediment for "disrespect".
  163. Direct democracy
  164. Triggering: People on "mission from God" to make someone commit suicide.
  165. Triggering (ED): Sorry you're sick, but wow, you look great!
  166. School Bus Driver Fired For Saving Stranded Police Officers In Storm
  167. How should schools be judged?
  168. DSM-V!
  169. Attention citizens of the World.
  170. Student debt keeping you down? Sell a kidney!
  171. Happy Birthday WWW
  172. London Riots Intensifying
  173. GIGAPIXEL PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHY - You'll want to see this!
  174. Chess row over gay rights T-shirt
  175. S&P downgrades U.S. debt
  176. well fare
  177. Teachers.
  178. Free crack pipes to be handed out in Vancouver
  179. "Good Samaritans" Sue Woman They Rescued From Burning Car
  180. Bath Salt Abuse
  181. Triggering (Abuse): 10 year old killed by family for taking popsicle
  182. North Korea demands peace treaty with US
  183. Thoughts on Donations for African Famine
  184. Triggering: Survey: Gentlemen, the Result of Cosmopolitan's 2011 Female Survey is HERE!
  185. Triggering (Bullying): Tsa tells camera man No talking in America
  186. Triggering: Survey: Ladies, the Result of 2011 Ask Men Survey is NOW AVAILABLE!
  187. Arkansas High school appoints white Co-Valedictorian because first Valedictorian is Blac.
  188. Man dies in kite-flying accident
  189. Triggering (Abuse): Appeals Court Releases College Students Who Gang Raped 12-Year-Old Girls
  190. Human-Animal Hybrids found in UK labs.
  191. Amy Winehouse found dead
  192. Triggering: Norway shooting and bombing.
  193. Peace college changes 154 years of tradition
  194. LOL: Researchers Have Trouble Finding Men (Above 18) Who Have Never Watched Porn for Their Research Project
  195. Teen Kills his Parents with a Hammer and then Throws a Party
  196. Anonymous Members Caught
  197. Lady GaGa Plans to Adopt a Baby From Asia
  198. Welsh Language Schools
  199. World Cup
  200. woman accused of groping TSA agent in Ariz.
  201. Cohabitation (need clarification)
  202. Triggering (ED): Highly obese kids being put in foster care?
  203. The American Justice System
  204. STD's Spread by Mostly Gay People?
  205. Mein Manga?!
  206. Medal of Honor Recipeint.
  207. WTF: New Hampshire has Cut Planned Parenthood Funding AND Stripped its Authority to Dispense Birth Controls and Antibiotics.
  208. Antibiotic-resistant "Super Gonorrhea" Discovered In Japan
  209. Triggering (Suicide): :(
  210. Women's World Cup!
  211. Operation Fast and Furious: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling
  212. Teen Girl Blinded By Tinted Contact Lenses From Beauty Store
  213. Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Dies at 93
  214. Triggering (Suicide): 12-Year-Old Girl Kills Self In Effort To Help Sick Family
  215. Things my father says.
  216. Bachmann Pledges to Ban Porn
  217. Personal life and work?
  218. Racist/Offensive pages on Facebook?
  219. Sympathy for criminals with a 'bad childhood upbringing?'
  220. Should wheelchairs get priority over strollers on the bus?
  221. Phone-hacking and its implications
  222. NYPD:Transmission Confirms Truck Bomb
  223. Jury finds Casey Anthony not guilty of murder
  224. Holiday Home for Sick Kids
  225. Gene Therepy.
  226. Triggering (Abuse): 11-year-old Boy Arrested For Murdering 6-year-old Stepbrother
  227. Scary Grandmothers!!
  228. Triggering (Grieving): death vs life without prerole
  229. Security Breach At JFK After Man Flies To L.A. Without Ticket Or ID
  230. Kansas Abortion Ban
  231. healthcare
  232. Lorry company's fined for illegal immigrants
  233. Petitions to move "The Scheme" stars out of their new home.
  234. All girls and boys school?
  235. Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail.
  236. 100 Years from Now, Instead of Manual Transmission Vs. Automatic Transmission, It'd be Manual Drive Vs. Automatic Drive
  237. New York, same sex marriage!
  238. Triggering (Grieving): Woman Mistakenly Declared Dead By Hospital, Wakes Up In Coffin At Her Own Funeral, Goes Into Shock And Dies From Heart Attack
  239. Levi Bellfield proved guilty and sentenced to life.
  240. Are we sending the right message?
  241. 2-year old Genius
  242. Triggering (Substances): Legalize Pot?
  243. Global Warming and One Possible Solution
  244. Ron Paul and Barney Frank: End the pot prohibition
  245. Canadian and proud
  246. Justifying Israeli terror with the "holocaust card"
  247. 12 year olds Statutory Rape Conviction overturned by Ohio Supreme Court
  248. Mom hates child
  249. Nine Year Old Girl Made to Wear Suicide Vest
  250. Triggering (Abuse): Teen Girl Thrown Into Bonfire