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  1. Playing as Taliban
  2. Chivalry is Dead- and Women killed it.
  3. Hurricane Katrina
  4. Being beautiful equals better outlook from society?
  5. Abortion
  6. What is Your Opinion on Capital Punishment?
  7. Young Woman Fakes Cancer... And Gets Caught!
  8. Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  9. Triggering: Are fat people lazy?
  10. Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site
  11. Mazda 3 & 5 recall. Years 2007-2009.
  12. What is your opinion on home births?
  13. Decriminalisation of drugs?
  14. Boarding School.
  15. Australian Angel
  16. Is Islam the new "Red Scare"?
  17. Arrested For Freedom of Speech at a Protest on a University Campus w/press pass
  18. people who park in the hadicapped spot when they are perfectly healthy
  19. Menstration Machine
  20. Teacher jailed for lying about glass attack.
  21. Triggering (Suicide): Fantasia overdose?
  22. Stephen Hawking: "I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space"
  23. 13-year-old Jonathan Lee plans to visit North Korea
  24. Vaccinations (Controversial)
  25. whaling >:(
  26. Teens Against Bullying
  27. Google, Verizon Propose Open Vs Paid Internets
  28. Girl who faked having cancer.
  29. Teenage Internet Addicts More Likely To Suffer From Depression
  30. Gay adoption.
  31. Airbrush Health Warning
  32. Triggering: Connecticut Shooting and Gun Laws?
  33. Federal judge strikes down California ban on same-sex marriages as unconstitutional
  34. Black civil rights!
  35. Should adult children legally be financially responsible for dependent parents?
  36. prison life
  37. Men In Divorces
  38. ✘Kyl: Illegals' Kids Shouldn't Be U.S. Citizens
  39. International ban on Cluster Bombs
  40. Will weed become legal in california?
  41. Organic or GM- whats the future
  42. Euthanasia-for it , or against it
  43. The Flower.
  44. True or False: Hitler = Obama
  45. whats Your views on Hitler.
  46. 'Essence' Hires a White Fashion Director: Should It Be an Issue?
  47. Your Tax Dollars at Work...
  48. Triggering: Your View on Knife Laws?
  49. "Say fat not overweight", says health minister
  50. Chealsea Clinton's wedding
  51. Being Patriotic...
  52. Reactions over Ariz. law ruling range from relief to rage
  53. Scary.
  54. California officials reduce salaries in response to outcry
  55. Why did so many people dislike Saddam Hussein?
  56. Petite woman bumped from plane for obese passenger
  57. Jailbreakers and Unlockers Score Huge Victory
  58. Male Chauvinism
  59. What do other countries think of Canada?
  60. Racism?
  61. Jon Venables given two years in prison
  62. What do other countries think of Australia?
  63. What do other countries think of the UK?
  64. Mosque near Ground Zero
  65. Above The Influence.
  66. Triggering: How did the availability of abortion lead to lack of choice?
  67. Sexist Beliefs
  68. Getting a College Degree online
  69. Pornography and Women
  70. Apple's Reputation is on a rapid Decline
  71. Triggering (Abuse): Young girl strips for middle-aged men until 3AM!
  72. "Don't Judge Me"?
  73. Triggering: ✓Uganda bombings during World Cup final
  74. The Catholic Churh's position on condom use.
  75. Man arrested for being naked in own kitchen.
  76. Raoul Moats search live
  77. Local teen missing/drowned
  78. the 15th anniversary of the genocide in Bosnia
  79. limiting college to four years
  80. Approved list to be issued for Muslim Guy Hairstyles
  81. burqa ban in france?
  82. Children's party...
  83. How young is too young?
  84. Muslims hack off Christian teacher's hand.
  85. What do other countries think of America?
  86. July 7th London Bombings - 5 years on.
  87. Man dies during 'Twilight' screening
  88. Triggering (Abuse): Harry Potter actress 'almost killed' by dad, bro for dating Hindu
  89. Cigarette Tax in New York
  90. CAMHS a no go?
  91. Maggots on a plane...
  92. Abstinence and STDs
  93. minors being tried as adults
  94. Police illegally arrest people in the G20 protesting?
  95. High court strikes down Chicago handgun ban
  96. Miley Cyrus: Get Ur Good On
  97. Another reason to be ashamed of living in Florida
  98. Man arrested for taking picture of cop in his own home
  99. School refuse to let pupils wear suncream
  100. National Anthem Shortened
  101. Arrested for being Christian?
  102. Your future child & sex.
  103. A house explodes - blowing it to bits
  104. Drink Spiking.
  105. Julia Gillard - Australia First Female Prime Minister
  106. Parents furious after students shown 'inappropriate' sex acts simulated on stuffed animals
  107. 8 year olds and bras :S
  108. Destroying war memorials
  109. Some nightclub girls. Just a thought.
  110. Triggering: A condom ...........with TEETH!!
  111. peoples views on popular music
  112. Triggering (ED): Photoshop Editing
  113. BP CEO's Yacht Outing Infuriates Gulf Residents
  114. the welfare system
  115. This lady Shouldn't be on welfare
  116. School Bans Skirts.
  117. Jesus statue destroyed by fire after struck by lightening...
  118. Older teens become key issue for social service agencies
  119. Two boys killed by drunk driver(on his third DUI)
  120. U.S. Discovers Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
  121. Project Prevention -- Drug Addicts Paid To Be Sterelised
  122. SpongeBob helps save a life
  123. orangutan kickboxing!!!!
  124. Women Fired for giving Subway subs to homeless people
  125. Mother jailed for spiking Babys Dummy with Methodrone
  126. Gays in Iran
  127. life in prison with no protrol or death
  128. Should fox hunting be legalised?
  129. the drinking age
  130. Tracking Children?
  131. Michele Bachmann - the new Sarah Palin?
  132. Your views on ethics
  133. Banker fired for being too sexy?
  134. Genes set Jews apart, study finds...
  135. Alternative to United Nations - Comments?
  136. Memorial Day
  137. Uganda Gay Rights
  138. Britannia
  139. RIP. Dennis Hopper
  140. Gaza aid flotilla delayed
  141. The issue of 'Choice' (gay).
  142. BP or Obama's fault for all the oil in the Gulf Of Mexico?
  143. Gary Coleman Died
  144. Hayley Williams
  145. Who do you think is responsible for the attack on south koreas ship
  146. Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum
  147. TWLOHA Finance Clarification
  148. Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead
  149. Toronto Police To Use "Sound Cannons" to Control Rioters
  150. Triggering: Prayer for Obama's Death Group on Facebook--Acceptable or Not?
  151. Journalism/ media, politics and the power of words
  152. Foreign Exchange Student Denied Diploma For Being Foreign Exchange Student
  153. Touch Screen Computers Overrated? Tiring to use?
  154. Paul Gray dead
  155. Two Russian Girls saved from human trafficing
  156. Graffiti
  157. two year old throws a fit when refused a cigarette
  158. Iraqi orphans
  159. Florida mother's fake arrest of son, 5, for playing with matches
  160. 70 years without food or water, how did he do it?
  161. Influence?
  162. England shirts could be banned in pubs
  163. Triggering: Bad words
  164. "Boycott us? We'll turn off your power"
  165. Marie Claire dubs Asian women the new Trophy Wives
  166. Janet Street Porter: Depression is just a new trendy illness
  167. What country do you have the most respect for?
  168. Detroit girl,7, shot and killed by police while sleeping.
  169. Bullfighting
  170. RIP Ronnie James Dio =(
  171. Organ donation consent or assumed consent?
  172. Dolphins as "Non-Human Persons"
  173. Amazing ambition
  174. Triggering (Abuse): Mother Jailed for killing Son
  175. "Free hugs"
  176. Assumptions
  177. Teacher beats student
  178. Schools & Freedom of Speech
  179. Disqualified over a Friendship Bracelet
  180. Women Selling Their Eggs?
  181. Middle School Teacher Deems American Flag Offensive
  182. Triggering (Suicide): Is suicide selfish?
  183. Labour Leadership and a Lib-Lab Coalition?
  184. BABY NAMES! The 'top ten' lists.
  185. Hip-hop / rap music
  186. What makes a men or a woman?
  187. The breakdown of Marriage
  188. What the hell is going on with the Dow?
  189. The voting system in the UK
  190. 10-Year-Old Girl Given Week of Detention for Having Candy at Lunch
  191. Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees
  192. Female circumcision might be allowed in america?
  193. Triggering (ED): NJ woman attempting to become world's fattest woman
  194. Calling or Texting?
  195. Who Should You Vote For? (UK)
  196. Pennsylvania Ad pretty creepy
  197. So who here voted? (UK)
  198. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"
  199. Happy 18th birthday to you... you're under arrest!
  200. Virginity Questionaire
  201. Modern Art
  202. YOUR FAKES!
  203. Sexual Education Changes - Schools Teaching 6-Year-Olds About Sex?
  204. Kate's Party. ;)
  205. "Are gifted people easily identified?"
  206. Question.
  207. "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
  208. Government taking your babies Dna..
  209. Car smashes into 4th floor of Apartment - Killing driver
  210. Do childline care?
  211. Arizona immigration bill
  212. Utah to Execute Ronnie Lee Gardener with Firing Squad
  213. Kevin Keller will be going to Riverdale High School in the fall
  214. TWLOHA
  215. Global Warming FACTS
  216. Rapist and Murderer Of CA Teen Girls Escapes Death Penalty
  217. British airspace lockdown sparks food supply concern
  218. Congress divided over financial reform bill
  219. Piracy: Your Opinion
  220. UK Party Election Debates
  221. Day Of Silence
  222. Who will you be backing?
  223. last nights general election debate
  224. Death Penalty.
  225. Girl in hospital for emotional distress after bullying
  226. Mother of Shooting Victim Seeks Answers in Son's Killing
  227. Ahmadinejad urges Ban to probe 9/11 attacks
  228. Connecticut bishops fight sex abuse bill
  229. Multiple Personality Disorder
  230. What do you think of having 14 kids??
  231. Conspiracy Theories...
  232. An open letter to conservatives
  233. President of Poland and several senior officials killed in air crash
  234. Pay Double, Get Admitted To College Now
  235. Obamas Wtf nuke policy
  236. Women try to take dead body on plane.
  237. breast feeding in public
  238. Law enforcement abusing their privileges?
  239. Triggering: Abortion???
  240. Haiti, Chile, Turkey, Mexico...
  241. WikiLeaks VIDEO Exposes 2007 'Collateral Murder' In Iraq
  242. Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD
  243. Twins born 7 days apart,
  244. Girl who was arrested for doodling on desk sues for $1 million
  245. South Africa: HKGK.
  246. Racial slur in city school tests Safe Schools Act
  247. Riots at clothing store
  248. Airsoft, fun or public danger?
  249. Sex virus blamed for rise in head and neck cancers
  250. Father of Marine killed in Iraq Ordered to Pay Protest Costs