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  1. Describe your "rules" (all about you)
  2. Ideas for Wedding?
  3. Define religion
  4. Explain your religion to me!
  5. Agnosticism vs Atheism
  6. Does Anyone Actually Buy This Crap?
  7. How would you describe your pagan path?
  8. Created my Pagan Altar;)
  9. Telling my parents I'm an Athiest
  10. A question about the ethics of creationism. Opinions will follow.
  11. Religious Crush part 2!
  12. Wiccans/ Pagans with christian parents
  13. A Spiritual Awakening
  14. Difference between Soft Determinism and Hard Determinism
  15. Explaining the Pagan path to others
  16. should I be going to church?
  17. Beltane Ideas
  18. I don't understand Christianity...
  19. The meaning of
  20. Going back to church after being hurt.
  21. The lonely pagan
  22. The Pagans and Wiccans<3
  23. The Good Book(s)
  24. want to make a change/promise to God
  25. Religion a joke gone wrong?
  26. What I don't understand is...
  27. heaven and hell make NO sense
  28. curious about religion
  29. Religion and Public Schools
  30. No such thing as choice?
  31. Who Has Jesus Questions?
  32. "Temple of the Vampire"
  33. Is it wrong?
  34. Confused about beliefs. Help?
  35. Any other Heathens?
  36. Mission work/school
  37. Confused, do I believe or not?
  38. Interfaith marriage
  39. Time for a change?
  40. Agnostic....
  41. Is is bad or wrong?
  42. Online Teen Wicca Study Group?
  43. I NEED HELP!!! (Advice,maybe scriptures)
  44. Be not afraid...
  45. How do you think you live your life?
  46. Conversion to Buddhism
  47. A Sticky Situation
  48. Philosophers / Philosophical Quotes
  49. Deepening my Relationship?
  50. Immortality of the Soul
  51. "just prayed to a God that I don't believe in"
  52. How to tell?
  53. Christianity and Sex Before Marriage...What do you think?
  54. confusion and fear.
  55. Free Will
  56. Ruling out Atheism beliefs?
  57. I Don't Think I Believe In God
  58. How do I convince my Christian Parents I'm agnostic?
  59. Dreams and their meanings
  60. Pope blesses mastermind of "Kill The Gays" law
  61. Questions about hell
  62. Annoyance at the end of the world controversy
  63. We're still alive!
  64. Pope Benedict Disputes Jesus' Birth Date.
  65. First Nations spirituality
  66. Christmas!
  67. Just a few questions.
  68. Now my mom's offended I'm lost
  69. Near Death Experiences
  70. Promise rings
  71. Terrified.
  72. Be resolute!
  73. Sexuality and religious guilt.
  74. Religiously Affiliated Colleges/Universities..thoughts??
  75. Thoughts on Holding Beliefs?
  76. Don't know what to think
  77. church tomorrow - what to wear?! Help!
  78. My view of Christianity vs. My Parents view
  79. Jesus forgives 100% of sins?
  80. Advice or a point in a direction
  81. Knowing and Accepting Jesus
  82. Only Neo-Pagan in the family?
  83. don't tell God how big your problems are
  84. Hearing From God: Prayer: A Christian's Weapon
  85. New TH Bible Studies
  86. Angry
  87. A Mission!
  88. Murder
  89. Missing Church on Sunday
  90. Do you believe in prayer?
  91. Lost God
  92. Helping someone while in two different phases of existence
  93. Satanism?
  94. Superstitions
  95. Non-PG13: Love
  96. blessing a pentacle
  97. Why do you believe in god(s)?
  98. Triggering: Could you murder somebody?
  99. Talking about religion
  100. Judgmental Christians?
  101. Post Your Favourite Bible Quotes
  102. Prayer Journal
  103. I Need to Change...
  104. Christian family thinks I'm Christian
  105. POWER
  106. Let Grace Abound - Devotional
  107. He's Mormon, and I'm not religious...
  108. Do you believe in Ghosts?
  109. What Religion Am I>?
  110. Jean-Paul Sartre
  111. Crooked Creek Ranch
  112. still need help but kinda diffrent help :l
  113. Tarot Readings
  114. What is right and what is wrong?
  115. Everything happens for a reason?
  116. EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. For Ex-Christians
  118. Gone beyond repair, can God even help?
  119. Dear Christians
  120. Did Jesus exist?
  121. change of faith...
  122. What do you think?
  123. NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars!
  124. Prayers......... <3 :)
  125. A way of life?
  126. wiccan circle
  127. Buddhism.
  128. diving in
  129. Can you pray for these guys?
  130. Questions about Wicca
  131. Change
  132. The difference between Baptist and Catholic beliefs?
  133. Triggering (Suicide): Dear God
  134. God?
  135. Does Anyone Else Identify as a Medium?
  136. Prayer Group at Gay Pride
  137. Christianity & Tattoos
  138. Death: the Absence of Life, or the Extension of it? And why does it even matter?
  139. NEWS: The Higgs Boson exists, according to a leaked video from CERN
  140. Increase NASA's Budget
  141. What day?
  142. What does it mean??
  143. Colonising Mars
  144. I love God!! :)
  145. To All Those Who Know the Art of the Rain Dance
  146. The current state of things.
  147. Merry Litha everyone!
  148. Start over
  149. Wiccan
  150. This is one of the most pathetic things i've seen
  151. Besides Religion
  152. Great story
  153. Where goes the sun?
  154. Kissing
  155. How do you give your life a sense of meaning? (and me venting some thoughts and asking for help)
  156. Pantheism, (also neotheologism)
  157. religion
  158. How to Stay Christian in College
  159. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How can God even love me?
  160. YWAM or other Missionary...
  161. Some questions regarding evolution, and perhaps more to come
  162. Apple.
  163. 'Batmanism': a valid religion?
  164. 3 Things
  165. Miracle of the creation of the embryo
  166. My wife
  167. Christians: Is it morally okay to sell cigarettes to persons of legal age?
  168. Creationism vs Evolution.
  169. Your religion in a nutshell.
  170. Athiesm vs Christianity
  171. TeenHelp Bible Study?
  172. Jesus a communist??
  173. Was Christ a Pacifist?
  174. What the Bible really says about homosexuality
  175. Catholic Church's View On Self Harm?
  176. Same-sex marriage will I go to hell?
  177. Good/people or just Good/Bad Decisions
  178. Christian advice preferred-Purity Rings
  179. For whom it applies:Why are you no longer Christian?
  180. If my family is catholic but I don't go to church what am I?
  181. How to start going to Church?
  182. Can anyone show me why they believe the Bible has been altered, changed, corrupted, etc.?
  183. Why is god the way he is?
  184. What am I?
  185. Christianity and sexual sin
  186. Missing 8 year old
  187. Beltane Blessings
  188. Good Christian books
  189. Open mindedness
  190. prayers for my friend
  191. Hard to tell parents
  192. Pantheism
  193. Beltane 2012
  194. Triggering (Suicide): I'm so confused and lost
  195. Learning Tarot
  196. Mentors? (Wicca, Pagan, all that good stuff. ^.^)
  197. Blue Like Jazz
  198. Raising children into religion.
  199. Eternal Conscious Torment (ECT)/Traditionalists Hell
  200. uif you're agnostic do you plan to raise your child that way?
  201. TeenHelp Prayer Chain (Christians)
  202. Triggering: How do you view death?
  203. Don't Christians believe Jesus is the messiah of Judaism
  204. Triggering: Sins - Christianity ?
  205. Lutheran Good Friday Services (Lutheran advice preferred)
  206. Shucks
  207. From the Bible's Perspective: Do Jewish people and Christians worship the same G-D? (Christian answers preferred)
  208. I'm Sorry (and some other stuff)
  209. I'd apreciate some help.
  210. Let's end this hate/debate/whatever
  211. The nature of Sin and Forgiveness
  212. How God Favors Evil
  213. Religious Crush!
  214. Astral Projection?
  215. Christians only please?!
  216. Why do people assume in only one religion that a certain GOD applies?
  217. If God isn't real then...
  218. Where does the whole "God Hates Gay's" Idea Come From?
  219. Predominantly male atheist community, also misogynistic?
  220. Wicca isn't worshipping the devil
  221. The Euthyphro Dilemma- a question for theists
  222. Not sure about my religion
  223. Question for Atheists.
  224. The concept of hell
  225. Triggering: Paranormalities in my home
  226. Non-PG13: Am I going to hell?
  227. Annihilation theorists (biblical doctrine)
  228. I want to apologize for some of my fellow Christians
  229. Hero
  230. Meeting with a priest?
  231. Science Funding vs charity
  232. Catholic
  233. Pray for my Grandpa
  234. pyschic or pyscho: SOMEONE LIKE ME
  235. Why do you <3 the Devil?
  237. Pascal's Wager
  238. Atheist, Humanist, and Agnostic
  239. Curious what people of (any) religion have to say about this..?
  240. What is Motivation
  241. fundamentalism
  242. Discrimination (for all members)
  243. Morality
  244. Christian family- only pagan there
  245. Muslim culture
  246. Religion vs. Fairy Tales
  247. What do you believe in after death?
  248. Creationism: Is there anyone here that subscribes wholesale to this?
  249. What I can't comprehend
  250. A (not so) quick question...