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  1. You would think more people would want a million dollars
  2. Triggering (Suicide): ANGER
  3. My Friends' Fingertips Were Bleeding? What?
  4. The Bible and Masturbation
  5. Does whether or not God EXIST depend upon whether or not YOU believe he exists?
  6. Happy Imbolc!
  7. What does God mean to you?
  8. The Jesus Myth
  9. What is a prayer meeting?
  10. Ehem.
  11. so...i am really confused...
  12. Triggering: What does life mean to you?
  13. "Closet" Antheist
  14. Triggering: Sexual Healing video
  15. Selfishness
  16. Mission work! :D
  17. Meditation
  18. Are there any more of me?
  19. Triggering: Lifehouse - Everything Skit.
  20. Doubts.
  21. transsexuality and religious verse...
  22. What IS religion?
  23. On Science, Beauty, and the relationship between God and Science
  24. choosing to be gay/bisexual
  25. What are some religions that don't believe in many roads to rome?
  26. so I don't get if masturbation is a sin for some?
  27. Stand point on this
  28. Should I...?
  29. Just my thoughts
  30. I'd love to get a Christian's response to this video
  31. I don't get why porn's religiously immoral?
  33. A question to confuse the he'll out of any of you budding philosophers!
  34. Pushing your beliefs on others?
  35. why I no longer believe in god*
  36. bullying against homosexuals
  37. paganism?
  38. Legends of Rhiannon???
  39. Am i going to hell?
  40. Missing Out On Life?
  41. Something I want to say
  42. 2012, what you think?
  43. The Lord God is amazing
  44. Greek Mythology
  45. A prayer answered, but I need wisdom moving forward.
  46. Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
  47. Happy (late) Yule~
  48. Something that interests me...
  49. Psychic
  50. my fiancee and i...
  51. Why do a lot of Christians deny global warming?
  52. My Belief system
  53. Tapping into the spiritual world?
  54. Being a Minister....
  55. On the topic of science..
  56. different POV?
  57. Magick
  58. Converting to Wiccan
  59. Afterlife/ Near Death Experience
  60. ummm...im not sure whats happened. :/
  61. Confused
  62. Essay help
  63. Familiars
  64. Veils/Headcovering (Catholic Question, other POV's welcome)
  65. Magickal Theory
  66. Mary Magdalene
  67. Fasting advice!!
  68. Incense Cones?
  69. Shadow People
  70. A struggle
  71. Why do some people obsess over mocking Christianity?
  72. Christian University Vent
  73. Evangelists Vent :/
  74. Jesus loves me???
  75. I feel so left out during Christmas times :(
  76. Tired of my Christian family
  77. What does it mean to be Wiccan?
  78. Need some help for any fellow atheists, humanists, and agnostics.
  79. Am I the only one...?
  80. No non-Christian music?
  81. A Christian Poem a Day
  82. touchy subject
  83. Don't like some of the songs in my choir...
  84. This Really Doesn't Feel Worth It Anymore
  85. Another let's play...
  86. Quick Question
  87. Extiguishing a common misconception...
  88. Anybody who is Muslim or is very educated in Muslim culture:
  89. Triggering: i got a word of wisdom
  90. What is a Religion
  91. The four agreements to live by
  92. My problems with christianity, not sure what i should do next
  93. Pain and suffering
  94. How can you believe in something with no proof?
  95. Secret Life of a Buddhist
  96. My eternal conundrum (a petition for prayer from Christians of all denominations)
  97. Question for Protestants/Evangelicals who converted to Catholicism
  98. Samhain!
  99. Nothing.
  100. Thinking
  101. Witches
  102. Dreams: Lucid dreams and Out of body experiences/astral projection
  103. Bought a Qur'an
  104. Was Jesus and only Child?
  105. "Hell is the better Choice"
  106. Difference between agnostic and atheist?
  107. Auras
  108. genesis
  109. The story of Carson-my own religion. Tell me your thoughts
  110. Opinions?
  111. Question about Mass (open for anyone to answer)
  112. Christians, what is your testimony?
  113. Devotional Ideas
  114. Ghosts?
  115. Religion vs Science...why?
  116. Catholic and Buddahism?
  117. Uhh....
  118. Mixed Religion?
  119. ouija board
  120. WTH God?
  121. How do you pray?
  122. Pray for Me
  123. To everyone, why or why don't you believe in God?
  124. Life: Is it real ?
  125. Bright balls hovering in the sky, what are they?
  126. What are your favorite religious songs?
  127. A Criticism of Modern Practices
  128. Learning Tarot
  129. Samhain!!!
  130. Putting myself out here for Wicca help.
  131. Reason for your beliefs.
  132. religon issue
  133. Whats Your fav bible verse ?
  134. "our religion" :3
  135. Any other atheists here?
  136. Do you follow the same religion as your parents?
  137. Religion in the census.
  138. The God Who Wasn't There Documentary :)
  139. The overpowering feeling.
  140. well, a quick apology.
  141. Ghosts
  142. What's the difference...
  143. Irrational Thinking...
  144. Ramadhan Mubarak
  145. How do you do it?
  146. Am I Crazy or Seeing a Ghost?
  147. So Unsure...
  148. religions way of viweing people.
  149. Just want to share.
  150. Humans are too Small
  151. I get a lot of guff from Atheists.
  152. I don't know what I believe anymore..HELP
  153. My story.
  154. Questions to Never ask an Ouija Board
  155. The Uncertainty of Science
  156. Dragons and Shapeshifters Anyone ? I Feel Crazy >.>
  157. I have no idea whether I believe in God or not. :|
  158. Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft
  159. Would you lie in court to protect a family member or friend you knew was guilty?
  160. Universal Mysticism what is it?
  161. A thought for the day
  162. Praying
  163. I don't mean to offend, but what exactly is the point of prayer?
  164. Introducing myself to philosophy
  165. Has God Ever Given You Inspiration to do something ?
  166. Religion and Atheism.
  167. Wicca/Wiccan
  168. How to tell my boyfriend I'm not a Christian?
  169. I Want To Be Pagan
  170. What If You Are Wrong
  171. Summer solstice!
  172. Mermaids
  173. Demon Possession
  174. I need a backup plan
  175. Religion and homophobia.
  176. Starting a religion
  177. Ive Lost my Faith :(
  178. The Pursuit of Something
  179. What is Satanism?
  180. Zeus God of Gods?
  181. Should Religious Schools be able to Reject Non-believers?
  182. The new school pledge of allegiance
  183. Blind Faith
  184. Tattoos and Religon
  185. Turn or Burn
  186. Witch Trials and the Bible.
  187. Anyone know any cool/interesting Philosophers?
  188. religon is fake
  189. What Constitutes A Soul?
  190. Jewish Girl looking for help
  191. ..What's a neo-Nazi?
  192. Why so many haters?
  193. Satanism
  194. Rapture...
  195. Why is Religion Such a Huge Deal?
  196. Whatever happened to Deism?
  197. Doubting Atheism..?
  198. CERN
  199. dreams
  200. Jehova's Witnesses and heaven
  201. Christianity - its phiosophies
  202. Reflection after arguing with my mother
  203. Multiverse/Parallel Universe Theory
  204. Will i go to heaven or hell?
  205. Hell: We can't afford to get it wrong.
  206. What religion are you?
  207. Question for Christians
  208. Term Paper with my perspective on Christianity.
  209. God's "Unacceptance" of homosexuals
  210. Is Satan Such A Bad Guy?
  211. Explaining Religion to a Child
  212. Triggering: praying for a friend.
  213. am i a witch or just crazy?(help!)
  214. My belief is my belief...
  215. Question for Catholics about Biblical Interpretation
  216. Praise music
  217. Freewill
  218. What is the point of life?
  219. confused
  220. "Custom created" religion
  221. Atheists and Christians
  222. A Confused Muslim
  223. Triggering: Answered Prayers or Personal Perspective?
  224. Prayers Answered
  225. Have you ever seen a spirit?
  226. Religious people and a lack of a moral compass.
  227. God and Aliens
  228. Harassment
  229. If God is real then why.....
  230. So much hate...
  231. Do you believe in God?
  232. Tarot ? Do you put faith into it ?
  233. (Biblical Reference) Prayers are not answered by God because you are not praying to God but a god.
  234. The ultimate question...
  235. Your opinion: Is everyone special?
  236. I do Not agree
  237. How to tell people I'm atheist?
  238. Question to those of you who are religious.
  239. Family Pressure
  240. Triggering (Suicide): Anyone believe in Islam?
  241. First Communion gift ideas.
  242. Abnormal, Immoral, and Wrong
  243. The use of fertility treatment is wrong because it interferes with Godís plans
  244. LaVey and Magic ? Angels?
  245. Time Travel
  246. Did anyone put heavy metal on the census?
  247. Believe in it?
  248. Non-PG13: A Few Questions About Religion
  249. Athiesm and Religion are exactly the same.
  250. Science, religion...thoughts