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  1. Faith and Other Things? Questions
  2. The existence of heaven
  3. Um...
  4. Spoiler: Nerd Theology: Astronema/Karone From Power Rangers
  5. Oh dear god
  6. catholic to christian
  7. What's lent?
  8. @Christians (but anyone welcome to post)
  9. Wiccan "magic" and evidence, please
  10. New Age spirituality
  11. God Bless You
  12. The Bible
  13. assault on athiesm
  14. Salvation and Damnation
  15. Fear.
  16. I don't know.
  17. coming out to Parents
  18. The Egg
  19. The Pagan/Wiccan Religon.
  20. @ Religious people: express your beliefs
  21. The Venus Project
  22. 'Adopt-a-Terrorist' - FOR PRAYER
  23. Ascension
  24. gay christian?
  25. Questions about spreading the word of God
  26. Deism
  27. Dream, vision or active imagination??
  28. Why am I questioning this now?
  29. starting to believe but struggling with it :/
  30. Redemption?
  31. RELIGOUS:please read its bout sayin sorry
  32. parents dont know im atheist
  33. IBM Watson
  34. @Atheists: Do you hate religion?
  35. Are beliefs choices?
  36. Episcopal view on homosexuality
  37. Spirits or ghosts.
  38. girl turns into animal: true or false?
  39. Can the Christians find something wrong in this argument?
  40. Abortion(catholic help wanted)
  41. Not very religious myself, but friends..
  42. Religious Allegory in Harry Potter
  43. Forcing children to go to church
  44. Shinto
  45. Dirt!
  46. Will God let me back?
  47. Thoughts On Satanism
  48. Wicca - different questions.
  49. is there a religion for me?
  50. The Holocaust?
  51. 22 times in one day..and that's just today
  52. So Alone
  53. Christians: Where do atheists go?
  54. Why aren't we all destroyed?
  55. A Bit of Philosophy for you.
  56. Does God have free-will?
  57. Triggering: "In-limbo"?
  58. Free Will and God.
  59. This doesn't make snese to be? [atheist on the bibe :p]
  60. death penalty
  61. It's not just Christians...
  62. your experiences?
  63. Eugenics
  64. Nervous about Confession...
  65. If you self harm what happens
  66. A justification for hell?
  67. Jesus of Nazareth: Philosopher
  68. Religion Vs Self
  69. hear me out: is it bad to respect satan but still love god
  70. Passion of the christ
  71. Children learning about religion
  72. What do you think when you see...
  73. Palm Reading
  74. Fate
  75. do you believe in gaurdian angels?
  76. What does it mean or take to be a true Christian?
  77. What does your name mean?
  78. The Meaning of Dates
  79. Homosexuality and the Bible
  80. Food Laws
  81. Why is the Old Testament in the bible?
  82. Triggering: Do you believe in ghosts?
  83. All you religious experts out there.
  84. The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten.
  85. Do you believe in magik? if so, what kind?
  86. Liar's Paradox
  87. Zeno's Paradoxes
  88. A Thought on Free Will and Sin
  89. What is the purpose of life?
  90. Time
  91. differences between 'good and bad' and 'right and wrong'
  92. Jesus Christ Son of God?
  93. I just don't get it
  94. Pre-marital sex and the Bible
  95. once saved always saved
  96. In the broomcloset....is anyone else?
  97. Baptism of babies
  98. A respectful debate on Christianity :)
  99. Christians...Confirmation?
  100. Who is Jesus?
  101. Lack of Exposure???
  102. Christians.
  103. Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches?
  104. How could they tell?
  105. Curious about Zen Buddhism and Buddhism in general?
  106. Why is religion, spirituality, and philosophy combined with science on these forums?
  107. Is there a God
  108. Top 10 science advances of the past 50 years
  109. Druze? Roman Catholic?
  110. Forgiveness from a Higher Power
  111. for people who are NOT Christians
  112. Power of Prayer and Scientific Naturalism: The Bible.
  113. Do you and your parent(s) follow the same religion?
  114. The paranormal and your religion.
  115. Completely confused.
  116. Religous Text
  117. if two children were dying
  118. for those who do not believe in a higher power
  119. Worship Leaders
  120. The way of Zen
  121. Why do you believe in God?
  122. Morals
  123. What exactly is an agnostic?
  124. The Bible and LGBTQ
  125. Cutest story of Jonah EVER.
  126. Billboards to Proclaim - Jesus Returns on May 21st, 2011
  127. I thought "God" was supposed to be forgiving so why did the flood happen?
  128. happy hannukah
  129. What does Christmas mean to you?
  130. morality
  131. Confused
  132. I want to find God again.
  133. I'm just not sure anymore...
  134. Morality and Forgiveness
  135. The Higgs boson: your thoughts
  136. Plato and Socrates
  137. Abstract Concept of God
  138. Does Anyone Else Not Find This Fair?
  139. M y faith is over...
  140. Importance?
  141. Would You Walk Away?
  142. My religious experience
  143. things were bad, now church community is showing..
  144. Any Buddhists?
  145. Does anyone go to a Church of the Nazarene church?
  146. Marriage-related question (for born-again Christians only)!
  147. The existence of God eradicated?
  148. Books on Philosophy?
  149. I think I may have been fooling myself for years
  150. When I was working on Education Homework...
  151. confirmation: saint names
  152. does anyone know about ACIM and non-dualism?
  153. Question to Christians: Masturbation
  154. Evidence?
  155. Christianity, Singleness, and Adoption?
  156. Question About Pope Saint Clement I
  157. Ancient Aliens
  158. Relgious Views from someone who's been out of reality.
  159. Trolley Problem
  160. Asking for your prayers as I have a procedure coming up
  161. something to think about
  162. My religious announcement. :D
  163. Romans 7 is Paul as an unbeliever.
  164. I'm always wondering.
  165. Do you believe in fate?
  166. What if i don't believe?
  167. Confused about my religion?
  168. Temptation
  169. i think i maybe a satanist
  170. Converting to Islam maybe...
  171. Life on other planets?
  172. More than human life?
  173. Do you believe in ghosts?
  174. Im a christian my mom is not.
  175. Forgiveness
  176. Practice in Christianity (Soren Kierkegaard)
  177. Fave Bible Translation
  178. Not An Accident
  179. Eternal Security
  180. The "truth" about Hell
  181. How do you decide?
  182. To those who say Mary was born sinless
  183. My Self-Righteousness
  184. Pain, Grief, Sorrowing, Trouble, and Loss (etc.): A benefit?
  185. Religious Conversion in Non-Denominational Institutions
  186. Catholics: Asking those "Asleep in Christ" for Intercession (i.e. Mary)?
  187. Assembly of God churches
  188. Free Will vs. Destiny
  189. Secular Fransiscan Order
  190. Catholic Soteriology and Infused Grace
  191. supernatural/weird death?
  192. what happens after?
  193. Read this and laugh
  194. Original Sin?
  195. Fear of Death
  196. What do YOU think it means to be a Christian
  197. Calling all Catholics - what should I do?
  198. Christians: Self-reliance
  199. do you feel marginalized by your religion?
  200. exorcism?
  201. What does it mean to be Christened?
  202. 'Death doesn't exist.'
  203. Do they have to be a female?
  204. Amillennialism
  205. Whats the difference between Catholicism and Chritianity?
  206. Deconversion
  207. Triggering (Substances): Smoking and Christianity
  208. Proof the Great Spirits Exist!
  209. UFO caught over london eye
  210. what is your outlook on wiccan and peganism?
  211. Tenth Avenue North
  212. What Hath Darwin Wrought?
  213. Sometimes I just hate Christianity.
  214. Gay Pupils in Catholic School Threatened with Suspension
  215. How do we have an original impression of God.
  216. WICCA
  217. Evidence for Evolution
  218. Medical Treatments and God
  219. Question regarding LaVeyan Satanism
  220. Heaven
  221. A Threat to Religious Liberty
  222. Philosophy Career?
  223. Should some people be banned from the ability of redemption?
  224. Christian Science (The Religion)
  225. Satanism and Petrine crosses?
  226. Not sure where to put this, but I think it fits under philosophy: What is prejudice?
  227. Vegetarianism and Religion.
  228. :hehe: new to religion
  229. Why do you believe?
  230. God
  231. I've shut down
  232. Paranormal Encounters (Not a debate forum)
  233. Debating.... Someone want to debate? Friendly of course... no judgements, just opinions
  234. When (if ever) do you think it's okay to consider divorce?
  235. Religion that ruins lives.
  236. Is Anyone Else Here A Pagan?
  237. to believe or not to believe....
  238. A perspective
  239. A question about Hell.
  240. Brain Damage
  241. Agnostics & Atheists: What's Your Philosophy?
  242. Druidcraft?
  243. Am I too old to be Christianed or Baptised?
  244. I categorically refuse to believe.
  245. I need your help...
  246. What happened in the beginning?
  247. What Does Your Higher Power Look Like?
  248. i need proof to believe
  249. Miracles Thread
  250. Book Suggestions...