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  1. i cant have faith,
  2. IDK what i believe
  3. Watchmaker Argument
  4. First Contact Scenarios: Xenology 101
  5. God
  6. Catholic and the pill?
  7. human justice
  8. Confused about my religion.
  9. this makes no sense to me.
  10. suicide and the bible
  11. My view on the world, opinions...?
  12. Triggering: Is Spoken Prayer/saying Grace "Cult" Behavior?
  13. homosexuality and God
  14. Triggering: DOES God inspire Good?
  15. F#CK GOD! (pardon my french)
  16. 2012
  17. The term "emo"
  18. Religion the good and bad
  19. How open are you to the beliefs of others?
  20. Biblical Defintion of a Christian
  21. I'm thinking....
  22. I am Glad God Exists
  23. Triggering (Abuse): Child Indoctrination
  24. Is the idea of Satan Logical?
  25. Religious "Intuition"
  26. My Story - User : Jacksonian
  27. Understanding Christianity
  28. Biblical "Satan did it!!!".
  29. saint stories?
  30. Triggering (Suicide): Question?
  31. Christians: Did you come to Christ for fear of Hell or because you deserved Hell?
  32. Best time to tell family I'm an atheist?
  33. View of Beliefs in God Changed
  34. Where is Heaven?
  35. What do you think/believe is the meaning of life?
  36. purgatory
  37. Islam and some issues of life
  38. praises thread
  39. Recovering my faith... (Christians)
  40. Westboro Baptist Church.
  41. Christian Dating and Relationships
  42. The Power of a 'Coincidence'
  43. A semi-rant about Christianity.
  44. Christians: What do you think?
  45. I'm Struggling
  46. Theory of religion and "the sun"
  47. Any Conservative Lutherans?
  48. The Challenge of the Quran. Is the Quran Authentic?‏
  49. Christianity and Evolution from Apes?
  50. Authentic 1611 King James Version reprint
  51. Need faith back
  52. Athiest
  53. Just a few thoughts...
  54. Aliens want your planet.
  55. Christians: My theories about the soul...? Your opinions?
  56. How can I practise Wicca *quietly*?
  57. I'm having a difficult time with my friends accepting my beliefs...?
  58. converting to Islam. choice between family or religion
  59. Christian Discipleship, "Counting the Costs"
  60. Evolution & Christianity?
  61. Epistemology: If Skepticism is self-defeating; is knowledge possible?
  62. What are the differences between wiccan and paganism?
  63. I have been saved!
  64. The God Delusion
  65. Spirituality for Agnostics and Deists
  66. Praying
  67. Can I really call myself a Christian???
  68. Starting Over
  69. What validates a belief in God?
  70. Wicca?
  71. Christianity and politics, as well as the death of God
  72. Original sin and innocence
  73. Are you afraid of death?
  74. Christians! Which Do You Believe For Tribulations?
  75. Christian Sister Vs. "Pharisee" Sister
  76. My new spiritual start, and family
  77. Any good and convincing books for Rational or Empirical Knowledge?
  78. "I don't believe in God"; well, define 'god'
  79. External Vs. Internal
  80. Another Question for Christians (I'm really curious about this one)
  81. Faith...
  82. Wicca?
  83. Do you take your religious text as literal or metaphorical?
  84. Mormonism & Feminism
  85. Triggering (Suicide): Hell & Suicide: What Do You Think?
  86. Could you date someone outside of your faith?
  87. Which God is right? How would you know?
  88. Wiccans, witches and general pagans
  89. I got baptized :D
  90. Spiritual Depression?
  91. The Bible ::: Talking snakes and bushes..?
  92. Prophecy & Talking in Tongues?
  93. why cling to them?
  94. God's Prejudice Against Homosexuality??
  95. My thoughts on "perfection"
  96. A Question for Christians (non-believers can respond as well)
  97. part animal?
  98. What do you belive?
  99. Advice on Dying.
  100. finding god again
  101. Rosaries
  102. Sauls conversion, any scientific explanation?
  103. The Seth Material (in general)
  104. Dream Interpretation
  105. Psychic or medium?
  106. Started to look to God
  107. Slipping Away.
  108. Need some Clarification
  110. Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!
  111. Triggering: The Problem with Christianity.
  112. The Big Bang Theory (not the show) Questions :)
  113. Demigods/Nephilim
  114. What Is "Playing God?"
  115. Balanced books between Atheism/Deism/Christianity etc?
  116. Destiny/Fortune/Psychic/whatever readings
  117. Struggling with repentance towards sin...
  118. I need advice from a girl...
  119. weird dreams?
  120. Deism and Morals
  121. You're honest thoughts on god.
  122. im seriously considering becoming wicca. veiws?
  123. Goodnights
  124. Triggering (Suicide): Do people who commit suicide go to Hell
  125. Is it impossible to know God fully?
  126. If you are religious...
  127. Anyone who has questions regarding salvation or assurance of salvation?
  128. Online Bible Study?
  129. Perception Versus Reality
  130. Paranormal Stuff in my house
  131. wondering
  132. discipleship program
  133. Love Spell
  134. Wierd Vision....
  135. Irritated to Atheism?
  136. I'm confused on what I should call myself
  137. Wicca?
  138. Is Atheism a Religion?
  139. out there
  140. Does God expect too much from us?
  141. Last book of the Bible! "Revelation"
  142. The world ends in 48 hours!
  143. Well that was fair.
  144. Reformed Doctrine: Salvation & Repentance. "Repent and Believe." What is repentance? Repent of what?
  145. Godís Gender
  146. One God: Judeism and all of the Christian Denominations
  147. Favourite Bible Verses
  148. Phil Schneider & his Alien agenda.
  149. What do u think about all this? im very confused.
  150. Triggering: Christian Persecution in India: Take Some Time to Pray
  151. I can never settle on a religion?
  152. Lent
  153. What does it mean to be "born again?"
  154. how to regain faith?
  155. Any embracers of Reformed Arminian Theology?
  156. Christians being not Christ-likeÖ
  157. Hmm, does this make me a bad catholic?
  158. Why don't you consider Atheism a religion?
  159. Rant on militant atheism
  160. When they Trash-Talked Jesus
  161. Judas: Hero, Villain, or Pawn?
  162. Deism- The most hated 'religion'
  163. The Omniscience of God
  164. Triggering: A Video I Found
  165. free will?
  166. The Sabbath...
  167. I Think I Have Lost All Faith...
  168. lifehouse
  169. been thinking about this for awhile
  170. Would it offend you?
  171. Is there a way to get closer to Him?
  172. do you think theres a god??
  173. Looking for Scripture
  174. Genetic Memory
  175. Catholic vs. Christian
  176. Christianity and Gay marriage.
  177. would you consider a star alive?
  178. "god is eternal"
  179. There is a tread on Vampires, a thread on Werewolves, so why not. ZOMBIES, you guys. zombies.
  180. I want to be religious...
  181. Would anyone be interested if I started doing this...?
  182. Sex Outside of Marriage vs. Gay Marriage
  183. As Cities Burn (the band) anyone?
  184. What do you think about vampires?
  185. why am judged so fast?
  186. has anyone else noticed this?.
  187. You better believe
  188. A simple question for Christians.
  189. The Baha'i Faith.
  190. The definition of a Christian?
  191. Praying for people to become Christian.
  192. I'm a Christian, my best friend's a Wiccan.
  193. With An Open Soul [self written prayer]
  194. Genesis Chaps 1-10
  195. Bible Quotes
  196. What you believe in
  197. Unitarian Universalism, Anyone?
  198. Religion taught in schools?
  199. Fate?
  200. Triggering (Abuse): The Little Mermaid - reflection
  201. I need some Christian Support :)
  202. To the lot of you.
  203. What's in a name?
  204. When reading the Tarot..
  205. why do you find it so hard to understand
  206. I did not ASK to be born........
  207. Sorry, but God?
  208. I'm Muslim. No, I will not blow you up.
  209. Christian Behaviour
  210. faithless friends. please help? (:
  211. God Is Love
  212. abstinence
  213. Werewolfs, werecats, fairies, what do you believe?
  214. help plz
  215. fate (multiple universes) a simplified idea
  216. Christianity and The Bible
  217. Convert. or as they say revert.
  218. Sex and Religion
  219. Any Satanist out there?
  220. Next christmas i want to..
  221. Merry Christmas
  222. Scientology?
  223. Are you psychic?
  224. deism
  225. opened my eyes
  226. Wiccan, converting to Christianity.
  227. Need help understanding Descartes, Nietzsche and Socrates
  228. What happens to Australia on 2012?
  229. Mormon
  230. december holidays???
  231. The Invention of Lying.
  232. Prayer??
  233. Personal Identity
  234. Religion lies?
  235. caught between my religion and bisexuality.
  236. In need of help with explaining things to someone else
  237. The TRUE Meaning of Christmas
  238. So confused about religion. D=
  239. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
  240. If God is omnipotent...
  241. Question about Catholic view
  242. Other December holidays that aren't Christmas?
  243. Manifestation/Law of Attraction.
  244. Worship Songs?
  245. Quick question for anyone who will answer
  246. Reincarnation?
  247. afraid that your not going to live forever?
  248. Testimony writing
  249. Psychological Disorders/Societal Perception
  250. I am always right - an opinion about opinions