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  1. rastafarians?
  2. I went because I wanted to... for the first time.
  3. Fate versus Free Will versus Predestination versus Nature versus Nurture
  4. My take on the idea of the God from the Bible.
  5. This is kind of an awkward thread for this section but I believe I owe an apology to all.
  6. Various religions' ideas of God/gods [rambly agnostic speculation]
  7. I don't know what religion I am. Please help.
  8. Could one disprove fate...
  9. Are you an Atheist? I bet not.
  10. Not sure what you would classify my "religion" as?
  11. When I Say I Am A Christian...
  12. What do you think people's inalienable rights should be? if any
  13. Wouldn't a truly loving god accept EVERYONE into heaven?
  14. A question to Atheists
  15. No Chance Of Heaven For Me?
  16. Survery on your opinions regarding Christians
  17. Free will
  18. Karma
  19. Made me laugh...some other Catholics might appreciate this, lol
  20. Catholics: when recieving the body of christ...?
  21. TO religous belivers, what is your view of atheism
  22. Buddhism
  23. So I'm a Satanist, and I'm definatly sick of people thinking they can 'save' me
  24. Bless you!
  25. Origin of Morality
  26. Christians: Do you believe the 'unsaved' will ALWAYS suffer in 'Hell'?
  27. Going to church - and not being 'straight'
  28. "Saved"? Huh?
  29. Would the mind mature?
  30. Being "Saved"
  31. Do any professing Christians believe you can lose your Salvation?
  32. A Religion Without God?
  33. you may think i'm crazy... but...
  34. Reconnecting
  35. God is amazing (part 2)
  36. Can you help me?
  37. Just some questions...
  38. Since when were Catholics no longer Christian?
  39. Prayer request.
  40. Do you think you can change the World?
  41. God is...
  42. Has anyone seen Expelled?
  43. Do you think the universe will ever come to an end?
  44. Another World
  45. Merpeople...
  46. Christians,what are your feelings on the rapture?
  47. Not a Christian.
  48. Changing a few things in my life.
  49. Does anyone else beleive in Tatarus, or the Abyss?
  50. Should the government step in against faith?
  51. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  52. Stanford Prison Experiment
  53. I'm Catholic, but don't want to be.
  54. All humans are good?
  55. Don't really fit in with bible waving family
  56. Has anyone studied Flavius Josephus writings?
  57. Thinking of getting Baptized
  58. Does anyone else feel this way?
  59. do you realy belive in hell
  60. Hatred for muslims.
  61. Does Anyone Believe That Someone Is Watching Over Them?
  62. The value of life...
  63. The Awe Factor of God (don't have to be Christian to enjoy this video clip)
  64. What universe would you choose?
  65. A Truly Free Society
  66. Polyamory
  67. I believe in god but..
  68. Pray to win?
  69. Why was there no perfection initially?
  70. why does the church hate atheists?
  71. 'Cosmic Cannibal ' Heading Toward Earth
  72. Intelligence
  73. Jehovah's Witnesses
  74. Question?
  75. God is amazing.
  76. You'll be in my Prayers....
  77. Getting Closer To God?
  78. Youth Praise Team Names
  79. Anti-Christ
  80. Camp Counselor
  81. worship makes you feel great :D !
  82. Triggering (Suicide): suicide and Hell
  83. Anti-Witch?
  84. Who should interpret scripture?
  85. anyone else here into buddhism?
  86. A truely free society...
  87. What if God was one of us?
  88. Can you honestly be ok with another person if they do not have the same religious beliefs as you do?
  89. Who should educate our children and what is the "examined" life?
  90. People who are Catholic how do you take this verse?
  91. Prayer Journal
  92. i think i've got it!
  93. The Irresistible Revolution By:Shane Claiborne
  94. How can you believe some people?
  95. Stuck in limbo.
  96. thoughts on science and religion
  97. birth control
  98. Personal Problems On A Larger Scale
  99. Palm Readings / Psychics
  100. Alan Watts
  101. Most/Least
  102. Pushing Religion
  103. dawkin's scale
  104. Atheist Discrimination?
  105. How to get involved
  106. am i going away from God?
  107. question for all religions, is masterbation a sin
  108. Am I a bad Christian?!
  109. 11:11
  110. Quotes from all religions on marriage?
  111. I want to convert.
  112. Favorite scientific, philosophical, spiritual, or religious writers?
  113. jehovah's witness
  114. This may start some controversy, Slipknot question.
  115. Bet You Can't
  116. Ghosts
  117. Moral Dilemma: Killing for Money
  118. Will I go to heaven?
  119. When you pop your cloggs...
  120. Do you think the 12 Apostle's were believer's?
  121. Who reads and/or believes in horoscopes?
  122. A friend ive never even met helped me find God :)
  123. my dream
  124. I feel discriminated against as a Christian.
  125. I Have a Confession
  126. I'm that awkward agnostsic daughter in the conservitive Christian family...
  127. Don't know what to believe.
  128. Can Any Mormons Help Me Out?
  129. help demonic force
  130. Getting Baptized. What To Expect?
  131. Big Bang Theory.
  132. I Believe
  133. Can someone give me a quick overview?
  134. My own inturpurtations of God
  135. I want to believe.
  136. Can you look at religion scientifically, and still believe God exists?
  137. The Ugly Truth? Or the Beautiful Lie?
  138. LaVeyan Satanism
  139. Jewish girlfriend=pushing religion?
  140. I don't know what to believe in
  141. My family and boyfriend completely reject Christianity
  143. (Christians) Spreading Faith
  144. Writing or Praying to God for a life partner?
  145. Triggering: People = God?
  146. New Strategie To Get Closer To God.
  147. Belief in God without Religion?
  148. Joel Osteen: Christian, or not?
  149. Psychopaths and Heaven
  150. Are Thoughts Sin?
  151. No Title
  152. Question for the Religious
  153. Soul vs Spirit
  154. Seventh Day Adventist.... Cult?
  155. Your opinion
  156. Why Heaven?
  157. I was!!
  158. Questions for Atheists
  159. Would God let a million+killer in heaven?
  160. Im trying to become more in touch with god.
  161. Triggering: Scientology: Cult or Religion debate
  162. Vegetarians: Would you eat meat....
  163. The greatest scientific discovery of all time?
  164. Your Last Hour?
  165. Who is really responsible for the death of christ?
  166. Triggering: Only a messenger... I do not wish to fight.
  167. the idea of love
  168. Trying To Find Religions
  169. Evolution
  170. Going to a christian university
  171. Cross
  172. Do you think dreams are your sub conscience telling you something?
  173. When you die...
  174. Catholic?
  175. Religion or Science... Why not Both?
  176. Finding God
  177. "The Cherch"
  178. I lost my best friend because of my faith.
  179. jehovah witnesse's a cult?
  180. homosexuals and the church
  181. Satanism
  182. Clairvoyants
  183. Existence..?
  184. Hmm
  185. Outside our universe....
  186. Signs from a higher power?
  187. What are you?
  188. Finding Faith
  189. fellowship of the unashamed
  190. God?
  191. Monogamy Vs. Poligamy
  192. Miracles as evidence, from a religious perspective?
  193. How will you raise your children?
  194. We don't exist?
  195. School Uniforms...
  196. I have No religion!
  197. how jesus changed you.
  198. Bible: Pure Fact?
  199. Heaven, Hell & Purgatory
  200. Superstition and Religion
  201. Which of the 10 commandments is most important to you?
  202. A question for atheists/agnostics
  203. Meditation
  204. Psychic bonds between child and birth parents
  205. story thoughts
  206. Interpreting dreams
  207. What Do You Think Heaven Is?
  208. Just something i thought of a while back
  209. Poltergeists: Targeting the emotional
  210. How to Get to Heaven (any religion)
  211. Buddhism?
  212. Which Came First?
  213. What's your opinion? (any religion)
  214. Black holes and the connection with other Dimensions
  215. Contraception and the Christian Faith and another ?
  216. What is life...
  217. Question on demons
  218. I Need Some Help/Advice (Christians Please)
  219. Questions for Athiests.
  220. Are you Wiccan?
  221. Jesus as the Messiah
  222. Why can't we just respect each other's religions?
  223. Here we go again
  224. Can't Decide
  225. Ultimate Sin
  226. Can you please help me to be more Christian?
  227. why do different religions fight??
  228. Can you tell me about Buddhism?
  229. Telekinesis
  230. Necromancy.
  231. Need help finding God
  232. Different faiths under Christianity?
  233. "We Agreed To Disagree"
  234. I have no religion.
  235. Why Are You Against Christianity?
  236. Loss of faith
  237. Some questions for Christians.
  238. Spiritual Constipation
  239. Gifts (Auras and Empathy)
  240. What is "good" qualities to you?
  241. A Question On Praying and God
  242. Evil
  243. Evolution/God
  244. Spirituality?
  245. House in connecticut
  246. Why Did You Turn To Religion?
  247. 3:16. Number of hope
  248. Pre Mid-life crisis
  249. Solar storm.
  250. Dreams