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Re: Talking to my doctor about ADD/ADHD - June 29th 2013, 08:09 PM

I actually do have ADHD and I don't have problems with things like motivation. If I find something boring it might take me a while to sit down and do it but that's more a problem of having to fight harder to focus on it longer then 5 seconds, but if I want something done I do it.

You might have some attention problems but there might be other significant issues going on too. And it might be something as simple as lacking direction in your life or something else to cause you to be restless as opposed to something more permanent like ADHD.

I know you don't have to have symptoms since 7. Usually things like ADHD don't just spring out of the wood work. Like you can be stressed out or bored and show symptoms but that's a result of your life events not your brains chemistry know what I mean, so for something to truly be psychologically classified, yes, it will have persisted over time BUT some people, especially girls, are harder to identify at a young age because they tend to be day dreamers. Like i wasn't diagnosed till grade 11 (though i started suspecting it by end of grade 9 to early grade 10) and for me some of the huge marking factors were things like that I was a quiet day dreamer during class, I'd do things like hiding novels under my desk if a teacher was failing to stimulate me enough to keep my attention on them and no one thought that was significant because i wasn't being disruptive and I did good in school. I fidgeted a lot, I got distracted easily and skipped class a lot by grade 11 (or I'd just ask the teacher to let me leave which is how I avoided suspension). But it was harder to see for me because I was quieter and reserved. But I could pop out with lots of energy too. But i've done good in school, my grades are good enough to apply for masters programs, I work hard to keep everything organized and i get my work done. I watch TV while doing my work a lot. And i keep busy with several different activities (usually some sort of mixture of school, volunteering, sports/exercise and jobs)
That might help to hear what it's like for someone who has been diagnosed. Talking to your doctor more will help, (s)he might have more insight to what's going on with you

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat or have questions