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Re: Dating someone with a Disability? (he's deaf) - April 5th 2009, 01:58 AM

I agree with what's been said.

I used to have a best friend who had Asperger's, and he was the butt end of several jokes I couldn't appreciate. I found it was really dependent on who was making the jokes and how close I was to that person. Some people, I could silence with a glare or a "knock it off." Others, I gave the "he can't help it anymore than you can help being who you are" speech. At one point, I confronted someone who was relentless, attacking my friend over and over, and told him he should hear the things people were saying about him. Most of the time, though, I ignored it. I continued hanging out and talking with my best friend like they didn't even exist. Gradually, the teasing stopped, and more than that, some of the people who had previously been making cruel jokes about him actually took the opportunity, whilst talking with me, to get to know him, as well.

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