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Re: Depression.. - October 19th 2013, 07:57 AM


Sorry to hear you're starting to feel depressed again. Do you feel comfortable sharing what the bad news is? You can private message me if you want, I don't mind listening. Sorry you can't go to that party, can you contact your friend and tell him what happened? I'm sure he'd understand. Then maybe you can hang out with him on another day to make up for it. As for your grades, can you talk with the school counselor about what's bothering you, and let them know it's effecting your grades? Hopefully they can offer you some advice.

Is it alright if I ask where your parents are? Oh and on a side-note, I think it's really great you haven't cut. You should be pretty proud of yourself since things are hard right now and you're still trying not to. To keep this up, could you try and occupy yourself with hobbies and entertainment you enjoy? Or outlets like taking walks, writing your feelings down in a notebook? It can be pretty helpful, especially for getting yourself in a more positive mindset to focus on homework. Lastly, I know it's hard right now but things will get better. Hang in there.