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Re: My boyfriend thinks im bipolar... am i? - February 19th 2014, 07:14 PM

I'm not super against self-diagnosing, sometimes its obvious (like with some cases of OCD), but often mental health diagnoses are tricky, even experienced professionals sometimes get it wrong. Bipolar is often a particularly tricky one, and its quite a serious diagnosis, so I would recommend trying to see a mental health professional before jumping to that conclusion.

However, as previously mentioned, bipolar cycles aren't generally so short. Bipolar classically has manic/depressive cycles that last for months, sometimes a few days. Stress, irritation, low moods, anxiety, etc, can lead to mood swings. Some people have lower emotional regulation which can mean you react more strongly to smaller triggers. There are lots of possible explanations. So yes, I would say talk to a mental health professional. Focus on your symptoms, more then a diagnosis, so you can build an accurate picture. They may give you a diagnosis, or they might wait to get to know more about you. But if the symptoms are causing you problems, its worth seeking help.