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What do I do if I have been cutting kind of frequently and I am seriously uncomfortable with my parents knowing? - April 10th 2014, 11:38 PM

I seriously don't know who to talk to about this, now that I was kicked off of two other websites that I had been a member of for well over a year when I didn't even break their rules and people made up lies about me that they reported about me. And on here there really isn't anyone that I can talk to that is much older than me and can help me.

I have been self harming pretty seriously lately because I have been separated from my online friends for 4+ months and I miss them so bad (as I said in other threads I posted on here a couple of months ago, and it started from an incident in mid-December where one of my friends online blocked me) I don't have anyone to talk to about it either.

I have been separated from my online friends for so long because my account was suspended, and because of an incident on one of the sites that happened in December 2013 and it hurts seriously badly. I cannot survive without my friends, and it is seriously unbearable. I have no way to contact them and I feel like some of them miss me and it makes me cry even harder. My online friends mean a lot to me and I get sadder every day that goes by without my friends and my account. I cry every day also, and have cried every day since December 17, 2013.

Someone had been making up lies about me and spreading rumors about me, and probably told a staff member of the sites something false about me that caused me to lose my accounts and they didn't even look at my accounts to see if I actually did anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong at all. I feel separated.
This seriously feels about the same as a misbehaving child in elementary school being put in time-out while all the other kids in the class have playtime. (because all my friends are still members of the site, and I seriously did nothing wrong and someone told a lie about me that caused me to lose my membership)

I don't want to talk to a counselor about the self harm because I don't want them to tell my parents. I am seriously uncomfortable with my parents knowing. I would rather have someone completely different help me other than them. and actually, 29% of the reason of my self harm is because of my dad harassing me and he makes me really uncomfortable and he is one of the worst people in U.S. history in terms of behavior. He is insanely strict and rude and impatient, as well as overweight and inflexible and he won't let me do some things that many people my age are allowed to do so I certainly don't want him to know about it as he is part of the problem.

I need my accounts and my friends back. I am cutting because I have them taken away from me and I want them back really badly.

By the way, there is also another person on one of the sites, that is really rude to me. Some person that has been following me around lying about me, told that person my account was fake. She will no longer believe me and I can't clarify anything with her and tell her I am in serious need of help and won't allow me to talk to her anymore.

The person got mad at me only because my profile picture wasn't of me. Not everyone posts pictures of themselves online....and I had been talking to that person for about a month....she cut me off completely in January only because someone said I was a fake account. I have tried my best to apologize to the person for almost two months but she won't give me a chance at all. I have cried every day and a lot last night because of this. I have tried talking to one of her friends about the issue bringing it up slowly but she also won't listen to anything I tell her and also treats me badly. I need to know how to prove to the person that I am not fake.