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Re: Whats my religion? - May 27th 2014, 03:08 AM

perhaps this is a bit out there but its similar to leveyan satanism...only ancient as hell and very scientific. my religion is the first of all known by man. it is that of ancient sumeria, the first permanant human city in history. according to my religion( i use the term loosely) the human race was created by the annunaki, which are in fact extra terrestrials through genetic engineering by combining their own dna with that of proto humans to jump start the evolutionary process. this created the first humans, the adama who wete a worker race used for mining gold which was used to offset global warming on the planet niburu. the father of the human race was enki- the chief scientist over the creation of man. he also spared noah and his family from enlils wrath when niburu crossed close to earth, disrupting todes and causing global flooding. my belief is that divinity comes from within not without. when man realizes and accepts this he shall be like the gods of old.

"Truth is God." -Ghandi