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Swimming while on your period? (Without access to tampons) - June 23rd 2015, 09:56 PM

So my friend invited me over to her house for a swim party along with two other friends. It's this Friday/Saturday. I'm worried though because I just started my cycle and this is the first time having to deal with it while going swimming. Every website IVE looked at says it's really best to wear a tampon, but I'm honestly NOT wearing one. I refuse. I thought about wearing none, and just wearing my swimsuit bottoms along with black shorts over it, but I want to make sure nothing's going to leak through and make a mess in the pool. I'm usually a light bleeder so I'm not sure if it will be a problem or not for me. I'm sure my friends will understand if I want to not swim, I even told the one who's throwing the party and she said she understands if I can't. But I would really love to, just without wearing a tampon. I've been drinking lots of water and only eating healthy things as I know that sometimes helps. I notice a lot of times that when I take a shower, the bleeding stops completely until well afterwards. So will thst be the same case for the pool? I'll be wearing a couple layers and black shorts so I know it won't really show if it leaks, I just don't want to contaminate the water/and or have it show up all in the water. Thanks!