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Re: Is it easier to just not date in High School? - July 20th 2015, 12:24 PM

I finished school a couple of months ago and I'm yet to have been in a relationship. I wouldn't say it's easier nor harder, it just is. A lot of it depends on who you are and the kind of school you attend also. Like, in my case, I had a much smaller number of potential people I could date because I was queer in a very conservative, sheltered sort of school, and I didn't have many friends outside of school until last year. Hence it would have been quite difficult for me to be in a relationship.

In some ways it's easier because I had less drama on my plate and more time to focus on academics. In others it's harder because I felt worthless when I saw everyone else in relationships and I was on my own. So, really, there's no catch-all answer, it depends.

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