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is there a way to access chatroom on school computer? - September 1st 2015, 06:38 PM

Hey all,
At my school there's a few types of computers.

There's the mac computers that are in the place with free printing so I don't go there unless I need to print. And chat doesn't work there. There's library computers which I avoid-I avoid the library because it is cold and gloomy
Now this is the type of computer I use often...
these computers are out (in an open lounge with no supervision or specific room) and I like these the best. The thing is I used to be able to go on TH chat if I used the firefox or internet explorer browser but sometime during the summer I started getting a message that Java needs to be updated. So I go ahead and download the Java thing but I need the Admin's password which I don't have because it is a school computer :P
only 2 computer labs work for TH chat now and the atmosphere is super strict, like I feel guilty going there if I'm not working on a 20 page paper
When I go to those labs, there's a popup from Java but I can select "run this time" and I can do that every time and it works.
So my question there a way to sorta bypass the need for an update? like is there some way to go to TH chat from the lounge type of computers by doing some sort of similar thing as " run this time"? Is there something in the settings or tools or something?
I looked it up on google and haven't found anything, so wondering if any of you got a trick up your sleeve :P

Thank you in advance

edit: I'm looking closer and this is not an update for Java. It seems like Java is not installed at all so I guess there may not be any way for this.