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Re: Guilt anxiety - April 19th 2016, 06:57 PM

Hi Alec,

You should do what you feel is best. If you genuinely want to move to Canada with your son and partner and believe that it's the best thing to be doing for your son and yourself, then go for it.

Your parents are guilt-tripping you because they're finding it difficult to come to terms with the thought of you being so far away (and not being able see or talk to you as regularly), but if you explain wanting to be there for your son because you don't want to do to him what your dad did to you, they might be more understanding of the situation. You could also explain that staying behind and being away from your son is only going to make you unhappy, and they're still not going to be able to see him as regularly even if you do stay behind. I think that, as parents, they'll come around and understand why it is that you feel that you have to go, even if it hurts them to think about it now. After all, at the end of the day, they'll want to see you happy, and if moving to be with your son and partner is something that'll make you happy, then they'll come to accept it.

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