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Re: Is drugs really that bad? - September 19th 2016, 07:44 PM

Yes it can.

I had a drug addiction a couple of years ago and it completely isolated me from everyone, caused me to go pretty much broke, I became really unhealthy, my GPA dropped, and I got angry very quickly. I totally understand why you are asking though, when I first started experimenting with drugs I didn't think it would impact me much either, especially if I was doing ones that aren't physically addictive. Looking back though, my life was falling apart and I didn't even notice how bad it got until my ex boyfriend and I broke up and I got clean. Honestly, just don't do it. Drugs can be just as harmful as alcohol and it's really not worth it. Every day I wish I could go back and get those two years back that I lost.

And here you are living, despite it all.
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