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Re: Anxiety Support - February 16th 2017, 11:40 PM

Hey! Sorry I took so long to reply.

Anyway, to answer your question, during my actual panic attacks I have several things that help me calm down. There is this really comfy chair in my room that I usually sit in. And, even though I'm usually sweating/super hot, I like wearing sweat jackets. They're just so comforting. I have one that's really soft as has the logo of my favorite rescue team on it, so there's just something special about it. And I listen to music. Lots of music. Ever since I started panic attacks I've noticed that I've really started to love music. It's so relaxing and just helps me to drown out the screaming/fighting/noise/insanity of my household. I also like to sit at my laptop and write/read/watch Netflix. It helps me take my mind off things. Just, it becomes a problem when I'm somewhere public and I have nowhere to go.

I've talked with a woman at my church and she's quite supportive. Unfortunately, I only see her on Sundays and she doesn't have much personal experience. As for my school, I homeschool, so not really. Speaking of which, being at home all the time is one of the things that has contributed to my anxiety. I'm around my family all the time, and it's nowhere near quiet. My little brothers (all five of them) are screaming and fighting all the time. And, recently, my mom and dad have banned the use of my laptop in my room most of the day, meaning that I have to do all my schoolwork, writing, editing, etc downstairs and in the view of everyone. It's so loud and wild and crazy, and I have no privacy anymore. Ugh.

And, my mom has experience with anxiety. She has occasional (like once or twice a year) panic attacks over sickness, but she thinks that she's an expert on this kind of stuff. When I started getting them, I thought she would actually get it. But I guess I was wrong... she just doesn't take me seriously most of the time.