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Re: What would you look for in a school club related to disabilities? - August 15th 2017, 07:50 AM

Thank you for doing this leading a club! That's a great idea!

Yes retaining enough members to keep the club going is an issue. I tried running a support group but the size dwindled until there was no one left. I think 4-6 is a minimum. I've also noticed above 10 the dynamics change.

Is this club primarily for people with physical disabilities? Or are mental disabilities also included? There's probably a lot of people who have mental issues, such as anxiety or depression, or even bipolar. Or maybe high functioning Asperger's. They may not even know it. But they yearn for a club where they'll fit in. They'll fit in because they'll all be socially awkward, but the group will help tremendously. Doesn't really matter what the group does, as long as they do it together and everyone is included.

Maybe find some guest lecturers who would be willing to come in and give a talk. Ordinary people have interesting lives to tell. Or maybe some ordinary person knows something about some topic related to the club. Just an idea.

Best wishes!
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