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Re: Want to take a Break from College - September 14th 2017, 02:47 AM


So, I agree with everything that was said. I struggled a lot with college due to my mental health but I was really stubborn and didn't want to admit to my struggles and I ended up staying in classes longer than I should have. This ended up impacting my grades and my ability to get certain types of funding. So, if you feel like you need a break it is better to do so before it gets out of hand and impacts your grades and any funding that you might have.

One thing that I suggest though is that if you take a break that you have some types of activities planned with your free time. If you are currently working then work would probably be enough of an activity. However, if you are not working and are just going to school you might want to look into volunteering. The reason I suggest this is because sitting at home and not doing a lot can impact your mental health even more which can end up making it harder for you to recover.

I know when I took breaks from school my counselor emphasized that I do what I could to get out of the house. She mentioned volunteering but I wasn't ready to take that on so I would go to the library or the coffee shop and read.

Also, it is definitely important that you try and go to therapy as much as you can because therapy can help you process everything.

I also agree with the suggestion about online schooling. I think that, for some individuals, online schooling can actually help with college. I know my boyfriend has taken a number of online courses and he has enjoyed them and it has made the semesters more manageable while he was also dealing with his own mental health issues.

Best of luck.

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