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Re: Sceard to ring the NHS counselling phone number which my doctor gave me - October 31st 2017, 08:02 PM

I am not in the UK so I can't say for certain how it works exactly. However, usually when I am calling to get in a counselor, they will take some information over the phone to determine what services I need and if they can provide those services. From there, they will schedule an appointment and they will either ask that I come to the appointment 20-30 minutes early so I can fill out paperwork or they will send me the paperwork in the mail. The paperwork is usually something to determine more of the problem areas and things we need to work on.

I would assume that the NHS will have a similar process such as trying to figure out what your needs are, if they have a counselor available to help you and so on. Usually, the initial phone call is relatively laid back and simple since they are just gathering information.

I hope someone else will come along and provide you with more, NHS specific information. I hope you will, at least, consider giving them a call.