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Re: No period. - November 25th 2017, 06:26 AM

I was not saying your weight had anything to do with it only that it can. Looking at my previous post though, I see that I used the phrase 'weight does play a factor' and that isn't what I had originally put. I don't know if it was auto corrected or something but I meant it can as can stress and a number of other factors which is why I included the article with some other common reasons that I have no personal experience with and didn't want to say much on.

Also, I didn't realize that you didn't want advice and the only reason I replied was because it didn't seem like anyone had replied and from my own personal experience stress is what caused me to miss periods and talking to the doctor about it was the only way to get it figured out.

I included advice that was based on some personal experience that I have with missing periods periodically.

Like I said, I can see how the wording might have come off wrong and that wasn't how it was originally worded. I also did re-read the post so I'm no certain how I didn't catch the wording.

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