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High school Life. - March 10th 2018, 03:46 AM

Well Hey,
I thought i should put this up so that others who are going through the same will not feel lonely. So ever heard anyone saying High school life is the best and shit but yours is a fucking piece of crap then welcome to the club. High life sucks and if you are one those who think your high school life was great then you fucking peaked WAAY too early.Fucking everyday is a nightmare and you have to somehow pass 8 hours of time and get back home and contemplate about your shitty life. Well at least you are not alone because there are a lot of teens going through this bull crap every day and it sucks. Most of the high school time is shit probably because of these reasons:
1)Academic Pressure
2)Broken Friendships(only if you have any)
4)Fucking almost everyone around you is dating someone and you are still single.
5)Everything is hard af.
So is there anything good during this period,
Sure (The lack of responsibility/bill-paying/etc. is the main one.) and you live in save and controlled environment other than that rest is bs.

When you see a whole bunch of your peers hanging out and going to parties but you are lonely af.
Well just hope it will become (which will not happen) all i can tell you is just wait till this shit gets over cause life will be better later.
I might seem over pessimistic but this the truth all we can do is this.
We might not have friends so instead of bitching about it start enjoying being lonely and start seeing life in a different perspective .
You might be crushing on a girl during this time, stop putting all your time and effort for her if she doesn't understand you just fuck it and move on or you will end up getting even more hurt, I know it is hard but no other go.
So hope for the best and live this shitty life of yours it will become great soon and always remember you are not alone. (I STILL HAVE A WHOLE YEAR LEFT TO FINISH HIGH SCHOOL lol)
Have great day and GOOD LUCK.