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Re: Church - December 24th 2018, 02:01 PM

Frankie, I think it is a huge step that you went back to church knowing how you felt about it and God. It is always very difficult when trying something new or getting back into something that you haven't been involved in for a long time. Add that you felt sort of betrayed by God that he was giving you too much on your plate to handle.

I think this is an incredible step for you and you should be extremely proud of yourself for going to the church with your sister. Now as for the future, what you need to do is just give it time. Keep finding ways to go back with your sisters. Make it a bonding time with your sister. Talk with the Pastor of the Church about your concerns when you feel comfortable doing so, Possibly in time make even more friends at the church. I hope this may help you a least a little.
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