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Bad day at work. - March 15th 2020, 08:51 AM

So I have two jobs - one is a full-time position at a childcare centre where I have been working there for soon to be 8 years. I've been in the same position since 2013 and haven't been given the opportunity to work my way up into a leadership/management role. They haven't even asked. There are staff members there that have been working there a less amount of time than me and who are younger that are in more responsible roles and who are getting paid more than me. I feel like the workplace has become to toxic and I'm slowly getting more and more frustrated over little things. My manager doesn't compliment me even when I'm doing a good job. For example, today, a co-worker of mine stated that I'm the only one the completes 100% of certain tasks. My manager noticed and mentioned it to this certain co-worker but not to me. I'm becoming more irritable as soon as I walk through the doors and I'm not like that. I'm always cheerful and have a smile on my face but that place has become more toxic. There's no room to grow into a leadership position and I get stuck with the shit jobs.

The other job I have is a casual bartending position which is relatively new where they only give me one shift a week (they only roster me on a Saturday even though I told them that I'm available Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday). The managers and other staff are saying that I'm doing a good job but now I'm worried that they are going to do what the other bar I worked for did and eventually not roster me on anymore after reducing my shifts. Last night was my 7th shift since the venue opened at the beginning of February. I covered/picked up the shift and they didn't even thank me for it. I made a couple of mistakes (mainly the food orders) and there were some things that I couldn't find or didn't know without asking my co-workers. It was quite busy and I find myself becoming flustered, overwhelmed and stressed. Because of the mistakes, I was pulled aside by the Operations Manager and he mentioned that because of my restricted availability, I need some more training. Because of the way he said it I was more understanding but it still upset me because I felt like I should be performing better. Before the venue opened they had a training week but had it throughout the week when I couldn't attend. Management then told me they would organise a training session on the weekend but they never did so on my first shift I was literally thrown into the deep end. The Head Chef was really understanding as well and he told me that the chefs weren't annoyed or angry at me (neither was he) and that he didn't blame me but the management for not showing me properly. He told me I was one of the good ones and for me not to worry about it but to go home with a smile on my face.

I've been applying for so many different full-time positions where the salary is better and I won't have to work so much but because I only have experience in hospitality/customer service and childcare, a lot of the jobs I would love to do won't take me on because I don't have experience in that field.

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