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Re: Anxiety and medication - June 5th 2020, 10:03 AM

Thanks for your reply, Holly!

I sleep from six a.m. to two or three p.m. I stay up pretty much all night because I don't feel safe in my home at night. There's no real reason to believe I am not safe but the fear is extremely powerful. Since we moved in I was afraid someone would break into the apartment and kill my roommate and I, but lately I've developed paranoia and I also think my roommate is going to try and kill me at night. It's bad. I sleep with a weapon by my bed just in case anyone tries anything.

I don't think I can email the office. It's county healthcare so you basically get an appointment each month. I know I should call, and my therapist and caseworker have offered to call with me, but I am just so scared. It's part of a larger problem with my anxiety, though; I just feel too stuck to do anything.

I kind of have a routine. I go to sleep and get up around the same time each day, which is honestly far better than it was before the pandemic. At five p.m. I go and see my roommate and we hang out for the rest of the evening, sometimes together, sometimes she plays video games while I read or play on my phone, etc. So life isn't totally unstructured. Thank you for the suggestion though; it's very helpful.

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