Thread: Female Advice Preferred: How To Know If You Are Lesbian
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How To Know If You Are Lesbian - December 2nd 2020, 02:54 PM

I prefixxed 'Female Advice preferred' only because Lesbianism is essenshully female.

I've been out and proud for some time: at least since around 12 when I knew that I was deffo not straight. Only over time mostly thanks to searching Google and watching You Tube videos did I come to terms I with my sexuality. It came as a welcome relief. I felt proud for finding out all by myself.

To you who are questioning I recommend Youtuber Lauren Elloise.

How To Know If You Are Lesbian

From now on til Christmas, Lauren is producing vlogs called The Twelve Gays of Christmas. Whoopiedoo!

See Lauren Elloise's video page HERE

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