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Re: My Shrimp Pad Thai - December 13th 2020, 02:23 PM

Eleanor, actually anchovy can be used if sparingly. Whever we're roasting lamb, these little fillets are pushed into the meat with sprigs of rosemary and maybe a little garlic. Not overly keen in garlic I use it sparingly. But anchovies can be a useful part of cooking as their flavour adds a little, but not so much as you would detect.

Fish sauce can be a useful addition in perhaps a gray - just one small fillet. Even a couple of squares of plain chocolate - no more- when added enrichen a duck stew or a meat casserole. The careful addishun of plain chocolate enrichens the taste.

I must share a vegetarian meal or two. Like a rich chickpea casserole or a lentil dhal, or a stew of Greek giants beans. We always keep dry stocks of pulses. They take no energy to keep fresh.
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