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Re: Feeling empty, achy - December 28th 2020, 09:51 PM

Originally Posted by Rivière View Post
Have you considered your sleeping position? If it's around the neck and shoulders, it's a common place for aching due to improper sleep positioning. Not necessarily because you have a poor mattress, but sometimes when things are on our mind and/or we have other worries going on, we unconsciously tense up during sleep. Then we wake up feeling sore, stiff, or overall just uncomfortable the next morning.

Thank you Sarah, but I have a comfy memory foam bed bought last year with the help of Hypnos who I bought it from. Also a fine pillow that supports my neck most comfortably. Once I get into my sleeping position, on my left side, throughout the night I hardly move. I've always slept this way.

Lately the weather has been damp, so may have contributed to the aches.

Maman thinks I may hvae pulled muscles since I did much moving of heavy antique furniture, though I'm quite fit from working out, especially from the free online course by Chloe Ting; excellent.

This evening I feel better, though will bear in mind my worries which do remain for my sister. You have a point there and I am grateful for your suggestions. So thank you again.
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