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What is your very favourite cheese? - February 16th 2021, 01:03 PM

We were shopping in Sardinia today and visited a nice deli. In the window were several yummy looking cheeses, but one in particular stood out.

A large mauve 3kilo truckle called Pickle Power. I've had it before and it was the most delicious cheese I've ever eaten! Made by Snowdonia Cheese Company. I wanted to know how it came to be there, hundreds of miles from Wales. Also an equally large truckle covered in black wax, Black Bomber. This magnificent cheese company had cleverly combined classic British pickled onion with it, and I was inside the shop before Julie and Tommy made comment.

I bought both. Extravagant I know, but also bought three smaller that sat on a generously thick slap of Welsh slate, for presents to our future employee. He and his wife will love them, I'm sure.

There's a large variety of their cheeses, smaller when bought online, maximum 2kilos down to 200g. Tommy made lip-smacking noises, but Julie rolled her eyes. She knows my weakness for good cheese.

Google it up; I'm loathe to put a link. I don't want to be given a thick ear for spamming. But it's the best tasting cheese - ever!

So what's yours? Could be black rinded Gouda, or Canadian cheddar resembling a red football, or plain old 'moustrap' cheese, or even Dairylea spreadables. Spread on a slice of buttered brown wholemeal cut lengthways, with layers of bacon rashers, that's as piggish as it's yummy, too!

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