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Do you like spicy food? - March 17th 2021, 05:33 PM

I was just sat here scoffing leftover madras curry from last night when I started talking about it with a friend. Apparently people consider it a spicy curry. Granted a vindaloo is spicy to me. Not madras. It just kind of tickles my throat and mostly tastes fruity.

At university, I lived with a girl from Malaysia who had birds eye chillies in all her chicken soups, and she really liked spicy food in general. At one point we tried those Korean fire noodles (both flavours) and though they tasted spicy... it was more of a peppery spice to me.

Overall I guess I just like spicy food. It's the only food I sit back and enjoy eating it slowly.

Do you like spicy food? What kind do you prefer?

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