Thread: Triggering (Suicide): I'm scared for my dad
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Re: I'm scared for my dad - September 5th 2021, 02:26 PM

Sometimes there's only so much support we can give a person. Even if they are a member of our family. There's only so much we can do and say. Sometimes, whenever I'd see my mum having a down day or just feeling crap, or my uncle would feel stressed because of how bad his workplace had been, I'd try and support them less with words and more with actions.

Works are great but they can only provide a certain level of support. Actions speak volumes. And I'm not talking doing some amazing gesture that somehow fixes all his problems, because something like that would likely be impossible. I'm referring to the little things. Cheer him up with a bar of chocolate or his favourite food. Make him a hot drink to keep him going. Replace something old with something new. Buy him some new clothes. Most of all, just be there for him. Sometimes a person's presence is all somebody needs to help make them feel like they're less alone, even if their burdens are ones that can't be shared. The fact he knows you're there to support him is what can help keep him going. Especially on a rough day.

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