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Re: Song/Quote of the day! - January 17th 2009, 09:53 AM

There is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself.
- "Never Wanted to Dance", MSI

And she lives a lie in photographs
Just smiles to forget the past
But on the inside she's still torn apart

And she promises she's different
But it just gets into her head
And It's too late
I can't change her mind
(Not this time)

She tried celebrity life
Drugs and bottles and super models
She fell out, It's just so easy
Alcohol drains her completely
Just one thing that you'll never wanna miss
She'll do anything to get famous
(To get famous)

Fast asleep and in her dreams
She's faking it, just what she's feeling
The lights are on, the clothes come off
She's sitting tight, the party's over

- "Celebrity Life", The Friday Night Boys

We're writing letters off to God, signing them, "Wish you were here."
- "Aethiests and Foxholes", The Remorse Code

A nightingale in a golden cage, that's me locked inside reality's maze
Come someone, make my heavy heart light
Come undone, bring me back to live
- "Escapist", Nightwish

Sunsets never were so bright, and the skies never so blue.
- "Jamie All Over", Mayday Parade

Perfection is tucks and nips.
- "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party", Jeffree Star

I am trying to be what you're dying to see.


This hate that you gave me keeps sayin' the same thing
To sing when you're hurtin'
To sing when you cry
To sing when you live, and to sing when you die.
- "Paradise Lost", Hollywood Undead

They judge, by the way he looks (Woah)
The cover's not quite like the book
He's just, so misunderstood (Woah, woah woah)

'Cause it's so obvious
Theres nothing wrong with us
It's alright, we're alright
No we're not about to go and make the same mistakes your mother made
It's so obvious
So just stop, blaming us because
It's not wrong to beat 'em
No we're not about to go and make the same mistakes your mother made
No we're not about to go and make the same mistakes

- "Obvious", Faber Drive

Please don't worry, I am doing fine
You're much too busy to even find the time.
- "The Day I Left The Womb", Escape the Fate

The way we're living makes no sense,
Take me back to the age of innocence.
- "Hollywood", Cute is What We Aim For

I'm sure as hell the happiest I've ever been.
We get high, we let go
We've got more than we know
My friends are a different breed, my friends are everything
- "Vegas", All Time Low

They can take, take, take the kid from the summer,
But they'll never, never, never take the summer from me!
- "The Beach", All Time Low

WHEW! My list is done

when you love and laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life.
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