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Re: Say something you wish you could say to their face. - January 7th 2009, 09:54 PM

You're not better than me at everything you jerk! I have way more responsibilities than you to keep this family together. I do all of the work around the house at mom's place, I follow both parent's every command, keep everybody's secrets, and listen to everybody else's problems. I am expected to help everybody all the time, and all you ever worry about is your small problems and about being better than me. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have the oppourtunity to succeed in the way that you do. Just because you get better marks than me, it doesn't mean you are smarter. Now I do a d*mn good job at what I do, and I would help you with anything. Why is there the double standard? Just be thankful I am who I am, instead of making me seem like I fail at everything. NOW CLEAN YOUR ROOM, IT'S THE ONLY THING YOU'RE EVER EXPECTED TO DO!
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