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my addiction, my high, my release - December 16th 2010, 06:16 AM

ok, so if ur struggling to stop cutting i suggest you dont read this, cuz im one bad rolemodel.

so how in the hell do u stop an addiction? shit ive never been really addicted to drugs but it must be like this, i think cutting is an addiction that hasnt been recognized yet.
I started 3 years ago, dont remember if i liked it, but the rush, the release, the instant stop of my tears running, just made me feel so high and so numb, i fell in love. ive got about 300 scars on my arms, 60 on my legs, 10 on my feet and hands, something like that. my whole left arm is just scar tissue heh. and i think ive taken it to the xtreme since i cant go more than a month without it, even if that, and 24 hours its on my mind, 24 hours i have a blade, 24 hours i would rather be doing it more than anything. i dunno what to acheive from posting this. go nuts. make fun of me. tell me im so fucking stupid. ask for my story. pray for me. ask me questions. whatever. its my experience.