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Re: Attention Cutting Vs. Being Open - February 7th 2011, 04:17 AM

It doesn’t matter why you self harm. All that matters is that these people you know are self harming. Just because they go about it in a different way, doesn’t change the action. They are hurting themselves and are going through something not all that different from what you are. Some people are more private then others about their problems. But just because they are open about it does not make their situation any less serious. They are hurting themselves and whether they display it to the whole world or not, it doesn’t matter, they still need help, they still need support. Just because you don’t understand why they are open about their self harm doesn’t mean you should pick on them or call them names. I know there are people out there that don’t understand self harm in general who say the same things. And you have to know that you are hurting this people by saying these things. Whether they hear you say these things or not, you are reinforcing the fact to others spreading rumors that if you are open about self harm that you are not in need of help and support. Which is so not true.

I think maybe you need to do some soul searching on this. Why does this bother you so much? Maybe, you are focusing your own frustration about your own self harm issues on others?

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