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Re: this might be the beginging of an eating disorder. - February 11th 2011, 07:38 PM


I struggled with the same thing that you are now. I came to when I realized that when you obsess over food, then you have a problem. I think that not eating is just another form of coping with things that are going on internally, and externally. You're right, not eating is just another form of self harm. They are equally as bad.

I think that it is important for you to open up to your therapist. If you can't, or aren't willing, then you can't get better. I think that it would be beneficial that your mom knows. She can really support you in this. Eating disorders do spin out of control really fast. It's the nature of self harming. You want to grab as much control as you can, or you can end up with some serious health conditions. I know you don't want that.

As for your friend, I really think you should reach out to her as well, if she is someone you can trust. Tell her that you need support, and not someone giving ultimatums, as they can make one feel worse. Your friend more than likely doesn't understand the nature of an eating disorder. Most people who don't exerience an ED just think it is about not eating to lose weight. Most don't realize that it goes beyond that. They don't know the things that we feel, and those feelings are the reason we do such things. It's up to us, who know, to educate the ones that don't.

I hope this helped. Please feel free to PM me if you ever need something

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