Thread: Female Advice Preferred: Pregnant and intimacy
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Re: Pregnant and intimacy - February 28th 2011, 02:22 PM

Honestly, she needs support right now. And in the back of your head you can know, yes it is probably hormones...BUT NEVER TELL HER THAT! That will most likely piss her off to no end. Also, there might be some real issues going on in her head, and you need to talk to her. Nicely. And reassure her that you aren't going anywhere because you want to be there, not only for the baby but for her too. She might be feeling pushed along to the side, everyone is more "baby baby baby" Everyone kind of forgets about the mama there for a little while. let her know you didn't forget about her! Spoil her for a little while

"omg i might be pregnant!?!?!"

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